Dog Ate AZO Cranberry Pills! Should You Worry?

Are you wondering what can happen if a dog eats your AZO cranberry pills? Dried cranberries are safe for dogs to eat in minimal quantities, although you wouldn’t want them to eat these types of cranberry pills! These supplements contain very high concentrations of cranberry in the form of powder, so your dog would ingest a considerable amount of the berries even with a single pill. AZO pills can have many adverse effects on your dog’s health.

Dogs that eat AZO cranberry pills experience an upset stomach, among other symptoms. The dog might throw up or have diarrhea and experience an unusual change in urine and stool color. However, large amounts of cranberry pills can also cause muscle inflammation, liver problems, stop tear production (leading to corneal ulcers), and blood cell problems in severe cases.

If your dog eats AZO cranberry pills, you’ll want to make sure you contact your vet right away! Small dogs will receive more health complications than large dogs, even if they swallow only a few supplements. It’s always best that you have the insight of a professional when your dog eats pills- don’t hesitate to reach out to a local vet as soon as you can. They can give you instructions that save your dog’s health over the phone, although they may ask you to come in if your dog ate a lot of the pills.

Dog Ate AZO Cranberry Pills

Can Dogs Have AZO Cranberry Pills?

Dogs shouldn’t have AZO cranberry pills- while it has benefits for people and can help with UTIs, it’s not healthy for pets and won’t offer the same benefits. Cranberry supplements can harm dogs by giving them liver or blood cell diseases, as well as corneal ulcers. If a dog ate AZO cranberry pills in small amounts, the supplement will only cause an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea.

AZO cranberry pills contain safe ingredients for humans but not for animals. If your dog has a UTI that you want to manage, then you’re better off getting these recommended cranberry bites for dogs. These products contain ingredients that have your pet in mind, so they won’t cause them any harm or make them feel sick. If you use chewable cranberry tablets for dogs, make sure to follow the instructions on the packaging for the proper dosage.

Cranberry supplements contain high amounts of cranberry powder concentrate, so even just a few pills can make your dog feel incredibly nauseous. Many dogs will experience gastrointestinal upset after eating them, which can cause them to vomit. Most vets recommend inducing vomiting in a dog that ate AZO cranberry pills within the last one to two hours by offering them a tablespoon of fresh hydrogen peroxide. You may not see the pill after they throw up, but it’s usually okay.

Are AZO Cranberry Pills Toxic to Dogs?

AZO cranberry pills can contain toxic ingredients to dogs, so it’s better that you never offer it to them! Some versions of AZO pills include phenazopyridine, which is toxic to dogs and can damage their red blood cells, muscles, and liver. Even though small amounts of cranberry are safe for most dogs, AZO cranberry pills are not! If you believe your dog needs a cranberry supplement, get one made for them- not people.

In moderation, cranberry is a food that’s safe for your dog. Although, these particular cranberry pills are harmful to pets. Cranberries contain oxalates, which can be toxic to dogs when consumed in large amounts, which can even increase the odds that your dog forms bladder or kidney stones. Many cranberry supplements for humans also contain the artificial sweetener known as xylitol, which is very toxic to canines.

If your dog ate AZO cranberry pills, you’d want to call your vet as soon as you notice to get the best outcome. The vet may need to make your dog vomit, which is more successful the sooner they can do it. That said, you can find specially made cranberry bites for dogs that reduce the number of toxic ingredients in the supplement- making them much safer for your pup! Overall, AZO leaves the toxic compounds to dogs in their products because they aren’t making these pills with pets in mind.

What Happens if My Dog Eats an AZO Cranberry Pill?

If your dog eats a single AZO cranberry pill, they may experience some stomach upset. You’ll know that your dog isn’t feeling well if they keep burping and licking their lips. You won’t need to worry unless they ingest many cranberry pills or are a small dog or puppy. The ingredients in the pills may cause liver damage or disease if consumed in large quantities, which may impact large breeds slightly less.

For your pet’s health, don’t offer them AZO pills of any kind. The oxalate compounds in the cranberry pills might also cause them to form kidney or bladder stones, which are extremely painful. If your dog has had kidney stones in the past, you’ll want to take your dog to the vet soon to make sure they won’t return after eating an AZO cranberry pill. Dogs that eat AZO cranberry pills more frequently are more likely to develop this particular health issue.

The pills may also cause liver damage or harmful muscle inflation in small dogs and puppies. You must monitor your pet closely and ensure you bring them to the vet if they need help. However, if your pet only swallowed one cranberry pill, you can induce vomiting using fresh hydrogen peroxide at home. Doing so reduces the symptoms your dog experiences and will help them feel less nauseous.


To summarize, you don’t want your dog to eat AZO cranberry supplements. These cranberry supplement products don’t contain ingredients that are safe for them and can even cause your pet a lot of harm in the long run! It’s best to avoid giving your dog AZO pills and only buy products made for dogs to use. While AZO is excellent for managing human urinary tract health, it’s not a healthy choice for any animal to take.


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