The Coconut Retriever – The Complete Guide

It may sound like an exotic drink that you order at a bar, but what it really is, is a dog breed and one of the fiercest there is. The Coconut Retriever is one of the six types of retrievers. And no, the coconut retriever does not retrieve coconuts.

The American Kennel Club estimates 197 dog breeds, and the Labrador retriever is the most popular household choice. We have many fur friends to choose from, and a Coconut Retriever is an adorable pet that you can adopt, renowned for its sweet-tempered disposition. If you are considering adopting one of these little buddies, perhaps this article will be the confirmation you need.

Whether you want a coconut retriever to guard your home, as a house pet, a service pet, a therapy pet, or all these options, look no further. Are you curious about how big they get and if they have a great personality and are family-friendly? You must have many questions about this dog breed, and this article will answer them as needed.

What is a Coconut Retriever? 

A coconut retriever is an offspring of a golden retriever and a Labrador retriever. This energetic and athletic breed was created in the early 21st century, and you may know it as the “mutt.” They have a lot of energy, which you need to help them expend through walks and ample play sessions. It has a thick and beautiful coat, often black or golden. 

Coconut Retrievers are athletic and intelligent pets you can trust with your children. They have a lovely temperament that makes them great to train and hang out with. It is relatively easy to feed and care for a coconut retriever; give them meat with the least fat, grains, and fruits to maintain a healthy weight, and keep the more toxic foods away from your fur baby. You will enjoy raising your coconut retriever because of their intelligence and natural tendency to please.

If you want to adopt a coconut retriever, you must know that allergies are common for this breed, and it can be to a range of things – food, dust, and grass clippings. A coconut retriever is also prone to obesity, especially if you feed him fatty foods without administering appropriate exercises. Another health problem a coconut retriever may experience is arthritis or joint pain. This is because of their large size and tendency to be overweight; you should discuss your health concerns with a veterinarian before bringing a coconut retriever home. 

How Big Do Coconut Retrievers Get? 

A coconut retriever can grow as large as thirty-five to forty pounds. Every breed of Labrador is often on the bigger side of the scale, so with adequate feeding and exercise, you should get a plump canine companion. However, it is very easy to make mistakes with your dog’s diet, so ensure you consult with a veterinarian to plan it properly. 

More importantly, you can keep your pet within a healthy weight by avoiding fatty foods, fatty oils, meats, and confectionaries, you name it. It is no secret that a dog’s diet plays a massive role in how his body turns out – you don’t want your Coconut Retriever to be too fat or malnourished. You also need to ensure he gets enough exercise, or you will have an obese dog on your hands. Remember how Labradors are more prone to obesity because of their genetics?

You don’t want that condition for your pet because it also attracts some health risks like diabetes. The size of your Coconut Retriever should be confirmed by your vet, as not every dog will grow at the same rate. However, if you play your role by feeding your pet well and administering adequate exercise, you should have a healthy and large dog on your hands in no time. 

What Kind of Personality do Coconut Retrievers Have? 

What kind of personality do Coconut Retrievers have? The best kind – compassionate, loving, intelligent, and energetic. This is why this dog breed makes an excellent therapy dog. Do you need a canine companion? A Coconut Retriever will satisfy that wanting. 

Coconut retrievers are also great service dogs. To qualify as a service dog, the dog in question must be athletic, obedient, trainable, and hospitable, willing to work with and accommodate others. They must be ready to get along with anyone and anything, even though they should not be too timid or agreeable.

Overall, you will love a Coconut Retriever because, like all Labradors, these guys are cheerful and sweet-tempered, a joy to be with. You will also see that they are easy-going and playful, with lots of energy to keep children occupied. However, a Coconut Retriever loves attention, which can be good and bad.

Are Coconut Retrievers Family Friendly Dogs? 

Yes, Coconut Retrievers are family-friendly dogs because of their nature. Generally, Labradors are affectionate, playful, intelligent, and loyal, qualities that are required of a dog that you can trust with children or a family. They are good family dogs because they are easy to train, and caring for them is not a hassle. 

