How Much Does an American Bulldog Cost?

American Bulldogs are considered the closest in appearance to the old English bulldog, which was brought to the US back in the 1800s. Bulldogs were originally bred in England for bullbaiting. Bulldogs found new opponents with bears and buffaloes when they were brought into the American frontier. The breed was brought to the New World … Read more

American Bulldog vs English Bulldog vs French Bulldog

American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and French Bulldogs are all Bulldogs. They share similar characteristics of having robust physiques and squished faces. These breeds are popular and quite expensive. You might be thinking, what is the comparison between these breeds. What is American bulldog vs English bulldog vs French bulldog? It will help if you know … Read more

Tear Stains on French Bulldogs

A majority of dog owners will agree the tear stains are an eyesore. In many cases, no matter how much effort you put into making your dog look healthy, those tear stains under your dog’s eyes will ruin their awesome look. What are ways to minimize tear stains on French Bulldogs? You must know the … Read more

Kennel Cough in French Bulldogs

Kennel cough in French bulldogs results in your dog being in contact with other dogs or being in areas where infected dogs have been. Bordetella is a medical name for kennel cough. It occurs in dogs that have recently been boarded in kennels. But keep in mind that your dog can also contract kennel cough … Read more

Best Puppy Food for English Bulldogs? Our top 3 picks!

The English bulldogs originally came from England which is a distinct dog breed. Way back then, the English bulldogs work as fighting and sporting dogs. Their uniqueness includes their distinct look which usually leads to numbers of health issues. Knowing that this dog needs a special kind of care such as feeding them with the … Read more

Gassy French Bulldog – Top 5 Recommended Foods!

Do you have a gassy French bulldog? Well, your cute little Frenchie can have this tummy problem because it is common for them. They could be gassy that somehow confused their owners on the best way to handle it. French Bulldogs always bring smiles to their owners though they are sometimes picky about their foods … Read more

Best Tear Stain Remover for Bulldogs

If you own a dog with a light-colored coat, you likely have constant challenges to eradicate tear stains from their face. Tear stains can happen due to a range of reasons. It can be caused by infections or a natural vulnerability of the breed. Tear stains can mitigate your dog’s beautiful appearance, especially when you … Read more

Cream for Bulldog Wrinkles

Wrinkles give your Bulldog a standout look. Cleaning the wrinkles of your Bulldog is crucial to their skincare. If you neglect to clean the wrinkles of your Bulldog, it can lead to serious skin issues and even infections. It is especially true for older Bulldogs. An optimum skincare regimen is required for the wrinkles’ folds … Read more