Dog Ate Absorbent Meat Pad! – What To Do?

When you buy meat at the grocery store, it typically comes in a package that contains an absorbent meat pad. Whether beef or chicken the meat pad keeps all the bacteria and juices from the meat from spilling out of the package and into your grocery bags. It is also very useful for making sure those contaminants don’t end up in your fridge or on your kitchen countertops.

While these absorbent meat pads may seem gross to humans, they are very tempting to dogs. After all, these pads are soaked in meat juices, and that smell can attract dogs from any area of the house. Some dogs are very fast at their attempt to get the absorbent pad and end up consuming the entire thing.

If your dog ate absorbent meat pad, don’t panic. Most dogs are able to pass an absorbent meat pad naturally, but it’s important to keep an eye for intestinal blockages, especially in smaller dogs for 24 hours.

We’re going to discuss what you should know about when dogs eat absorbent meat pads. We’ll let you know if this is harmful to their health and what you should do if it happens. Keep reading to learn more so you’re prepared if this happens to your pooch.

Are Absorbent Meat Pads Toxic to Dogs?

If your dog ate an absorbent meat pad, you’re likely panicking and thinking something along the lines of “Oh my god! What is in that thing?“. We have some good news for you because there are no toxic ingredients used in an absorbent meat pad. The absorbent meat pads (and everything else in the meat package) go through heavy testing to ensure they are safe.

All materials and ingredients used in the absorbent meat pad have been approved by the FDA. Of course, it helps to calm your worries if you know what exactly is in the absorbent pad. These pads are made out of paper that holds either cellulose or silica gel. That paper is then coated with a non-toxic plastic that has several holes in it to let the meat juices flow through.

Since this pad is made to hold food, only food-safe materials are used. While it’s not considered safe for a dog to eat an absorbent meat pad, owners don’t have to be worried about what ingredients they’ve consumed if the incidence does occur. It’s highly unlikely your dog will get poisoning or any other illness from the absorbent pad unless they manage to sneak it every time you cook meat.

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Can a Dog Pass an Absorbent Meat Pad?

While it’s very possible that the pad may pass through his system without causing any problems, we can’t guarantee every dog will have this kind of luck. If your dog ingested a meat pad, and is of smaller size, it can cause several health risks. Absorbent meat pads could cause an intestinal blockage if they cannot be passed.

This can be very scary for owners because they don’t know what to expect. If the absorbent pad does get stuck in the dog’s intestines, it will begin to soak up the liquid in their digestive system, which can cause it to expand. This is not something you will want to wait on, so if you believe your dog can’t pass the pad, always contact the vet immediately.

If your dog is unable to pass the absorbent meat pad, there will be signs to look out for. Its stomach may seem swollen or like it’s causing the dog pain. This will also upset their stomach, which could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, or even constipation. You may even notice that they have lost their appetite or seem lethargic. 

To help your dog pass an absorbent meat pad easier, we recommend this dog digestive support supplement.

What Do I Do if my Dog Ate an Absorbent Meat Pad?

If your dog has eaten an absorbent meat pad, you will need to stay by their side for 24 hours to monitor how they react. Often medium-sized or larger dogs aren’t as high of a risk as smaller dogs are of a blockage, which means they could pass it on their own. However, if they show any of the symptoms mentioned above, you will need to immediately contact the vet.

Your dog may be able to pass the absorbent pad by vomiting or pooping. How the dog ate the absorbent pad matters as well because if the dog tore the pad up, the gel inside is small enough to digest without causing a blockage. Even if your dog does pass the absorbent pad on its own, you should still monitor it for symptoms in case it affects its digestive system.

If your dog doesn’t pass the pad on its own, you will need to take them to the vet as soon as possible. The vet will likely give it some hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. While this solution sounds easy enough, it is not something you should do on your own. Only allow professionals to induce the dog to vomit, so the process goes safely.

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Final Thoughts – Dog Ate Absorbent Meat Pad

When something smells strongly like meat, a dog is going to be tempted to eat it. No matter how well you think you’ve hidden the absorbent meat pad in the garbage, a persistent dog will be able to snatch it. If your dog ate an absorbent meat pad, it’s important that you monitor them for symptoms of an intestinal blockage.

However, many dogs are able to pass the absorbent meat pad on their own. There are no toxic ingredients used in meat pads, and all materials are approved by the FDA. The only thing you will need to worry about when your dog eats one of these pads is a blockage.

This is a concern that’s higher for people with small dogs. Many medium-sized and larger dogs don’t have a problem with passing pads. However, even if it does pass the pad on its own, you should still monitor your dog to ensure it doesn’t affect their health. It’s also a good idea to begin using a garbage bin with a lid so your dog can’t easily sneak items from it.


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