Gassy French Bulldog – Top 5 Recommended Foods!

Do you have a gassy French bulldog? Well, your cute little Frenchie can have this tummy problem because it is common for them. They could be gassy that somehow confused their owners on the best way to handle it.

French Bulldogs always bring smiles to their owners though they are sometimes picky about their foods and vulnerable to diseases. These conditions frequently are because of their anatomical features and genetics. However, some of the sources are all because of their intakes.

‘You are what you eat,’ as often the known phrase goes. This phrase means that whatever you eat reflects on you. The same goes for your friendly cute little pal. If you give them proper and healthy foods, it will reflect on their health.

Most likely, if your pet suffers from some health condition, one of the factors you must check is their food intake. Foods could also be disease triggers such as allergies, gassiness, digestion problems, and obesity. So better to pay attention to your pet’s food information to minimize or prevent these diseases.

 Moving on, expect that we are going to provide you advice and information on how to deal with gassy French bulldogs. For starters, here are the lists of our best five foods for a gassy French bulldog.

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What is Gassiness or Flatulence?

Gassiness or flatulence is usually known as farting or having a gas. Flatulence is the medical term used for when gas assembles in the digestive system and discharging. French Bulldogs can have gas through swallowing air while they drink or eat and can cause nitrogen and oxygen to collect in their digestive tract. Another way to assemble gas in the digestive system is by digestive gas such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide contained from digested foods.

The symptoms of suffering from flatulence are farting, mild abdominal discomfort, rumbling from the stomach, and bloating.

Reasons for becoming Gassy French Bulldog

French bulldogs are famous as one of the cutest pets. They are recognized and could easily distinguish on their physical features. However, they are also known for their different possible health issues. As we mentioned earlier, one of these issues is its flatulence.

But as an owner or planning-to-be, you don’t have to worry. In most cases, flatulence isn’t life-threatening. Though Frenchie’s farts smell and frequent gassiness are pretty disturbing, you can lessen this by scrolling down more and read our tips.

Remember that many factors cause sensitive tummies, and one of them is the food they take and how they take it. Since French Bulldogs are a flat-faced breed, the possibility for them to eat slowly is low. Eventually, as they eat fast, they would inhale it and choke.

Aerophagia is the process when your Frenchie swallow a lot of air that eventually upset their tummy. Their fast-eating habits could also trigger, and an anti-choke feeding bowl is an answer to control it. It is a unique bowl that they use to prolong their time to eat. For your Frenchie, always bear in mind that eating slower is healthier for them.

Gassy French Bulldogs – 9 other causes

Gassiness could also trigger by improper foods that we gave to our pets. We mentioned factors earlier, and as we move forward, you will know a few other reasons why foods also have a significant factor in their tummy issues. Read more and learn more. Be a knowledgeable owner for your Frenchie.

#1: Dairy products.

French Bulldog’s digestive system couldn’t handle dairy. They are just like other humans that are intolerant to lactose. Another reason is they can also have allergic reactions to dairy products. Some symptoms that may see are diarrhea, upset stomach, and itchy skin. So the best thing to do is inhibit giving them milk, yogurt, cheese, and any other dairy foods.

#2: Fat or fiber.

The digestive system cannot process foods rich in fibers because they stay inside to slow digestion to help nutrient absorption. Fibers also support healthy stool development. They take longer inside than the usual ingredients for digestive to process that causes our Frenchie to produce gas.

High-fats food also causes your little gremlin fart. Chips, fries, sausage, bacon, burgers, and many fats contain food that can upset your pet’s stomachs. When you see your puppy gave you their most heart-melting puppy eyes every time you eat this, please, say ‘no.’ It will not just save them to flatulence but also in pancreatitis.

#3: Spicy foods.

Like any other humans, your little buddy cannot eat spicy foods. Let’s face it. Our pets cannot eat what their owners eat, especially these. It will only cause them excessive thirst, and worst case, they will vomit.

#4: Spoiled Food.

Dogs are meant to eat dog foods, not spoiled foods. It will only lead to the worst cases like food poisoning. Penicillium is the name of the mold found in spoilt food that negatively affects your pet.

#5: Too much carbohydrate intake

You have to be aware of some commercial processed dog food’s content and, if possible, choose the trusted one to avoid products that contain too many carbohydrates. It is also why we shouldn’t share some of our food with our little gremlin because they can’t handle the carbohydrate content of our food.

It is essential to understand that most kibbled food full of carbs, sugar, and starch, which uproars in your Frenchie’s intestine. It is one of the reasons why your pet became a gassy French dog.

#6: Grains.

