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Difference Between English and American Bulldog

Bulldogs are a dog breed with British isle origins. They were originally utilized as bull baiters, which explains their name. Their build is similar to bulls, broad and brawny. They can even battle it out like bulls if necessary. They are well known for their courage. English Bulldogs are one of the most well-known types of bulldogs. These breeds will have large and broad heads, while American bulldogs are more prominent with longer legs. One difference between English and American bulldogs is the latter is faster and more athletic.

General Characteristics – the Difference Between English and American Bulldog

Difference Between English and American Bulldog

When you come across the word Bulldog, what image forms in your mind? You may come up with the idea of a dog with compressed facial features. It will be a medium-size dog with wrinkled skin. In reality, this picture might be accurate depending on the type of breed of Bulldog you are thinking of. There are numerous bulldog breeds, but the two most common are the American and English Bulldog.

Size and Appearance

What is the difference between English and American bulldogs? American and English bulldogs are hefty dogs for their size. But the American Bulldog is taller and more athletic. American Bulldogs are of two types, the classic and the standard. They both stand up to 26 inches and weigh up to 130 pounds as adults.

On the other hand, English bulldogs will weigh up to 60 pounds at the adult stage. American Bulldogs are also distinct for their long legs, robust build, and smooth and short coat. They fall under the utility dog breed that works on the farm though they can also be utilized as guard dogs. What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? English Bulldogs are considered a nonsporting breed with their short legs, robust build, and wrinkly skin. Both species come in numerous colors, including hues of red, black, brown, and fawn. They also come in various shades of brindle.

Temperament and Personality

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? The Bulldog has a rugged, intimidating look with its large head and hefty physique. But neither the American nor the English Bulldog have an aggressive temperament. Both breeds have a gentle and friendly disposition and are quite sociable. They love spending time with people.

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? The English Bulldog has an extremely goofy side. They are trainable and get along well with kids. American Bulldogs will develop a strong bond with their owners though they can sometimes be distant around strangers and require taming. American Bulldogs work well with children, but they mean need a bit of socialization and training than English bulldogs if you want to integrate them into your family.

Work ethic

Difference Between English and American Bulldog

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? The American Bulldog has a more developed work ethic than the English and is trainable for various purposes. They have a moderately high energy level and need long daily walks to expend their energy. On the other hand, English Bulldogs are typically lazy by nature, and they don’t require too much exercise. Both have trouble with high-octane activities due to their compressed facial structure. But this is more pronounced in the English Bulldog compared to the American bulldog breed. It would be best to be extremely cautious with this breed when physically exercising them and exposing them to high heat. What is the difference between English and American Bulldog?

Although the AKC does not consider the American Bulldog a separate breed, it should be clear that there are distinct differences between these two bulldogs. If you’re thinking about bringing this breed home, make sure to do your research about the differences between the American and English Bulldog to make sure you get the ideal dog for you and your family.

The Main Difference Between English and American Bulldog

English Bulldogs are short and have more pronounced faces. American bulldogs, on the other hand, are taller and have fewer wrinkles.

English Bulldogs can also be lapdogs. In comparison, American Bulldogs are utilized as working dogs.

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? The English Bulldog will have shorter legs, while the American Bulldog will have longer legs.

English Bulldogs typically reach up to 15 inches in height and up to 15 pounds in weight, while the American Bulldog is about 25 inches in height and can weigh up to 125 pounds.

A Guide to the Different Types of Bulldogs – the Difference Between English and American Bulldog

English bulldog

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? The English Bulldog can be referred to simply as a bulldog or sometimes British Bulldog. It is medium-size and has an aggressive and fierce look. It can weigh up to 60 pounds. Overall, they have a flat face, but some of them have shorter muzzles because of poor breeding. English Bulldogs typically have short tails at birth though some might have long tails. English bulldogs come in various shades. This breed can be registered with the AKC.

American bulldog

On the other hand, the American Bulldog is a rather tall dog. It can weigh up to 125 pounds. American bulldogs don’t have a wrinkled face to the same degree as the English Bulldog. It is unique for its box-shaped head, which can be similar to the pit bull. What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? When it comes to size, the American Bulldog’s head is more extensive and heavier. American Bulldogs can be white with different colored patches.

English vs. American Bulldog

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? Although these two breeds will have similar traits, the English and American Bulldog’s fundamental difference is their size and temperament. Although American Bulldogs are longer and have higher athleticism, English Bulldogs are much more compact and quieter. In most cases, English Bulldogs are utilized as indoor dogs, whereas the American Bulldog is known to be outdoorsy dogs. Owners of these bulldogs need to apply a firm hand to handle them.

American Bulldogs are incredibly active, and their owners sometimes utilize them, especially farmers, to hunt small animals such as squirrels. Farmers even used them for tracking bigger games such as wild boar and even bears.

The English Bulldog

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? The English Bulldog is otherwise called British Bulldogs. When the dog sport of bull-baiting was proscribed in Britain, breeders developed a shorter version than the original. This became the distinctive look of Bulldogs in the show ring.

