English Bulldog Breathing Heavy, Should I Worry?

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As flat-nosed dogs, English Bulldogs are prone to respiratory issues. They run out of breath fast than other dog breeds. While this might be a common occurrence, you should never dismiss an English Bulldog breathing heavy. The labored breathing might indicate a more serious condition that requires immediate veterinary care. What is normal breathing for … Read more

What Do Bulldogs Like to Do? Things You Should Know About Them

Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They’re also quite recognizable with their bulky build, droopy upper lips, distinct underbite, and wrinkled face. This breed has been the national symbol of England and in schools and universities, including Yale University and the University of Georgia, to name a few. Bulldogs are … Read more

Bulldog with Diarrhea – What to do?

Diarrhea of bulldog is common, and it happens all the time. However, awareness is crucial in minimizing this or preventing your wrinkled fur buddy from getting into a life-threatening situation. If your pet is still a pup, this condition would be more dangerous. Diarrhea could cause dehydration, and it is terrible for your pets if … Read more

Best Treat for French Bulldog Puppies – Our Top 5!

A domestic dog that has a pug face with rounded ears, the French bulldog is generally lovable and active. However, they are highly susceptible to a number of health-related conditions. It basically includes the sensitivity of their stomach. Knowing that feeding the best treat for French bulldog puppies is highly important. We reviewed here 5 … Read more

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog vs American Bulldog

Both the Alapaha and the American bulldog were bred in the US. What are variances between Alapaha vs American Bulldog? The Alapaha is shorter than the American bulldog. The Alapaha also weighs less than the American bulldog. Both dogs are comparable in lifespan. When it comes to litter size, the Alapaha bulldog produces fewer puppies. … Read more

Best Chew Toys for French Bulldogs

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French Bulldogs have super cute faces. It is not the only thing adorable about this breed. These dogs are curious and loyal to their families. They have plenty of energy and love having fun. They exercise to keep their weight in the normal range. But as they do these playful activities, you need to be … Read more

English Bulldog Bald Spots on Back

Your English bulldog has an amazing look with his healthy skin and coat. But English Bulldogs are vulnerable to having English bulldog bald spots on back. This condition is Bulldog flank alopecia seasonal baldness, which is otherwise known as Bulldog seasonal baldness. Not only English Bulldogs suffer this but also French bulldogs and American Bulldogs. … Read more

French Bulldog Skin Problems Yeast

As a dog owner, you should keep your pet happy and healthy. To do so, you need to provide them with good nutrition, grooming, and activities. It would be best to take good care of your Frenchie because they are totally dependent on you. A pet dog as a companion is a lot of fun. … Read more