English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles

It is easy to fall in love with an English bulldog. They have a beautiful and robust look that makes them extremely huggable. As an owner of this exceptional breed, you may want to be surrounded by images of them all the time. English bulldog gifts and collectibles come in numerous forms, from mugs, jewelry to apparel. If you know someone who is an English bulldog lover, you can give them an awesome gift with an English bulldog themed item. This article provides you with a guide when shopping for English bulldog gifts and collectibles.

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11 Different English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles Through the Years

English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles

Candy tins 

In the early 1900s, British companies of candies and cookies began decorating their tin packages with dog images. It is an awesome way to attract children as well as adults. American makers soon followed the trend. On both sides of the pond, they utilized canine themes through the era of the 1950s. The most valuable tins will have the name of the maker stamped on the bottom. Steer clear from items that have nutrition labels, which were not a requirement until the 90s. It may be a fake. These might be reproductions of antiques. Originals will typically fetch a price of $10-$20 each.

Playing cards

Playing cards are the most versatile dog collectibles. You can frame these artworks, as well as string them into a garland. You can even utilize them as a gift tag and many more. Dogs featured on deck cards were first manufactured in the 1950s. Don’t consider it a negative if you come across a set with a few cards missing. These illustrations are rare and collectible, so quantity will not impact the price. These decks will typically fetch five dollars for a loose stack and up to $10 for an unopened package.

Dog figurines

When it comes to dog figurines, you should check the pedigree. Examine the logos, usually at the stomach or paw of the notable fine China makers. Choose from brands such as Staffordshire and Grainger Lee. Examine items with no markings or those labeled made in Japan. These are not created from authentic porcelain but are often mistakenly sold as real. These figurines will cost $100-$300 per piece.


Dogs featured on needlepoints have sprung up since the 1800s up to the 1950s. These needlepoints are created from kits comparable to paint by numbers. When it comes to the former, check for personal inscriptions on the back of the needlepoint piece. It will indicate whether it was handmade and not done by machine. No matter the era, an exquisite and well-preserved color will kick up the value. These artworks will often fetch a price between $1000-$1200 for original pieces. For more recent pieces, it will fetch $30-$50.

Paint by numbers

This is an All-American invention. Paint by numbers relaunched in the market in 1951. Since their introduction, these everyman art kits feature man’s best friend. There are numerous framed examples that survive up to this day. Although critics originally thumbed down these pieces, the retro look of these pieces and their affordability has led to a recent resurgence. It is sought after by collectors. Prices range from $15-$25 each.

Dog show trophy

Awards from dog competitions in the past will come with a convenient bonus. You will know where the pieces were created because it is marked with the city and date. Pieces that are hand engraved and utilize sterling silver material were common before the 1930s. It is still the standard in high profile shows such as Westminster. Thanks to their top-level materials, they command top prices.

Recent pieces that utilize non-sterling material, especially those from the 1960s and later, are created from wood, resin, and silver-plate. It will cost significantly less. Still, they make an awesome vignette went items of varying heights and types are exhibited in a group. Prices are $300-$400 for sterling silver material trophies. Prices are $50 to 25 others for other materials.


English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles

Back in the late 1800s, when cameras are already available to upper middle classes, many users chose to direct their lenses on their four-legged friends. Photographs from that era were known as cabinet cards. It is printed on thick, durable card stocks. Many pieces survive up to this day. These pieces will have dings and fading, which can reduce the price. However, due to their impressive age, even items that are damaged will fetch a high value. These pieces will cost $50-$100 each. 


In the early 1900s, when cast-iron doorstops became less commonly used, makers began to utilize molds to design lamp bases. Later in that century, this idea got a different iteration with porcelain lamps inspired by the original figures. Some of these decorative lamp bases will come in the form of dogs. Collectibles will fetch a price between $400-$500 for the early 1900s designs. For midcentury versions, expect to shell out $75-$150.


Between the year of 1900s to the 1940s, dog bookends were prominent in many American homes. That era was also a heyday for hunting. Because of this, many will feature sporting breeds such as Basset hounds and Retrievers. The Scottish terrier breed was utilized as models in the 1940s when they became popular due to Pres. Roosevelt’s famous dog. These pieces will fetch $75-$150 per pair.

Dog Show Ribbons

Dog show ribbons are an alternative to trophies. Prize ribbons will also bear the time and place. Older versions are made of luxurious fabric such as silk and taffeta. Each piece will fetch a price of between five dollars to $15.


American painters used dogs as models. They often followed a client’s request to paint their beloved pets. Some historical paintings will feature mixed breed dogs. 19th-century oil paintings of dogs fetch a price between $1500-$50,000. 

Dog Collectibles Are Worth a Lot of Money

English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles

Antiques and collectibles that feature dogs are varied. They also vary in market value. Dogs are a subject of numerous artworks since ancient times. Egyptian artwork featured hunting dogs. Through the centuries, dog lovers have created and collected items from original oil artworks of dogs to salt and paper shakers in dog shapes.