French Bulldog’s tummy can’t also take wheat, soy, and corn. These are perfect examples of their stomach irritants.

#7: Low-quality dog food.

Low-quality food only contains fiber that uproar in the intestine that creates a lot of gas. So better read the ingredients in your dog food thoroughly before buying them. Avoid ingredients like plant gums, inulin, and barley because these are inflammable fibers.

Remember that cheap dog food can never contain high-quality content. Always aim for a reasonable price without sacrificing its quality.

#8: High meat in the diet.

Our pet needs high-quality meat to help build their muscle; however, anything too much is wrong for health. Too much high meat for you Frenchie only leads to worst cases like kidney stones and could damage their body movement forms.

Moreover, stuck protein became calories that could lead to deposit fats. Eventually, it will show in obesity and breathing issues until flatulence occurs.

#9: Sudden change in the diet.

When changing your pet’s diet, expect some of their body adjustments. Do not worry yet because this will surely end when your dog finally familiarizes itself with the new food you present.

Other Reason for Gassy French Bulldog

You have read some of the causes of gassy French Bulldogs but still, be aware because there is more of them! Gassiness also occurs as a sign of illness. If you think you did everything and avoided all products and intakes that could lead them away in gassiness and it didn’t prosper, something is going on.

You have to take a closer look. Notice some changes in your French bullies like weight loss, vomiting, or diarrhea. If you see these signs, don’t hesitate to see a vet.

After a thorough physical examination and laboratory test, expect these causes that you might hear from the professionals why your gassy French Bulldog never stops from farting.

  • Viral inflammation in the intestines is also one of the factors why your little pet farts. Due to the virus that inflames inflame the intestine, it will cause gas accumulation and causes farts.
  • Worms of your pets are also one of the reasons why they fart. It could be because of their food or the things they put in their mouth that may be contaminated by these parasites.
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases are also factors to consider in French Bulldogs’ gassiness. The stomach and intestinal lining turn out to be thickened and affect its capacity to absorb nutrients correctly, leading to farts.
  • Too much amount of frown tissue in the bowels are also reasons why Frenchie farts. This process is called neoplasia, which could be cancerous or not. Remember that any abnormal development in the bowels can stir up extra gas that your French bully will most likely release.
  • If the pancreas is not operating correctly, it will not produce sufficient enzymes to digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It will lead to low absorption and stimulates smelly release.

Gassy French Bulldog – the triggers!

Preventions are still best than cure. Avoiding these triggers could somehow lessen and decrease the gassiness of French bulldogs. It will also be an immense relief for your dogs if you will not consider this on their daily meal. Here are the foods that are a big NO for them.

  • Chocolate
  • Avocado
  • Coffee
  • Bones of any type
  • Potatoes
  • Hops
  • Nuts
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Chives
  • Salt
  • Bread dough

Gassy French Bulldog – Ingredients to avoid!

There are several ingredients that French Bulldogs must not take, with a hook or by crook. These ingredients could upset their stomach and activate some allergies. Remember the information below.

  • Food dyes such as Blue 2, caramel, Red 40, and yellow 5 & 6 are ingredients in the food that must avoid. They are also known as rainbow risks. These food dyes are not safe because they can severely affect dogs, such as tumors, allergies, cancer, and more. Imagine that your Frenchie digest these risks. It could be devastating.
  • Ingredients like artificial preservatives and chemicals included in food are not advisable too. These are propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxytoluene, and butylated hydroxyanisole. These are toxic for our pets, and we never provide them food that contains these.

Gassy French Bulldog – it’s time to stop farting!

Change in diet is the number one key if French Bulldog’s gassiness is coming from their intake. However, if this doesn’t change its condition, no matter how hard you tried to give the best nutritional food, you still don’t have to worry. There are a few medication choices that your veterinarian may suggest.

Moreover, probiotics are also a proven product that helps reduce French Bulldogs’ gassiness. Probiotics helped digestion and preventing the growth of toxic bacteria like salmonella. However, never forget to look for a probiotic that is designed and tested for your Frenchie.

Do not be confused too that your pets could also take probiotics for humans. Read the ingredients or ask your vet before everything could end into a disaster just because you are mistaken.

Probiotics for dogs have huge benefits like preventing obesity that also a factor in Frenchie gassiness. It also produces short-chain fatty acids that they need to avoid the growth and action of harmful bacteria. Also, these will end in controlling your pet’s flatulence.

Always remember that probiotics are not drugs. They are good bacteria that can found in supplements and food. Taking probiotics helps replace the good bacteria that are lost somehow in the body. The function of probiotics is to balance the good and bad bacteria of Frenchie to keep its body function well.