However, you must be prepared to make the groomer your best friend if you cannot do it yourself because Coconut Retrievers are heavy shedders. They also need enough exercise because they are more prone to weight challenges. It is also worth mentioning that this breed is highly energetic and needs more exercise and attention.

Play sessions should satisfy them, but you can take your pet on walks or runs to expend that excess energy. Because this breed gets bored easily, you will need to provide lots of toys, entertainment, and attention, which is why this is an excellent option for a family. If you are unavailable for one reason or the other, your children can spend time with the puppy.

Do Coconut Retrievers Shed a Lot? 

Yes, coconut retrievers have a healthy mass of fur, which can even be described as a double coat. And they shed a lot, so you must groom them regularly. This includes bathing Fido when he stinks, brushing his coat every week, and snipping the excess fur to prevent shedding all over your carpet or floors. 

Your coconut retriever will shed even more in the spring and fall because he is preparing for a new coat. This means you must intensify your grooming routine, or you will find dog hair in the most inappropriate places. You may even be tempted to purchase those pills that prevent a dog from shedding so much, but don’t. This is the wrong way to handle a canine companion that sheds a lot, like your Coconut Retriever.

It is better to manually reduce the amount of hair by taking your pet to the groomer regularly or learning to do it yourself. But if you want him to get accustomed to grooming and hygiene, you must train him from when he is a pup. Another aspect you may overlook is the claws; trim them when necessary, most advisable when snipping your pet’s fur. 

How Much Do Coconut Retrievers Cost? 

A Coconut Retriever is still a relatively new dog breed, so you should expect to pay a considerable amount for it. Often, you will fork out between $1,000 to $3,000 when buying from an authentic and credible breeder. This excludes the amount you will spend to care for your pet for the entire year. But again, the amount you pay for a coconut retriever depends on where you get it. 

If a family friend offers it, you may pay cheaper. And if you are adopting from a shelter, that may also cost you less; you can pay between $100 to $500. But buying from the conventional pet store or breeder means you should prepare to spend a couple of thousand dollars, but you will be getting a healthy, energetic, and adorable canine companion. Furthermore, you have the assurance that your pet has strong genetics and won’t come with many health problems.

When you are ready to buy your Coconut Retriever, if you intend to truly fork out north of a thousand dollars for the pet, it is best to visit where he is being bred to confirm that he is not a puppy mill Labrador. He must come from adequate environmental conditions. Summarily, it costs between $100 to $3,000 for a Coconut Retriever, depending on where your new canine housemate is coming from. Furthermore, when preparing for the yearly cost of raising a Coconut retriever, ensure you account for emergency bills, pet insurance, feeding, grooming, medications, and healthcare.

Where Can I Get a Coconut Retriever? 

You can get a coconut retriever from a rescue home. This is the cheapest option unless you are buying from a friend or family. Typically, you aren’t paying for the dog, merely the rehoming fees, which vary from organization to organization. Thousands of dogs need a new home, abandoned for one reason or another, so this is a great way to make a coconut retriever happier while also doing some good in the world. 

A breeder can also sell you the Coconut Retriever you want, but this dog breed is often in high demand, so you may have to wait. This is often the best choice because there is some certainty that you are buying a healthy puppy that won’t go through an array of illnesses during adulthood. Furthermore, you can vet that the breeder has raised your pup to be in the best conditions since this is their professional duty. Note that this is unlike puppy mills, which are the most dreadful places to adopt a puppy.

Come to think of it, there is barely any difference between a puppy mill and a pet store. A pet store also mass-produces puppies, which means they may not get the individual care and attention they need. In this case, it becomes clear that the sellers are in it for profit, not for the care of the animals.


Do you want to buy a Coconut Retriever? If you just read an entire article about this dog breed, your answer should be positive, and we’re here to say you are making a great decision! You will enjoy your new pet, and he will be like the family member that has been missing all along. However, there are many things you need to put in place, like dog-proofing the home so that your pet does not eat everything within reach. 


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