Do Dogs Have Abs?

Want to get ripped and look husky together with your pet dog?  Do dogs even have abs or similar muscles to look ripped like humans?

Dogs can be great companions, especially in achieving your physical goals. Want to get that beach-ready body? Running for an hour or so every day with your pet dog might help! With your dogs accompanying you every step of the way, have you ever wondered if they also can get ripped and achieve that beach-ready body like humans?

Dogs, like humans, also have muscles as they are necessary for them to move. Dogs can also increase their muscle mass, but not necessarily their ab muscles. They can get strong shoulders and hindquarters if they are using these muscles a lot, but not gain visible abs like in humans, because dogs do not use their abdominal muscles like how humans use them. 

Do Dogs Have Abs?

Do dogs have abs? dogs can not have visible abs as humans do. However, they do have ab muscles, just not as well defined as the ab muscles of humans. 

However, worry not; even though your dog can not have visible ab muscles, it does not mean you can not exercise with it, since exercising regularly is still important for dogs.

What Are the Exercises I Can Do Together with My Dog?

Can dogs have abs

Dogs are not just man’s best friend, but they can also be a great fitness buddy. Here are some of the exercises you can do together with your dog:

  • Going on a walk. Walking with your dog can be a great start in getting fit together with your dog. It not only helps the person walking the dog but also the dog, as going on regular walks can lower their blood pressure, give them more energy, and also reduce common behavior problems.
  • Dancing or Musical Freestyle. If long walks are not enough, dancing with your dog can also be fun and healthy! It is easy to do a musical freestyle with the dog, choreograph a dance routine to upbeat music and just let your dog dance with you. Dancing can help in burning calories, having greater balance, lowering blood pressure, and developing better stamina.
  • Going on a Jog. While walking is fun, going on a jog is also enjoyable; just remember that not all dogs are built to go jogging. Greyhounds, for example, can run for a short distance but can get tired during a long run. Also, keep in mind that dogs can not sweat, so avoid jogging during hot times of the day.
  • Swimming. Swimming can be beneficial not just for dogs but also for humans. It is an all-in-one exercise that exercises the joints, improves endurance, and strengthens the heart and lungs. Not all dogs enjoy swimming though, so start slowly and do not force them to be comfortable immediately.
  • Go on a Hike. Hiking can be pretty exciting for most dogs because they love to go out, meet new animal friends, and find something that smells new to them. Just remember to check for ticks every after a hike.

Are There Any Indoor Exercises I Can Do with My Dog?

Dog exercises

As stated earlier, it is important not to exercise with your dog during the day’s hot times. During these times, you can just exercise indoors with these activities:

  • Running up and down the stairs. Running up and down the stairs when you can’t go outside can be a great choice. This can help with building muscles; just be sure not to push your dogs too hard on the stairs. Moreover, running up and down the stairs can also be a challenge to dogs with shorter legs.
  • Treadmill. If a treadmill is available, then look no further. With a regular run on a treadmill, your dog might love the activity. However, running on a treadmill is not a substitute for going on a walk or running out, but running on treadmills can still help with building stronger endurance for dogs.
  • Games of tug. Most dogs love to play tug, and when played properly, tugging can help with building stronger muscles and bonding between human and dog. There are lots of tug toys available everywhere.
  • Obstacle courses. When we hear obstacle courses, we usually think of outside courses, but this can also be made available indoors with the use of broom handles, Hula-hoops, boxes, and other household supplies. Indeed, going through obstacle courses can help you and your dog’s agility.

What Are the Benefits of Exercising Your Dog?

Exercising can help a lot, not just to you, but also to your dog. Obesity can also be a problem for dogs, as approximately 54% of dogs are obese or overweight. By doing exercises with your dog, you do not just help yourself, but you also help your dog to be healthier. Here are some reasons why exercising your dog can be beneficial and may help remove the question “do dogs have abs” from your mind:

  • Less prone to behavioral issues. It is observed that when a dog goes out frequently, the dog shows fewer behavioral issues like excessive barking, digging, anxiety, and even aggression.
  • Giving dogs confidence. Encouraging the dog to exercise regularly can help them have healthy aging by lessening the symptoms of chronic diseases, giving them confidence that will allow them to be friendlier and explore their environment.
  • Healthier digestive system. Regular exercises can help dogs to speed up their metabolism. Just be mindful of the foods that you give your dog.
  • Helps in overall health. Exercising is not just important for humans but also for dogs. Exercising has numerous benefits. Exercising can help the dogs be healthy for a long time; it helps with the heart, lungs, and dog’s mental health.

Planning an exercise routine that you can do with your dog can help you and your dog’s physical health and mental health and help you bond with each other. Indeed, dogs are a man’s best friend and also a great fitness buddy. Though dogs can not have visible abs, still doing exercise with them to get healthy is also great.

Hopefully your question of “do dogs have abs” is fully satisfied and you can now get in tip top shape with your best buddy!

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