Frozen Banana for Teething Puppies: Is This a Good Option?

Teething in puppies begins at three weeks and doesn’t end until the sixth month! If you had raised a dog before or perhaps even had a baby, you would understand that the teething process can be uncomfortable for Fido. And coupled with the already curious or mouthy behavior of our fur babies, teething puppies are a handful

However, there are many old and gold ways to prevent your pet from destroying everything within his reach. For instance, buying ideal and safe toys may help with the process, and you may have heard about using a frozen banana for a teething puppy. But does it work, and more importantly, how healthy is it for our fur babies? 

It is no secret that some food items that are good for you are bad for your fur baby, so is a banana one of them? And more importantly, is this an effective remedy for teething symptoms in puppies? If you don’t control the situation, a teething puppy will destroy everything in sight, and you don’t want your precious pup to eat something that gets stuck. So, let’s see if frozen banana is suitable for a teething puppy and just how much he is allowed to have. 

Can I Give My Puppy a Frozen Banana for Teething?

Yes, you can give your puppy a frozen banana for teething, and you should. This option is preferable to artificial teething toys because you never know where those products can go wrong. For instance, a frozen banana cannot choke your pet or cinch his intestines, but we cannot guarantee the same for every dog toy. Furthermore, it is a natural remedy for teething discomfort because of its cold temperature and the minerals it provides, like magnesium which is good for the bones. 

When a puppy is teething, a process that happens for more than five months, he will look for ways to relieve the pain or discomfort. And a cold compress has always been excellent for reducing pain and swelling, so why not provide one that supplies nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, manganese, biotin, fiber, and many other nutrients your pet needs? There is nothing a canine will react biochemically to in a banana, so it is okay to give your puppy a frozen banana for teething; it will also improve his health. 

But it is essential to cut the right chunk so your pet doesn’t choke on the banana. The coldness will improve the oral discomfort and give Fido something to keep him occupied while you’re away. The banana should be cut into smaller sizes so that each one easily passes through his narrow throat. You can also leave the banana in the fridge until it gets colder or harder, not frozen. 

Do Frozen Bananas Help Puppies when They Are Teething?

Frozen bananas help puppies when teething because of the cold and pliable feeling it provides. When there is pain and inflammation, which occur when a dog’s deciduous teeth are falling out, engaging the gum and distracting themselves with something else, like your furniture, shoes, or a napkin, will relieve the pain, albeit temporarily. 

However, if you provide items like a cold compress, your pup can nibble on them as a snack for entertainment and instant relief. Studies have shown that cold therapy can increase the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals, and the effects extend to the pain receptors in the brain. 

Frozen bananas are a safer alternative for puppies when they are teething. Dogs are notorious for eating everything in sight; sometimes, these things enter their stomach and pass through their digestive system. Tragically, many puppies have died from ingesting dog toys. A frozen banana is much unlike a linear foreign object, so it is one of your safest natural remedies for teething. 

Are Frozen Bananas Good for Puppies?

Yes, frozen bananas are suitable for puppies. If anything, this is an excellent treat or in-between meals snack. Dogs need all the nutrients they can get, significantly when they are growing and have lots of energy. If you don’t feed your pet the nutrients he should be eating; he may develop a habit of ingesting fecal waste. 

However, you should be cautious about the number of frozen bananas you give your pooch – too much may cause obesity or weight gain, constipation, bloating, and issues with blood sugar. Although bananas are renowned for being loaded with nutrients, overeating may also mean that your pet is exposed to a high concentration of these nutrients, which may cause life-threatening conditions. 

But in a controlled quantity, banana supplies potassium to your dog’s body, replenishing electrolytes lost from all that running around. This mineral also keeps your dog in shape while also improving cardiovascular health. Magnesium is another mineral found in bananas – it helps with bone growth and development and plays a minor role in the absorption of vitamins into the body. Frozen bananas are primarily suitable for puppies because they can relieve the pain from teething, keep your pet extra healthy, and keep him occupied and away from your valuable and personal property.

How Much Frozen Banana Should I Give My Puppy for Teething? 

The general rule is that if your dog is mature, he can have a maximum of half a banana daily to avoid an overload of nutrients. And if he is a puppy, give him a maximum of three slices daily. Doing this will keep your pet in good shape and relieve teething discomfort for him. 

Let’s address the elephant in the room – what should you do when the teething symptoms persist all day, and your puppy is only allowed to have one-quarter of a banana? Well, you can get creative with those slices. Cut them into smaller amounts like cubes or dice and ensure they harden considerably or freeze them even. This will not only prolong Fido’s experience but also ensure he has relief all day long. 

Additionally, you can ensure he gets the best and safest toys for teething puppies. Let him combine them with his healthy, nutritious natural teething relief remedy, and you can stay below his maximum requirement. Raising a teething puppy isn’t always a walk in the park, but you can make the process easier. Provide the required distractions, and your precious pooch won’t destroy personal and valuable items like your shoes and furniture. 


Frozen banana for teething puppies is one golden and safe way to stay in control of your pet’s teething process. A few banana slices can make a lot of difference when combined with enough attention and playtime, safe toys, and a puppy-proofed home.