My Dog Ate My Game Controller! What Should I Do?

Anything and everything fascinates Fido, and this is not an overstatement. Everyone with a furry housemate or two knows that these creatures are easily excited, have loads of energy, and are fiercely loyal, all qualities of a good flatmate that doesn’t pay rent. Your pet dog will keep you entertained, protect you, and make you feel loved.

In exchange, you have to sacrifice items like your pens now and then, gauze, and even your favorite pair of shoes. And sometimes, Fido may take it one step too far by eating your precious game controller. There is almost nothing we can do to our pets when they eat items we cherish, even though we can prevent it by acknowledging or recognizing that dogs love to explore with their teeth and mouth.

However, what are you to do if your pet has eaten a game controller that was at the wrong place at the wrong time? More importantly, how does this affect your pet’s health? When it comes to health matters, it is no secret that what we eat can affect or improve our overall health; some things are just not meant to be eaten at all. My dog ate my game controller has to be one of the more painful sentences to erupt from a gamer’s lips, so let’s explore why your dog would eat your game controller and how you can get him to stop!

Why Would a Dog Eat a Game Controller? 

Your dog would eat a game controller for many reasons, but the most prevailing one is curiosity. Did you know that your dog can smell ten times better than you? Likewise, if your dog ate your game controller, it is because he senses something immensely appealing. Do you know how the smell of leather or the interior of a new car makes you feel great inside? 

It happens to dogs too, and your pet can only explore with his mouth and paws. Sometimes, he wants to satisfy his curiosity about an object and cannot help but swallow some pieces or even the entire thing in the process. A dog will also entertain himself when bored or calm himself when he is anxious, like you do – with objects that are within reach, such as your game controller. And if he is a retriever, that is even worse because these creatures are mouthy, and everything excites them.

It doesn’t help that they are always hungry, so you want to avoid leaving your valuables within reach. Here is one thing we shouldn’t forget to mention – a puppy experiences the peak of neurosensory explorations, so he will want to learn more about an attractive item using his teeth, paws, and mouth. In addition, pica is a condition where your pet desires to eat inappropriate things, which may be why your pet has eaten your game controller. Overactive adrenal glands and diabetes may also cause your dog to eat something like a game controller. 

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate a Game Controller?

If your dog ate a game controller, there might be pieces of the device in his mouth, throat, or belly. It depends on when you discover the act; check his mouth immediately because he may still be chewing on the pieces. However, if he has swallowed them and does not appear to be choking, you are temporarily in the clear. 

Plastic pieces tend to be jagged and sharp, capable of puncturing your dog’s tongue or mouth, so check if there are signs of blood so you can get it treated on time. Now, in the internal part of your pet’s body, the plastic pieces and other materials that make a game controller may cause a blockage while moving from one digestive organ to another. A gastrointestinal blockage may occur, especially when moving from the small to the large intestine.  

In that case, you will notice symptoms like drooling, loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy, and abdominal pain. He may be able to poop, which means he only has a partial intestinal blockage. On the other hand, a complete one means he won’t be able to release fecal matter, and both cases require the vet’s intervention. The foreign object must be removed with an endoscope or surgery.

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Chewing on My Game Controller? 

You can control your pet’s behavior by training him to know what you like and don’t like. But let’s start with what you shouldn’t do when you catch your pet chewing on your game controller – don’t shout at him; get their attention off the device and move it out of reach. And make a mental note to keep it constantly out of your pet’s reach. 

Furthermore, you can get your dog some chew toys but only go for the safe ones. Before picking a chew toy for your pet, you can survey to discover the safest one for canines. If he destroys things because he has too much energy, create some time for walks with your pet. 

Boredom may also be the reason Fido keeps attacking your game controller. Again, this is a situation you can rectify by providing toys and enough playtime. And the best thing – keep the game controller out of his reach! 


My dog ate my controller; my dog ate my homework, this, and that. We’re sorry, but it is a dog’s nature; you just need to learn to gain control over your pooch’s impulses.


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