Can French Bulldog’s Give Birth Naturally?

Can French bulldog give birth naturally? You have made the big leap allowing your female French bulldog to mate.  Now come the pregnancy and ensuing delivery. Many dog breeds will effortlessly labor and deliver a litter of puppies. However, in most cases, a French bulldog cannot deliver this way.  

So, can frenchies have a natural birth without risking their health or needing a C-section?

Well, the straightforward answer to that is no. Some bulldogs adapt very well deliveries, however, just like the English bulldog, many French Bulldogs require C-sections to deliver the puppies. Most Frenchies suffer very much during labor.

Why French Bulldogs Are Incapable of Natural Delivery

This breed is unable to deliver naturally largely due to the female’s extremely narrow hips. Add to this the irony that French bulldog puppies are big. In fact, anatomically, the pups are too big for their mother’s birth canals. As a result, they need seasoned veterinarians to perform surgery in the vast majority of these births.

In fact, according to most data, French Bulldogs require a Caesarian section procedure to deliver their babies. That is a remarkably high statistic for the breed. A telltale sign that your French bulldog is finding it difficult to deliver is if it has been pushing for more than an hour. 

A French bulldog gives birth naturally but at great peril to itself. This long arduous period could mean that a puppy is jammed inside and requires medical intervention.

Knowing this, why risk it? A French bulldog gives birth naturally to offsprings is possible but far too dangerous. If you happen to have a French bulldog you would like to breed, have an arrangement early on with a competent veterinarian.

He or she can see you through the entire pregnancy and delivery process. Entrusting your dog’s welfare to a trained professional is a wise thing to do. Why even consider the potential risks and complications that your dog may suffer from natural birth?

Do French Bulldogs Conceive Well?

As far as conceiving goes, French Bulldogs struggle. They can get pregnant through intercourse, but the process is belabored. The problems all stem from their natural anatomy. The head, chest, and shoulders of the breed are bigger than their lower torso.  This means that the rear portion is lighter than the front part.

Conception Alternatives

Due to the physical attributes of French bulldogs, around 87% to 95% are bred artificially. If you own one, you perhaps realize that such efforts are worth it since the breed is fun and delightful. Once you have a pregnant French bulldog, there are many things to consider for a healthy pre-natal period.

Keeping A Pregnant French Bulldog Healthy

The single most vital thing to do while caring for a pregnant French bulldog is to keep it healthy. Diligently take it for check-ups to a knowledgeable vet before she even conceives. A thorough physical will improve the chances of her having a safe pregnancy.

Get your dog vaccinated. This will ensure vaccine coverage during her prenatal period. Likewise, give supplements such as Vitamin E, iodine, folic acid, and whatever your vet suggests.

Before conceiving look for signs of parasites or potential diseases. These can be heartworms or intestinal worms. If your vet detects any, treat them beforehand to safeguard the health of the litter.

Find a Good Veterinarian

Most veterinarians are competent and have the best of intentions for your French bulldog. Having said that, your dog breed is a unique one due to its anatomy. Find a veterinarian that has experience with French bulldog prenatal care and the delicate C-Section procedure. You will that there are vets that specialize particularly in French bulldog care.  If you have found one, have them on board during the entire pregnancy and delivery.

Be Aware of the Fertility Cycle

To have a successful conception, you must accurately track your dog’s fertility cycle. You must know when she is in season. Common signs to tell that your dog is in heat is when it displays agitated behavior and begins spotting. When in heat the French bulldog’s fertility will reach its peak for at least two to three days.

That is not a very long window. After five days of heat, take the dog to a vet to determine if she is ovulating.

Signs That Your French Bulldog Is Pregnant

When it comes to the French bulldog, most signs and symptoms of pregnancy do not happen until the dog is over 40 days pregnant. If you have not visited your vet to confirm a successful conception, you will have to wait this long before you can take note of the signs. When it comes to dogs, week 1 of pregnancy is marked as starting on the day of ovulation or the first day of breeding.

French bulldogs are pregnant for around 9 weeks before they deliver. Many things happen during that period, which we will go over in this post.

