Can You Dissolve Pills In Water For Dogs?

Getting your furry friend to take their medicine is not an easy feat for most, especially when it does not taste like a treat to them. There are different reasons why your pup might need to take pills, such as a need for a regular supply of nutrients through supplement pills, routine deworming, and treatment of illnesses. Most oral medication for dogs does not taste so nice, so you need to employ techniques and tricks to get them to take it.

There are different ways to get your dog to take oral medication, which include hiding or crushing the pill into their food, wrapping it in peanut butter or cheese, or using a pill gun. However, in cases where your dog refuses food or does not eat enough to ingest the full dose mixed with the food, it can prove abortive. Dog medication is mostly expensive, so you should find an efficient way to have your dog take the correct full dose each time to save you waste.  

An effective method of administering oral medication is to dissolve the pills in water. Yes, you can dissolve pills in water for dogs and have them drink it conveniently. It makes it much easier for your pup to swallow and digest the medicine for it to work quicker. 

Can You Dissolve a Pill in Your Dog’s Water?

You can dissolve a pill in your dog’s water to trick them into taking it. Also, some pills require water to activate or dissolve them for us, such as dispersible tablets. Even if the tablet your dog is required to take is not dispersible, you can easily dissolve it in water and administer it to your dog. However, it is important to note that pills with enteric or capsule coating are meant to be swallowed, and the content is absorbed farther down the gastrointestinal tract. 

To dissolve the pill, simply use a pill crusher or carefully grind the pill into powder using the back of a clean iron spoon. Add the crushed pill to some water and mix it thoroughly. Ensure you use clean water, preferably previously boiled water that has been set to cool. 

You can use a syringe to draw up the properly mixed solution and release it into the side of your dog’s mouth. A tip to induce swallowing is to lightly massage your dog’s throat or gently blow some air around its nose. Make sure the pill is completely swallowed, and as an extra measure, give your dog a little more water to drink from the syringe. 

How Much Water Should I Use to Dissolve My Dog’s Pills? 

Using a syringe is a better way to give your dog a pill dissolved in water. Syringes have measurements that can guide you on how much water to use and how much of the solution you should administer. Other containers like tablespoons, medicine cups, or your dog’s water bowl are not as spillproof or measurable as a syringe. 

A maximum of 30ml of water is enough to dissolve the pill. You can draw some water into the syringe first, measure up to 10ml-30ml of water, and push it back out onto the crushed pill. Thoroughly mix together, and draw the solution back up into the syringe. 

Another way to measure up to 10ml- 30ml of water is by using small measuring cups. Fill the measuring cup to the 10ml/30ml mark and add the crushed pill, then mix properly and administer. The size of the pill should determine the amount of water needed; small/single pills need less water, while bigger/multiple pills require more water to dissolve properly. 


It is a daunting task to have your pup take their pills without having to find tricks around it, but this dissolving method proves effective most times. As an added precaution, you can also consult your vet on whether it is safe to mix the pill with water, especially in cases of capsules. However, it is generally safe and recommended to give your dog dissolved pills.