Can a Neutered Dog Get a Female Pregnant? (ANSWERED)

One of the main reasons for getting your male dog neutered is preventing unwanted mating. Since neutering is a definitive and irreversible procedure, it is not uncommon for pet owners to think their dogs cannot impregnate females afterward. 

So, can a neutered dog get a female pregnant? Yes, a neutered dog can get a female pregnant but only for a couple of days after the neatuering is performed. This unusual phenomenon is due to the presence of so-called dormant sperm within the male reproductive system. 

In this article, we will explain how the male reproductive system in dogs works and why it is possible for neutered dogs to get females pregnant. We will talk about the length of this risky period and give tips on how to prevent unwanted mating in the first few days after the castration. 

Can a Neutered Dog Get a Female Pregnant

The Male Reproductive System in Dogs 

Anatomy and physiology can be challenging or even boring. However, to understand the neutering procedure, you need to be familiar with the basics as pet owners. Here is a short course on how the reproductive system works in male dogs. 

The Neutering Procedure or Castration 

The neutering procedure or castration is performed under general anesthesia and is considered to be routine. Prior to the surgery, the veterinarian will examine the dog and perform tests (blood analysis, EKG) to evaluate whether the dog is a surgical candidate. 

As for the neutering procedure itself, it is very straightforward and simple. The vet will remove the dog’s “gonads”. There are various surgical approaches for castration – they differentiate on the incision site, but the end result is the same. 

Before neutering your dog, it is advisable to discuss the idea with the veterinarian. The vet will elaborately explain the pros and cons of neutering. If you decide that the pros outweigh the cons, the vet will give tips on the postsurgical recovery period and go through the potential side effects, such as transient depression.  

Why Might Neutered Dogs Get Females Pregnant? 

As explained, the neutering procedure includes the removal of the “gonads”. However, the reproductive system consists of other structures as well, and the procedure does not empty them. 

In simpler words, despite the gonads being removed, there is still active sperm in the dog’s reproductive system. This sperm is called dormant and can be released during mating that takes place soon after the neutering procedure. 

Once the dormant sperm is released, the dog’s body will not be able to produce anymore, and then it will be considered sterile. However, before that timeframe, it is possible for neutered dogs to get females pregnant. 

How Long After Being Neutered Is a Dog Sterile?

In theory, it will take up to a month after the neutering procedure for a male dog to be considered sterile. In practice, there are some anecdotal reports about fixed males getting females pregnant six weeks after being neutered. 

Either way, the timeframe is relatively short and does not pose a serious problem. You just need to be careful for one month after the neutering procedure and then let your male dog play with other dogs freely. 

Can neutered dogs hump? 

Yes, neutered dogs may continue to hump. Some neutered dogs may hump other dogs (and people) for a limited period of time, while others may continue to do so for years. In simple words, neutering will not stop dogs from humping. 

Can neutered dogs get an erection? 

Yes, neutered dogs can get erections. This is because the dog’s reproductive system is only partially altered by the neutering procedure. If aroused or stimulated, even a neutered dog can get an erection. 

Can neutered dogs ejaculate?

The belief that neutered dogs cannot ejaculate is another popular misconception among pet owners. The truth is that neutered dogs are perfectly capable of ejaculating. However, the good news is that the ejaculated liquid does not contain viable sperm. 

How Do I Prevent a Neutered Male Dog from Getting a Female Pregnant?

Just getting over with the neutering procedure is not enough – you will still need to make sure your neutered dogs do not get any female pregnant. Luckily, this period of being extra careful is short and easily manageable. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent a neutered dog from getting a female pregnant. 

Tip number 1: Avoid the dog park and doggy daycare

The chances of meeting a female are much higher in places crowded with dogs. The dog park and doggy daycare are perfect examples. We suggest avoiding the park for a month, and if your dog is enrolled in daycare, it would be advisable to find a temporary alternative if at all possible. 

Tip number 2: No alone time in the yard

Male dogs triggered by females in heat may jump over fences or dig beneath them. Therefore, if your dog has been neutered, it is recommended to keep it inside the house or ensure there is supervision while in the yard. Keep in mind that dogs are resourceful when it comes to finding ways to escape. 

Tip number 3: Constant supervision 

Never leave your dog unattended, especially if in a new and unfamiliar environment. This rule is a general one and applies to all situations, not just when it comes to preventing unwanted mating. 

It might be a good idea to invest in a doggy camera.


Tip number 4: No female friends for some time 

Perhaps the easiest way of preventing your dog from getting a female pregnant is avoiding females in general. Some females do not show particular signs of heat, but a dog can still sense them. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid females for a month after the neutering. 

Summing Up: Can a Neutered Dog Get a Female Pregnant? 

Yes, as peculiar as it sounds, a neutered dog can get a female pregnant. The good news is that this phenomenon lasts for a short time after the neutering procedure. 

A neutered dog can get a female pregnant for around one month after the surgery. This is because its reproductive system stores sperm that can be released. Once the stored or dormant sperm is released, the dog is considered sterile as its body cannot make a new one. 

Since castrated males can be responsible for unwanted mating, it is advisable to keep a close eye on your dog during the initial post-neutering period. Be attentive and make sure it is not in unsupervised contact with females in heat. 

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