Since there are not many symptoms to see at first, just remain patient. Your French bulldog will put on weight if she is pregnant, but so can a normal dog.  Most of the weight gain is observable closer to the end of the pregnancy. By that time there will be other symptoms confirming a fruitful mating.

If successful, check your dog’s prenatal schedule from the vet and monitor your French bulldog’s pregnancy all the way to its estimated due date. Here are some signs that your dog has conceived.

Morning Sickness

Just like us, dogs can feel sick when pregnant. It may have a reduced appetite around 3 weeks and could throw up.

Appetite Improves

As you get deeper into the pregnancy, you will notice that your French bulldog’s appetite is becoming ravenous.

Less Energy and Decreased Activity

A pregnant dog will have decreased energy compared to those that are not. If your dog is napping a lot especially around week 3, there are good chances it is pregnant.

Nipples Change in Appearance

Every dog is unique when it comes to changes in nipple appearance. You will likely notice changes by about week three or four. They will turn a bit blacker and will start to become more bulbous in shape.

Vulva Inflammation

The vulva will be inflamed as it was while the dog was in heat. The dog’s vulva will not go back to its normal size during the pregnancy period.

Temperament Changes

Another sign of a successful conception is changing in temperament. French bulldogs can become needier or the opposite; they may start to be more independent. Just look out for behavioral changes unique to your dog.

Caring For the Expectant Mother

The typical length of time a French bulldog’s pregnancy lasts is around 60 to 68 days but the usual is 63. During this period, be sure to have her hydrated, well-nourished, clean, and comfortable at all times. Likewise, be extra careful that she does not catch any illness.

A diet rich with protein is advisable and see to it that balanced meals are available throughout the day. Besides raising the protein intake, give her vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats for proper fetus development. Seasoned French bulldog breeders suggest giving the mother a half-ounce of raw liver along with dry dog food every day.

Another diet advice is to change to puppy food formula by the time the dog enters the fifth week of pregnancy. Do not, however, change her diet in the first half. This may result in weight gain and consequently a difficult labor experience.

The C-Section Procedure For Your Frenchie

A natural birth will likely be very difficult for a French bulldog. It is very painful for them and even life threatening.  The vast majority of vets advise owners to avoid a natural birth since it can result in fatalities to the litter. The mother may likewise sustain uterine damage.

Always be aware of your dog’s due date. As you come closer to D-Day, make sure your vet can be summoned on short notice.  Most doctors that open them are aware that they can be called on short notice. You will observe the onset of labor as certain behavioral changes will occur. There will be a disinterest in food, nesting behavior, physical discomfort, and irritability.

French Bulldog Litter

Of course, there is always the excitement of how your breeding efforts will result. Typically, a litter for Frenchie’s will have up to five offspring maximum.  The genes of the stud and dame predetermine the color of the litter. The most common French bulldog colors are white, brindle, fawn, or pied (white and brindle).

Some rare French bulldog colors are in demand. Who knows, your litter might have these shades.

Rare French Bulldog Colors are:

  • Sable
  • Black and tan
  • Black and white
  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Pure black
  • Blue and fawn
  • Chocolate

Luckily, as I mentioned earlier in the post, a French bulldog’s first litter is generally small. For instance, dogs from bloodlines that commonly produce litters of four to five puppies may only have one or two puppies for their first pregnancy.

After Your Frenchie Gives Birth

During post-delivery, observe your dog for a few days. Look out for any infection or discharge. If you spot discharge, clean it with hydrogen peroxide. The discharge should stop eventually. If it does not stop and you observe a significant inflammation, take the dog to the vet right away.

Be mindful that French bulldogs cannot tolerate the reproduction process many times.  It may harm their overall health.

In Conclusion

The breeding process requires a lot of effort from you. It is time-consuming and could even be expensive. It is a particularly delicate process especially for a breed such as the French bulldog. If you are not properly informed, there are many risks involved in the Frenchie.

Read up on the subject and consult fellow French bulldog owners. If you decide to get your French bulldog impregnated, the best way to do it is with expert supervision. This way you minimize any risk during labor and ensure that you will have a healthy litter bunch.

In addition, just one final thought. Be a kind breeder. Know the health risks involved and always keep your French bulldog’s welfare and health above everything else.

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