Experts acknowledge the popularity of dogs as painting subjects. Dogs are adored by royalties such as Queen Victoria. It helped dog paintings to flourish in 19th century England. Breed portraits have also become extremely popular. But mix breed oil portraits are rare as well. A late 18th-century portrait of a mixed breed dog by the painter John Singer Sargent sold at Christie’s for over $400,000.

Other dog-related antiques and memorabilia are available, which are interesting to collectors. These will include old photographs as well as antique and modern buttons. You can also choose from cast iron dog toys, as well as puzzles and games. Advertisers from the past also utilized dogs on their cookie jars, dog license tax tags, and dog collars.

Several collectors will search for and buy photographs of dogs, including daguerreotypes. These are the first viable form of photography. Tintype images and other types of images also hark back to the history of photography in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Collectors interested in dogs featured on antique buttons can choose from a wide range of designs, including different breeds and materials utilized to make the buttons.

Top 3 English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles



Product Name: Paw Heart Silver-Tone Necklace Fashion Jewelry

Product Description: This English bulldog gifts and collectibles is a fun gift for the Bulldog lover in your life. It is perfect for important seasons, as well as birthdays, or just because. This charming little necklace has a cable chain that has a length of approximately 20 inches around. It is created from base metal, which is kind to the skin and maintains a long-lasting shine. This necklace has a Bulldog silhouette image. It has an endearing heart-shaped dog paw cut out of the Bulldog image. The necklace is about .83 inches wide and .9 inches in height. The awesome blue gift box is made from chipboard and covered in high quality textured blue paper. It is topped with the brand of Rachel Olevia on the cream-colored bow. It is ready to be offered as a gift. It requires no wrapping paper. The box measures approximately 4-inch-wide by 1.2 inches tall.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Design


This is an awesome looking necklace with a keepsake message within the jewelry box. The lovely blue gift box is made from chipboard and covered in high-quality blue paper. The box is topped with a luxurious cream-colored bow and is ready to be given as a gift. The message inside the jewelry box can be adjusted depending on the style you select.


  • A fun gift for the Bulldog lover in your life
  • Has a cable chain that measures approximately 20 inches around
  • This necklace has a Bulldog silhouette pendant.


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Dog Studs

English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles

These exquisite dog image earrings are created from high-quality sterling silver 925. It is plated with white gold and crusted with shiny colored cubic zirconia gemstones. These earrings are an awesome holiday gift, especially for Bulldog lovers. It measures 1 cm x 1 cm and suitable for any age.

These beautiful handmade earrings are fine with the numerous colors available, especially for your beloved daughters, sisters, and mother. A 30-day moneyback guarantee backs it.

These earrings are placed in the beautiful jewelry box and ready for gifting.

This jewelry is extremely affordable. It is well designed and created from high-quality handcrafted gold vermeil utilizing 14 K gold jewelry. Celebrate not only for special occasions but every day. The distinct quality and unique style match any fashion.

This design is created for strong women with kindness, empathy, and humanity. Designers follow the virtue of confidence and femininity in their product designs and every jewelry piece. It is handcrafted to make every woman feel special. The simplest pieces can make a huge impact. Because of this, the designs in the product line are delicate but strong. The pieces can be mixed and matched to suit your style. It reflects your natural beauty and spirit.

  • Made of sterling silver 925
  • Plated in white gold
  • A great holiday gift, especially for pet lovers
  • Handmade, these earrings are fun with beautiful colors
  • No negative reviews so far

Late for the Sky Bulldog-opoly


This is the classic game of Monopoly with a bulldog twist. It is a great game for 2 to 6 players. You can choose traditional play or the one hour version. It is the perfect ingredient for awesome family fun.

The Bulldog is gentle, courageous, as well as affectionate. They are known for their loose joint and shuffling stride. They have a massive and short-faced head. Despite their fearsome look, the Bulldog is sweet-tempered and an awesome family companion. It is a medium-sized dog but is not a typical lapdog.

The breed is said to have originated from the British Isles. They got their name because of their connection with the game of bullbaiting. Bulldogs are bullheaded and determined. It can be a very persistent breed. They do not give up easily. Bulldogs are considered people’s dogs. They seek attention from their human owners and love every bit of it they get.

Level up your rent in Bulldogopoly by buying toys for your dogs and upgrading them into big Bones.

Although it might sound easy, wait until you get fleas or have an accident on the carpet. Or, in the worst-case scenario, get sent to the kennel, which serves as a jail. Because of this, you need to grab your token and advance to Bull-dogs. Try your luck, and you may become the best in the show. Whatever is thrown your way, make sure to keep your wag. This game is awesome for 2 to 6 players ages eight and up. The box includes directions for traditional play as well as the one-hour version.

  • Game classic with a Bulldog version
  • Select traditional play or the one-hour version
  • Classic play or one-hour version
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts – English Bulldog Gifts and Collectibles

Bulldogs are an awesome and beautiful breed. No wonder they are the subject of numerous collectibles and artworks through the ages. Dogs lovers worldwide and through the ages want to be surrounded by their awesome looking pets. Show your love for your Bulldog by purchasing Bulldog themed jewelry. Have your Bulldog close to your heart 24/7. You might also want to enjoy weekend family fun playing Bulldog themed games and puzzles.

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