Physical Characteristics

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? The English Bulldog is distinguishable by its medium-size. It can weigh up to 50 pounds. It has a smooth coat, compact face and head, broad shoulders, and exhibits a unique gait. The English Bulldog’s eyes are incredibly dark. Light-colored eyes that are blue or green are a disqualification in the show ring. The ears should fold inward at the lower edges. It is referred to as rose ears.

The face is considered brachycephalic. It is concise, and the nose is large and black with prominent nostrils. It is crucial that the flews be pendulous and overhangs from the jaw at either side. The big jaws are overshot, meaning that the lower jaw protrudes in front of the upper jaw. When it comes to other breeds, it is considered a malocclusion defect. But in the English Bulldog, it is regarded as a defining trait.

Another feature of the Bulldog is the roach back or wheel back. It is considered a breed trait, meaning that the back will form in an arc towards the tail.

The weight of the shoulders results in a lower center of gravity. In the past, it helped the breed in bull baiting. They would crawl close to the ground to escape the horns of the bull. The front feet may be straight, or it could be somewhat turned outwards.


When it comes to their personality, the English Bulldog is kind, passive, and courageous. This breed is never aggressive. Although the English Bulldog’s looks can be appealing with its much-loved looks, such as the wrinkles and the short nose, these same features resulted in the breed’s health problems. Because of these features, the modern Bulldog will have a short lifespan.

Bulldog owners are often shocked and disappointed at the maintenance requirements this dog needs. They weren’t prepared for the high cost of corrective surgery and lifetime medication, and healthcare.

American Bulldog

When bull-baiting was outlawed in Britain, people replaced this working style bulldog with shorter versions that weren’t athletic.

However, some working-class immigrants managed to bring with them working Bulldogs when they arrived in America. In these areas, farmers discovered that these dogs are useful for various tasks. However, after the second world war, the breed almost went extinct.

The efforts of some breeders helped resurrect the American Bulldog. In contrast, the English Bulldog, which was bred selectively for looks in the show ring, emphasizes American Bulldog’s health and working capacity.

Physical Characteristics

The breed is often said to be similar to the ancient bull baiter Bulldogs of old. Currently, the premium lines are the Johnson and Scott type.

What is the difference between English and American Bulldog? Because of this, American Bulldogs will vary in appearance and looks than English Bulldogs. There may be variations based on specific lineages. Scott dogs are regarded as the standard. They are sleeker in appearance and more athletic with lighter bones and longer muzzles and an undershot bite that is less pronounced. Johnson dogs are called bully dogs and are defined by a heftier muscle mass. They have shorter muzzles and pronounced undershot bite and more prominent bones. What is the difference between English and American Bulldog?

Currently, the American Bulldog is utilized as an all-purpose working dog. The breed can guard, help around the farm, hunt, and give companionship. In the final evaluation, this breed should be regarded as a working dog. Features that impede the breed’s ability to work are extremely penalized.


When it comes to their personality, this breed is gentle, loving, and courageous. The species may come off as standoffish with visitors and strangers. But when it reaches 18 months, its confidence levels soar. Exhibiting vicious behavior and shyness is not tolerated. What is the difference between English and American Bulldog?

Currently, American Bulldogs can trace their lineage to remnants of the original Bulldog that managed to thrive with farmers in isolated areas.

The Old English Bulldog

When England prohibited the practice of bull-baiting, the breed was nearly extinct. Bulldogs were vanishing and being replaced by breeds that were bred based on looks than working function. This led to current specimens lacking in strength, health, and longevity of the original working Bulldog.

But in the 1970s, a breeding project was undertaken to resurrect the healthy working original Bulldog of early 19th century England. The project utilized lines from English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, bullmastiffs, and similar breeds.

After generations of mixes, several specimens were able to obtain the old English Bulldogs’ basic features. They are different from modern English Bulldogs. These Bulldogs were bred selectively to get rid of the breathing issues of the modern English Bulldogs. They were bred to resemble the original Bulldogs of old. This breed was officially recognized in the United Kennel Club in 2014.

Physical Characteristics

You may be wondering what an old English bulldog looks like? This breed is a muscular and powerful medium-sized dog. It is incredibly athletic with high agility. When it comes to their temperament, this breed is confident, animated, and friendly. Too many wrinkles are a disqualification. The nose is black with prominent nostrils. The ears should conform to the rose shape, but ears that are button or tulip type are acceptable.

The body must be robust and sturdy. The coat must be short and shiny with medium density. Various coat colors are acceptable. The majority of the specimens will weigh between 60 to 80 pounds.


These dogs are jolly and eager to please and exhibit a vigilant disposition making them ideal watchdogs. Aggression without provocation is a flaw.

Final Thoughts


It is crucial to know the difference between English and American Bulldogs, especially if you consider one of them to be your new dog. These two breeds are distinct from each other in terms of looks and disposition. If you want a workaholic dog, then go for an American bulldog, but if you want a more laid-back temperament, then choose the English Bulldog. Ensure that your choice matches your lifestyle and ability to care for and maintain the breed’s unique needs.