My Dog ate Pillow Stuffing! What Should I Do?

Nowadays, a fluffy pillow can offer additional value besides providing a cloud-like sensation while you sleep. Products containing memory foam or gel memory foam especially focus on your pressure points to relieve tension and stress. Some even have additional features to keep you cool while you sleep. Of course, there are many other types of pillow stuffing; you have options like polyester fiberfill or Poly-Fil, buckwheat hill, feather, and down pillow filling.

As you can see, they are all made of different materials, some natural, others not so much. Therefore, if your Dog ate pillow stuffing, whatever happens afterward depends on the type of pillow he ate. You should not be surprised that your pet consumed something like this; dogs eat all sorts of things for various reasons. Why does your Dog eat pillow stuffing?

The answer may surprise you, so keep reading. As for what happens if your Dog ate pillow stuffing, best believe your pet will be fine. But if your gut says so, you can call the vet immediately. Your pet’s life isn’t worth the gamble.

What Happens if My Pet Ate Pillow Stuffing? 

Whatever happens, if your Dog ate pillow stuffing depends on the quantity and type ingested. But often, nothing much will occur; your fur baby will likely have diarrhea and vomit for the entire day, after which he should be fine. However, the thing about stuffing and ingestion is that there are always chances of it blocking the airway, posing a choking risk. Regardless of the type, large amounts of pillow stuffing should not be consumed, but Fido doesn’t know that. 

While exploring a pillow, a very soft one will easily rip against the force of your pet’s canines, and he may ingest some of it knowingly or unknowingly. If it’s a feather stuffing, that may not be much of a problem because it is feather-light, so it should pass quickly. However, denser materials are not as friendly and may even lead to a gastrointestinal obstruction, another great danger of ingesting foreign objects. It may be even worse if the stuffing is one of the more toxic materials, like memory foam, then you should watch out for the signs of substance poisoning.

You will know that Fido is suffering from an intestinal blockage because he will be lethargic, may vomit throughout the day, won’t poop properly, and won’t eat as much. He will also have abdominal pain, which should be a primary red flag that your pet needs the vet. On the other hand, the effects of biochemical poisoning from the toxic substances of pillow stuffings include releasing whitish foam from the mouth and drooling, lethargy accompanied by muscle spasms, respiratory problems, and bloody stool or vomit. These symptoms indicate you need to involve your vet.

Why Does My Dog Eat Pillow Stuffing? 

Dogs are also emotional beings – they act on emotions like you and I. They feel anxious, bored, happy, sad, and sorry. Dogs also have a great sense of smell and may chew on items like pillow stuffing because it smells amazing and reminds them of you. Yes, dogs eat a lot of things, but often the ones that smell familiar, like their favorite person, food, or whatever strikes their momentary fancy. 

A bored dog will explore whatever appeals to him, and if your luxury pillow is within his reach, you will certainly return to find it shredded to pieces. The pillow is a very entertaining item to dogs because it is bouncy or fluffy and smells of you. His curious nature may prompt him to check what is happening on the inside, and best believe he will rip it apart. Just like a stuffed toy appeals to a pet, a stuffed pillow will also have the same effect.

Or maybe your pet is suffering from a condition called pica. Think back – does he eat the most random items – bottle cap, lipstick, game controller, or even gauze? This is what pica causes – pets and even humans feel a compulsion to eat inedible or non-nutritional things. If your pet ingests pillow stuffing once or twice, that is okay, and so is the typical destructive puppy nature. But compulsively targeting and consuming items that shouldn’t be eaten may indicate a condition you should check out.

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate Pillow Stuffing?

If your Dog has only eaten a small amount of pillow stuffing, you must stay calm because he will be fine. He is likely to pass the foreign item out of his system in less than seventy-two hours. If your pet appears to be choking on the pillow stuffing, you can use the Heimlich maneuver to attempt to dislodge it from your pet’s throat. 

Another concern with pets eating items like pillow stuffing is the intestinal blockage it can cause. If a massive chunk of pillow stuffing has been ingested, there may be difficulty passing from the small intestine to the large, making it difficult for your pet to poop, eat well, or feel comfortable. You should call the vet if you think your Dog has an intestinal blockage.

Overall, unless your Dog is behaving like he has some stomach troubles or is simply isn’t being himself, you shouldn’t worry that he has eaten pillow stuffing. If the material is non-toxic, there won’t be any toxic poisoning. Feed your pet fiber-rich foods during this period to help him pass the foreign object seamlessly.


My Dog ate pillow stuffing is not the strangest thing you can hear from a dog owner. Dogs are notorious for eating absurd things, but they mostly turn out fine at the end of the day.


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