Among other things, researchers have found that probiotics treat flatulence, bloating, and stomach upset of French Bulldogs. So if your pet suffered gassiness, you could consider Probiotic as corrective measures.

What to consider when buying Frenchie’s food?

Before buying dog food, it is a must to keep in mind that there is a specific condition to keep them satisfied and healthy. There is a wide range of dog foods in the market, but the question is, are they good for your dog? To know, the owner must have the exact requirements to follow and serve as a guide.

Here is some data that might help you established a requirement in looking for the right dog food.

*The calorie intake

The average calorie intake for an adult French Bulldogs is 780 calories max. So it is a must to manage the calorie consumption of your dog so that it will not exceed the right amount. Calories are essential in their bodies; however, too many calories are not advisable because they will lead to weight gain.

Also, for safety precaution, French Bulldog’s calorie intake will base on their age. So better ask your vet to know the exact calories it should need.

*Weight management

The maximum weight of a French bully is 28 pounds. They should never exceed because it will only trigger their fart issues and other health condition. To maintain it, you should choose a food that helps with weight control.

*Excessive farting

For gassy Frenchie, changing food to more premium ingredients will make their digestive system function well. So stay away from low-quality fillers.


If you know your dog well, most likely, you know what food could trigger its allergy. However, French Bulldogs are more vulnerable compared to other breed and has common allergen such as beef. Also, it would help if you observed their food reaction on chicken, fish, and lamb. These could also trigger their allergy and could cause them to release gases and other issues.

*Developmental age

Go for specialty puppy formulations if you own a puppy Frenchie. And for adults, let them have an adult formula. Every age of dog required a specific procedure, so don’t be confused. For more detailed food intake for your dog’s certain age, you can ask a professional like your vet to give you advice on nutritional requirements that your dog needs.

Buying Guide: Best food for Gassy French Bulldogs

As mentioned, food has a significant factor in activating and decreasing the flatulence of French Bulldogs. To provide them the best nutritional food they deserve, we must know what to look for in a portion of dog food. Here are some things that an owner must keep in mind in buying the right dog food.

Low fat for Gassy French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are not highly active dogs, and most of the time, they enjoy staying near their owner and cuddle. They don’t have much active lifestyle, and the extra calories contained in fat would only stick and lead to gain weight. To prevent this, let your pet consume low-fat dog food.

Adequate Protein

Frenchie’s physical features are beefy, sturdy, and well-built. To achieve this, give your little gremlin an adequate level of protein. Remember that protein should create for animals because it is easier to absorb. Moreover, high protein can cause allergies to your pet and such a primary reason for these issues, so it is essential to supervise your pet’s protein intake.

Low carbohydrates

Everyone needs carbohydrates like your Frenchie, but since they are prone to flatulence, it would be better to give them low carb foods. As mentioned, they are not physically active dogs, and you don’t usually work hard; that is why they are not going to burn these carbs. Don’t forget to check this content on the dog food you are going to buy too.

Micronutrients for Gassy French Bulldogs

Less processed food and more vitamins and mineral in your Frenchie’s diet is a must. Please include calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, and other important content of vitamins in your pet’s intake. These are helpful in their bone development and in obtaining the best health.

Moderate calories for Gassy French Bulldogs

According to all resources gathered and experts, French bullies have adequate vitality levels. They could go for a little walk, and then that’s it. So the balanced of calories they need is not high like the active dogs. Giving them high calories could only make them obese and suffer the consequences.

An average French bulldog only needs 600 calories max per day to support the energy they need, while in some rare cases, an active Frenchie needs 825 calories maximum per day.

Our Top 5 Food for Gassy French Bulldog!

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Blue Life Protection Formula dog food is made to help support the needs of small breed dogs. This company produces premium-quality pet foods that are beneficial to your Frenchie without any artificial flavors and preservatives. The LifeSource bits are added together with other formulas such as real meat, garden vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. These are the complex mixture that improves the anti-oxidant-rich elements that are highly helpful to your pets.

Moreover, the packaging contains instruction for preparation and feeding guidelines that is easy to follow.

Key Benefits:

  • The top ingredients are chicken meal, deboned chicken, and oatmeal.
  • It contains DHA and ARA that are good for healthy brain and eye development.
  • No by-product meals.
  • It contains calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins that are perfect for developing puppies.
  • It contains antioxidants that are helpful to their tummy and immune system.
  • They are made up of the most acceptable ingredient.
  • It is specially made for small breeds like French Bulldogs.
  • High-quality protein sources.
  • No negative reviews so far.


IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Dry Dog Food, Lamb are recommended by the expert because it offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition beneficial to your beloved pets. Another good news is, it has 0% fillers and no artificial flavoring that could be destructive to them.

In buying dog food, it is a must to look for the ingredients content too, and IAM PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Dry Dog Food will not turn you down. If your little pal is pretty picky, you could try this one. Let them taste the smaller kibble that is ideal for adult dogs of all sizes. The lamb and meaty flavor of this product will surely make them ask for more.

Be confident with this product. IAM PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Dry Dog Food is one of the wag-worthy dog food you could give your pets.

Key Benefits:

  • Lamb is the main ingredient that is a good source of protein.
  • It contains Omega 6 fatty acids that are useful for maintaining healthy skin and coat.
  • Calorie content is 3,656 kcal/kg, 337 kcal/cup.
  • This product promotes good digestion with fiber and probiotics.
  • A delicious and tasty meal.
  • Vet-trusted product.
  • High-quality animal protein.
  • Ensures excellent gut health.
  • No negative reviews so far.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Feed your gassy french bullies with highly recommended Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. It is another product that provides gut relief for your pets because of its nutritional content—created for optimal digestive and skin health. Thanks to Vitamin E and Omega -6 fatty acids.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food also available in grain-free, small breed, bite-size, and large species. Whatever type your fur buddies, they will surely enjoy its tastiness and benefits.

This product contains protein as the first ingredient and clinically proven antioxidants for your small bullies. It is a perfect dog food to lessen their flatulence.

Aside from these benefits, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food is recommended by veterinarians. You can put all your trust and hope in this product in treating your pet’s gassiness. Coming from the experts, this will support your frenchie’s tummy all the way.

All in all, this product has a moderate amount of specified meat meals as its main sourse of animal protein. Others are made with natural and highly digestible ingredients. Perfect for sensitive stomach. Your dog can finally rest from gassiness.

Key Benefits:

  • This product uses prebiotic fiber such as beet pulp that is excellent for optimal digestive health.
  • It also excludes Omega 6 fatty acids that are valuable for sustaining healthy skin and coat.
  • The calorie content is 382 kcal/cup.
  • Highly recommended for small breed dogs having occasional loose stools, trouble tolerating current food and, upset stomach.

      Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food

      If you own senior French bullies, Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food must buy. However, they can also take by adult small breed dogs. Both types will enjoy the product containing high-quality protein that helps your aging Frenchie main their buffy body, maintain body weight, and healthy organs.  Besides, we must thank its content that could give a total health satisfaction to your little dog.

      We don’t have to wonder why Hill’s Pet Nutrition produces such a healthy product. Their mission was to help our pets. Many professionals worked behind this to ensure its safety and high standard quality until they come up with safe, tummy-friendly dog food.

      This company only uses first-class ingredients, so expect that the outcome would also make our pets highly satisfied. It’s made up of all-natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings added, so ideal for sensitive digestion. Your gassy French buddy will finally start having relief from this nightmare once he begins taking this food.


      • It includes easily digestible elements.
      • It contains sources of Vitamin C like ascorbic acid.
      • It also includes Vitamin E, which is good for a dog’s skin.
      • The mixtures of Hill’s antioxidants are excellent for immune sustenance.
      • The calorie content is 164 kcal/5.5oz can.
      • It is from the USA with global ingredients you can trust.
      • Soft and edible.
      • An excellent alternative for an upset stomach.
      • Veterinarian recommended.
      • No negative reviews so far.


      Q: Is it wrong for French Bulldogs to fart a lot?

      A: Fart is a normal part of their lives. However, excessive gas releases are a sign of abnormality that needed to be correct. First, consider changing their diet and if it persists, see their vets.

      Q: What yogurt is suitable for dogs?

      A: Greek yogurt is suitable for dogs because it has no added sugar and low lactose content.

      Q: What home remedy can you give to French bullies for gassiness? A: If your dog ate triggers that cause them flatulence, you could give ginger, yogurt, and double peppermint oil as natural digestive aids. These will indeed reduce their gassiness.


      So there’s our top 5 food for gassy French Bulldog. When you encounter tummy problems with your pet, you don’t have to worry. Think backward; think about what triggers your pet and prevent these intake. Next, choose our top 5 most recommended dog food and wait for the wag-worth answer from your dog. However, read carefully the instruction on how to prepare these dog food. Check carefully the measurement and how many times per day it should take. In this way, it will secure their nutrients consumption per day.

      Moreover, never forget the foods that may and may not eat. Prevention would be the first remedy that you can do to avoid your dog’s discomfort. If things go wrong and before it leads to disaster, seek a vet for further medical examination and remedies that your dog deserves.


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