Do English Bulldogs Like To Cuddle? Here’s The Answer

With their stocky and muscular bodies, we can’t help but wonder: do English Bulldogs like to cuddle? Even though their size and facial expression may appear unaffectionate, Bulldogs are certified cuddle monsters. They are lovebugs who want to snuggle with their owners every chance they get.

Far from their bullbaiting past, English Bulldogs have grown into a reliable companion. They now prefer lounging on the couch and being with their families.

Do English Bulldogs like to cuddle?

Like most companion dogs, English Bulldogs love a good cuddle. As pups, they will be energetic and playful, but this will soon tone down into a mellow cuddle buddy over the years. Since Bulldogs can’t talk, the only way for them to show their affection is through cuddling and following their owners around.

So how come Bulldogs like cuddling? Here are some of the possible reasons why:

🐶They are companions by heart.

do English Bulldogs like to cuddle

While Bulldogs were bred for illegal fighting, they were also made to drive cattle to market. They work alongside butchers, making them natural companions.

Also, Bulldogs are known to be clingy and anxious when left alone for long hours. They always want the company of their families. Also, they will become more attached and physically affectionate to the person that spends more time with them.

🐶They are family dogs.

English Bulldogs are one of the quintessential family dogs. They can be trained to be gentle with kids and to be tolerant to some level of roughhousing.

Moreover, English Bulldogs are friendly toward strangers. With this, you can’t expect them to be efficient guard dogs as Bulldogs only take some time to acclimate toward an intruder.

🐶They are couch potatoes.

Unlike other breeds, Bulldogs don’t have a very high energy level. They prefer lounging by the couch and cuddling with their owners. As a Bulldog gets older, the more it becomes calmer and more attached to the couch.

However, you should still encourage your Bulldog to move and exercise. This breed is highly prone to obesity if not subjected to ample physical stimulation.

🐶They love attention.

English Bulldogs love all the attention they can get from their families. Cuddling, petting, and similar gestures are every Bulldog’s weakness.

As social animals, Bulldogs love the idea of belonging to a family. Such a feeling of belonging is reinforced through the physical act of cuddling.

🐶They need protection.

do English Bulldogs like to cuddle

Canines like Bulldogs often seek protection from their owners. Through cuddling, you provide a sense of security to your pet, especially when there’s a loud thunderstorm or fireworks. This is also a sign that your dog sees you as its alpha.

🐶They like your body warmth.

Another reason why Bulldogs love cuddling is the body warmth of their owners. This doggo has thin fur, which offers little protection against cold temperatures. So during a chilly day, your pooch will surely like to get cozy in your arms.

Aside from cuddles, it will help to give your Bulldog a heating pad for added warmth. So even if you’re not around, your pooch will still have warmth to remain comfortable.

How come my Bulldog doesn’t want to cuddle with me?

As much as English Bulldogs are known for their cuddly nature, they won’t like it 24/7.

For example, cuddles may not be a good idea during a hot summer day. Bulldogs are prone to overheating, and being wrapped around your sticky arms is the last thing they would want.

Aside from that, older Bulldogs might be experiencing various pains and aches. This might be the reason why the pooch will yelp in pain or become aggressive when you try to cuddle with them.

Also, dogs don’t like the feeling of being grabbed without warning. Just imagine yourself being hugged by a person when you don’t expect it. It’s uncomfortable and can trigger an untoward reaction from the canine.

Warning before trying to cuddle with a Bulldog

With such a chonky body, it can be irresistible to cuddle an English Bulldog. But before you do so, it’s important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Bulldogs drool a lot. You might be expecting a warm and cozy cuddle, but you should also prepare for a potential slobber fest. Bulldogs drool a lot, and the smell of their breaths is far from roses.
  • Bulldogs are gassy. Before you wrap your Bulldog under the sheets, you have to know that this dog farts a lot. Aside from the loud rip, their gas also stinks. It’s something you wouldn’t want to get trapped under the sheets.
  • Funny sounds are normal. Many first-time Bulldog owners tend to panic when they hear their dogs grunting, snorting, or snoring. Most of these sounds are normal unless it’s recurring and causing discomfort on your dog.
  • Bulldogs can be stubborn. So you scooped your Bulldog from the floor for a cuddle, only for it to escape from your embrace. Unfortunately, Bulldogs aren’t pushovers, and they can have stubborn streaks from time to time.
  • They can lord over your bed. If you get your Bulldog used to cuddling in your bed, it’s only a matter of time before the pooch will hijack your bedroom. It’s something you wouldn’t want to happen, especially if you have a large and heavy doggo.

How to make your Bulldog love cuddling?

If your Bulldog isn’t as cuddly as you want it to be, you don’t have to lose hope. Like any companion dog, you can train your pooch to like cuddles more. You just have to be patient and give the doggo some time. Here are some tips that could help:

✔️Get your pup accustomed to touch

The key to a cuddly puppy is getting your pet used to touch as early as possible. You should start the moment you bring your pooch home. So as the doggo builds its biases and response toward things, you’re also shaping it to become an affectionate canine.

