Pet 101: Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Ears?

why do dogs lick each others ears

Having a pup inside the house is like having a friend you can always play with. Although dogs can’t talk, they have different ways to communicate. With the help of different interactions and touches, your dog can easily understand what you want to convey. Unlike humans, dogs can’t speak to communicate with us, so they … Read more

Best Probiotic for French Bulldogs?

Natural probiotics are especially beneficial for the health of French Bulldogs. It helps maintain and restore the normal biome in the digestive tract. The best probiotic for French bulldogs helps address intestinal disorders and is recommended for your pet suffering from digestive issues, especially after undergoing a lengthy antibiotic treatment. What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are … Read more

Bulldogs Soft Palate Surgery: Before and After

Other Causes of Bleeding in Dogs

Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed that is prone to soft palate surgery. The structure of their nasal and face often puts bulldogs in a problem like breathing issues. This is such an unfortunate reason behind their flat-face that always people love. Well, who wouldn’t? These facial features are bulldog’s assets to win the hearts of … Read more

American Bulldog Skin Allergies – Things to Know 2020

Since all dogs are not equal, they are also prone to different disorders. One of this dog breed is the American Bulldog. Basically, because of their wrinkles and short hair, they are more prone to itchy and irritating skin infections. So, to help your American bully to relieve their itch, it is better for you … Read more

Best Brush for English Bulldog – Our Top 4!

Dog grooming ear nibble

Among the other dog breeds, the bulldogs do not usually shed. However, even if this is the case, they still undergo shedding but with just a little amount. The English bulldog does not have a double coat but they actually overheat. And they may still experience heavy shedding if regular coat care is not provided … Read more

English Bulldog Shedding Tips 2020!


Bulldogs, including the English bulldog breed, have a short and fine coat. Knowing this fact, most pet owners are asking if English bulldogs do shed? Generally, they do but they don’t shed too much like other dogs. English bulldogs just shed moderately. Even though the post-shedding cleaning process is too simple, it still entails some … Read more