Do Dogs Think Humans are Cute? Rawr Don’t Think So!

With their cute and adorable faces, dogs can easily brighten up your days! With the way they lick your whole face and how they wag their tails the moment they see you, they’re unmistakably considered a bundle of joy. No matter what time it is, your dog is always there for you. Dogs will stand by your side like no one else can do. That’s why a lot of homeowners get a pup to have a happy home. Their roars and your giggles are simply the best music to the ears. While you always think you have the cutest and most charming companion on earth, do they think you’re cute, too? 

Humans, as rational as we are, tend to base our opinion of others on the appearances of external features of a subject. Dogs, on the other hand, do not look at the outer appearance that deeply. They only know the warmth, love, and affection from a human. They are not very conscious about physical attributes like humans are. Let’s face the fact that humans are superficial compared to dogs when it comes to this matter. Well, is there any event where dogs think their master is cute?

Do Dogs Think Humans Are Cute? No, they do not. Dogs are far superior when it comes to this matter. They’re sentient beings who look deeper, beyond what the eyes can see, and don’t really care about looks. They adore humans, like you, not because of your appearance, but solely because of the love they feel from you. The warmth and affection you give are the only languages they know to reciprocate with loyalty, love, and protection. 

Indeed, that sounds great knowing that men also consider dogs as their best friend! Do you know that your dogs can adore you more? That’s right. Follow these ideas, and your puppy will definitely love you more!

8 Amazing Ways to Make Your Dog Feel Loved

make your dog feel loved

When making your dog feel loved, you’re urging closeness between you. This results in your dog being more affectionate towards you! Below are the acts of love you need to do to your dog:

Morning Cuddles

Cuddling your dog is a great way to start the day! Mornings aren’t always good and beautiful when you think of the things you need to accomplish. Do you want a shot of a morning booster? Wake up five or ten minutes earlier than usual to spend time with your dogs!

Take Him to the Park

Typically, dogs love running in an open space. Spending some time with your dog in the morning or the afternoon can help strengthen the bond between the two of you. Additionally, the park offers unique views and smells that help stimulate their senses. Remember, dogs explore the world through their sense of smell.

Give them a Treat

Who wouldn’t want treats? You certainly love treats, and so does your dog! The next time you go out to run some errands, don’t forget to leave something for your pet. Give him something to do while you are away; something like a treat-dispensing toy. This perfectly hits two birds with one stone.

Make Some Toys 

Aside from treat-dispensing toys, show your love by making a personalized toy. It does not have to be expensive! Can’t think of something? Well, how about a mind-stimulating toy to promote safe chewing and relieve stress? Just don’t forget to rotate toys regularly. 

Give It a Massage

Believe it or not, but a massage can certainly make your dog relax. Don’t have any idea about a dog massage? You might want to watch some videos about this or consider attending a workshop. You may also opt to find professionals that can help you with this matter. 

Give Him the Best Bed

Dogs, just like other pets, love to nap on their beds. Thus, giving the best dog bed is another way to pamper your dog! Depending on your dog’s preference, you might want to buy a soft pillow, a squishy couch, or try redecorating their mattress. 

Spend Quality Time

Dogs love to spend quality time with their owner. A regular nighttime play session is a great way to give him attention. You might also consider brushing down your fur buddy since dogs usually love the touch of their owners. Taking them on an out-of-town trip is also a great way to spend time with your fur buddy!

Hang Out with Your Dog Bestfriend

Do you have a busy day ahead? Allowing your dog to be with you while working or doing something inside the house will make them feel involved in your daily routine. A simple interaction with your dog creates a great impression. Hence, let him sit on your lap or lay beside you while you’re busy at your laptop. 

How Dogs Show Affection

dogs show affection

By this time, you should already have ideas on how to strengthen your bond with your fur baby. However, have you ever wondered how dogs show affection towards you? 

It’s How He Wags His Tail

Have you seen your dog running towards you while wagging its tail? That’s only his sign of affection. It means he is happy and delighted to see you. Don’t forget to return his excitement with a simple gesture or touch. 

He Knows Your Name

If you think that dogs can only memorize their names, you’re wrong! Dogs can also remember the name of their master. Calling the name of their owner who isn’t present will likely excite them. It gives them the idea that their master is around them. It is certainly a great sign of affection, don’t you think? 

He Shares His Toys To You

Dogs aren’t selfish to their master. They’re actually willing to share their toys and would love to play with you! You might think of your dog’s playthings as dull and boring. However, offering them to you is a clear indication of affection. Dog’s are the sweetest, aren’t they?

When He Licks You

Dogs use their mouth and sense of smell to explore the world. Have you noticed how your fur baby sniffs and licks other dogs? That’s usually their form of expression. Aside from hygiene, they sniff and lick to show respect and admiration. Thus, licking your whole face is their way of showing you affection. 


So, in conclusion, Do dogs think humans are cute? No, but they do love us and feel various feelings for us.

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