My Dog Ate a Ghost Pepper! Help!

The ghost pepper is a godsend when you are tired of the same old taste of food. Just a sprinkle of the dried flakes or some chopped-up pieces can transform any meal. Ghost pepper will bring the heat to your food, and this hybrid created from the Capsicum chinense and Capsicum frutescens was not ranked the hottest pepper on earth by Guinness world records for no reason. 

You have 9000 tastebuds, so it’s not surprising that you crave different taste sensations. This may cause you to desire the flare a hot pepper gives you, but your pet dog will not experience the same pleasure. If anything, the 1,700 tastebuds our furry friends have will not only not appreciate the heat from a ghost pepper, but it may have adverse effects on them.

If you’ve had your fair share of hot peppers, chances are you also know their side effects. A very hot mouth, stomach upset, and diarrhea, and the intensity varies from one system to another. Well, it is much worse in dogs, so let’s show you how to fix the situation if your dog ate ghost pepper. 

Are Ghost Peppers Harmful to Dogs if Ingested?

No, but it can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation because their tastebuds are not developed enough to enjoy the hot sensation, which is why all it will do to them is burn and hurt. Then, gastrointestinal issues will arise when the pepper enters the digestive system, but the condition will not kill your pet. The worst-case scenario is a long string of unpleasant bathroom breaks or vomiting. 

Growing ghost pepper or other peppers from the capsicum family is not always easy for dog owners because of every Fido’s curious nature. Even though the peppers will not bring a fatal end to your pet, they sure will make them very distressed. The same applies to eating the leftovers from your spicy takeout – your pet will not enjoy it as much as you did, we promise you! 

Keep your peppery leftovers and fresh or ground hot peppers out of the reach of anyone or anything that does not know its potency—especially your poor little pooch who is always on an adventure to find the next attractive item. But if you have slipped up on your pet’s supervision, you have no reason to worry about their health, even though you must prepare for the explosive episodes of diarrhea that follow suit. Their comfort should be a priority for the next several hours. 

What Would Happen if My Dog Ate a Ghost Pepper?

If your fur baby has just gobbled up a piece of ghost pepper, prepare for some of the worst bathroom breaks you can imagine because it causes diarrhea. The worst-case scenario would be gastrointestinal distress which can also be alleviated by a gastroprotectant or other remedies your veterinarian deems fit. Other symptoms that indicate your dog has eaten a hot pepper include excessive drooling or frothing around the mouth, gagging, dry heaves, vomiting, whimpering, panting, sneezing, and coughing. 

You don’t have much to worry about if your dog ate ghost pepper; the worst that can happen is uncontrolled diarrhea and stomach upset, but these are uncomfortable situations for your pet, and you can make it better by visiting the vet. Most times, you can tell if your dog has eaten a ghost pepper and can get ahead of the situation to help them feel better because it will burn and put Fido in immense discomfort, albeit painless. 

They would certainly sneeze because of the spiciness, so expect sneezing bouts. A watery mouth is also inevitable because the taste buds will struggle to produce saliva to reduce the burning sensation. It is impossible for your pet to keep the fact that they ate a ghost pepper a secret because of these unusual feelings, and their whining will give them away. Don’t panic; however, you can stay on top of the condition by alleviating the burning sensation with some yogurt and lots of water! 

Should I Worry if My Dog Ate a Ghost Pepper? 

No, you don’t need to worry if your dog ate a ghost pepper, but you should do the needful to help your pet feel better. The ghost pepper is the spiciest pepper on earth, about a hundred times hotter than the infamous Tabasco sauce. But even this intense spice will not kill a dog, even though the dripping nose, diarrhea, and vomiting will cause you to worry about your puppy. However, you can introduce remedies for dog puking if things get out of hand. 

The ghost pepper is not toxic, nor does it contain substances that can cause an adverse biochemical reaction in our canine friends. On the other hand, you are in for a long night of bathroom breaks because capsicum causes diarrhea in dogs. Unlike the spicy feeling you enjoy, your dog would only be in pain and discomfort, but the symptoms will pass within twenty-four hours. 

You only need to make your pet comfortable during the next twenty-four hours. And make conscious efforts to keep any pepper away from your pet’s reach because the color is quite attractive to a curious dog. Don’t feed your dog spicy leftovers; teach your pet to “leave it!” when you don’t want them to eat anything bad. 

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate a Ghost Pepper? 

Give them some yogurt or milk to quell the potency of the pepper. You also need to wipe their paws and claws, especially so they don’t transfer some pepper to the other parts of their body while scratching. If there is Pepcid AC at home, ask your vet for the quantity you can administer to your pet. 

The spicy or burning feeling may also cause your pet’s mouth and face to water, and you can alleviate the discomfort by washing the affected areas with cold water. Prepare for other symptoms like dry heaves, coughing, gagging, foaming at the mouth, and panting. These are all expected reactions that shouldn’t frighten you. 

All the pepper should have exited your pet’s system in twenty-four hours. But before then, you will take them to the bathroom several times, as there will be diarrhea. Most importantly, ensure that your pet stays hydrated by providing lots of water and creating a comfortable environment for them. You should also feed your pet a bland diet for the next three to five days; boneless chicken, rice, and fish are great ideas that will still meet their nutritional requirements. 


Even if your dog ate ghost pepper, nothing severe would happen to them. At most, they will throw up and experience a series of bad bathroom breaks, but all should be good in a day or so. However, as a precaution, keep every form of pepper away from your pet dog. 


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