Rubbing your dog’s body, holding its paw, and scratching its ears are just some of the simple ways to introduce cuddles. From there, you can try giving a light embrace.

Remember to take it as slowly as possible. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm or scare your Bulldog pup. Just imagine a giant human looming over your tiny body. It’s not the most exciting experience for a puppy.

✔️Reward physical touch

Another way to teach your pup that cuddles are good is to reward them in the first place. For example, if you give your puppy a hug, follow it with a tasty treat. Over time, your dog will learn that the manner of hugging and being physically affectionate is a positive experience.

Over time, you can start shedding the food rewards and replacing them with pets and belly rubs.

As food-driven canines, English Bulldogs will easily yield to positive reinforcement through food rewards. However, make sure that you factor in the amount of treats to your pet’s overall diet to avoid overindulging the doggo.

✔️Let go when your dog wants to

During your first attempts to hug your Bulldog, it will be welcomed with resistance. If your pooch shows signs of discomfort or reluctance, you should release it from the hug. This way, the doggo will realize that your hug isn’t a trap. It will also prevent cuddles from feeling like a burden or a negative experience.

Take it slowly and give your dog time to adjust to the sensation of hugging. Most importantly, you should let your Bulldog approach cuddles on its own terms.

✔️Be around more

If you want your Bulldog to demand cuddles, it’s important that you build a strong bond first. Your presence matters since Bulldogs are companion dogs.

Dogs are known to pick their favorite person. This is someone who provides for their needs and shows them affection more often than others.

However, this part can be challenging for those who are busy at work. But if you want to raise a cuddly Bulldog, you have to put in the effort. 

✔️Attach a command word to it

Another method you can try is training your Bulldog to cuddle. In this case, you’re approaching cuddling as a trick or command.

First, you need to attach a cue word on the command like ‘hug’ or ‘cuddle’. Just pick one that you’ll use throughout the course of training.

Next, try wrapping your Bulldog around your arms while saying the word ‘hug’ right away. After one second, release the hug and give a treat to your dog.

Repeat this several times until your Bulldog is more relaxed. You can also start skipping food rewards, but make sure you say the cue word all the time.

In no time, your Bulldog will come at you the moment you say the cue word for cuddling. This may take practice since Bulldogs can be challenging to train.

✔️Consider hand feeding

Aside from training, hand-feeding your dog is also a good way to increase the bond between you and the pooch. This establishes you as the alpha and source of food. Over time, your Bulldog will seek you, which is an effective stepping stone if you want to raise a cuddly pooch.

You can also try integrating the hug command into the process. Once your dog lets you in for a hug, you can hand feed the treat.

✔️Hug during calm periods

Lastly, timing is crucial if you want to cuddle with your Bulldog. Choose a time when the pooch is relaxed and sleepy. The moment after playtime and exercise is the best time to cuddle since your pooch doesn’t have the energy to run around. Still, you should observe your pet’s body language to ensure that it enjoys the cuddle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do English Bulldogs need a lot of attention?

A: English Bulldogs aren’t really high-maintenance canines, but they require a lot of attention in terms of companionship. This dog is prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long hours, so they need a companion or another dog to keep them busy. If you’re going to leave your dog alone, English Bulldogs may not be the right choice for you.

Q: Why do Bulldogs sit on you?

A: Bulldogs would often sit on their owners to gather attention. It’s also the doggo’s way of saying it wants something – playtime, food, or something else. This behavior should be corrected early on to prevent your Bulldog from being demanding and pushy.

Q: Do Bulldogs get jealous?

A: Bulldogs can become jealous dogs, especially if you recently brought home a new pet. They will also show jealous behavior if you suddenly become busy or more affectionate towards a person. It’s important to keep everything balanced so your Bulldog won’t become whiny and jealous.

Q: Will my Bulldog protect me?

A: Bulldogs are protective and close to their families, but they are far from guard dogs. Some would become protective, but you can’t expect them to fight an intruder head-on. Your Bulldog can bark and intimidate a stranger, but it will easily yield to food or petting.

Q: Can I train my Bulldog to become cuddlier?

A: You can train your Bulldog to be more affectionate and cuddlier. However, you have to understand that each Bulldog is different, and so is its response to training. If you want your pooch to be affectionate, you should start training him as early as possible.

Q: How do English Bulldogs show affection?

A: English Bulldogs are quite physical when it comes to showing their affection. They will cuddle and lick your face to let you know that they love you. Beware because this doggo slobbers a lot, which is something you wouldn’t like on your bed or couch.

Final words

Do English Bulldogs like to cuddle? Yes, these canines are great snuggle buddies, but you have to understand that each dog is different. Some will crave cuddles all the time, while others will like to have some space. Still, proper training and desensitization will go a long way if you want to raise a cuddly pup. Above all, yummy treats will be a big help.

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