8 Best Toys for English Bulldogs (Buying Guide)

As a parent of an English Bulldog, you are aware of this breed’s unique requirements. Discover the best toys for English Bulldogs in this manner. It is a strange breed, yet it is beloved as well. When it comes to destructive behavior, bulldogs are notorious.

English Bulldog are among the most desirable dog breeds for any household. Keep in mind, however, that they need particular attention and consideration. The care of a bulldog is not an easy task. Specifically designed toys and materials, for example, are required.

You must consider their powerful jaws, high intellect, stubbornness, and other natural characteristics, as well as the form of their face. Make sure you choose a toy that your English Bulldog will like playing with.

We’re here to help you, most certainly. For your Bulldog’s benefit, we’ve selected the most appealing choices we could find. Toys for bulldogs, and we’ve assembled a list of our favorites. Check it out if you want!

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Reasons Why Purchasing Bulldog Toys Can Be Difficult 

With their distinct face shape, bulldogs have a tough time picking up toys. This is particularly true of young bulldogs. The following are some of the stuff you should consider: 

  • Respiratory Illness – As a result of the respiratory issues that this breed suffers from, it is not generally advised to engage in strenuous play with this breed. So you want to buy them things that they can use to either lounge about with or play with for brief periods. 
  • Teeth are crowding – Because they have less room in their jaws, this breed is more prone to having crowded teeth as they mature. Your dog may have difficulty grasping treats or toys because of the crowding of his teeth. 
  • Short Muzzles – Another frequent characteristic among bulldogs is the presence of a shorter muzzle, which may result in breathing difficulties or persistent pain. As a result, toys may be brutal to pick up or to play with comfortably. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that you understand why choosing a toy may be challenging, we’ll go over some factors to bear in mind while you’re out shopping. This will assist you in selecting a toy that is simple for your dog to play with whenever they desire. 

🦴 Shape 

Because this breed has a small snout and a crowded set of teeth, the toy’s form is essential to consider. You should choose a toy that stands out from the floor and can easily be sucked into your dog’s mouth. Any balls you choose should have pockets in them to aid your dog in grasping the item. 

🦴 Durability 

Because of their respiratory difficulties, many Bulldogs prefer to lie about and chew their toys than getting up and running after their owners. They also have mighty jaws, which allow them to bite down on prey. Ideally, the toy you choose should have the ability to endure moderate to vigorous chewing without being damaged. 

🦴 Material 

Dog toys are available in various materials, ranging from cotton and foam to stricter plastic. Your dog may like soft toys, but you might consider changing the material if they are chewing on them. Your dog should not be able to gnaw through and shred the material you choose.

Best Toys for English Bulldogs – Top 8 Picks!


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Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew

Best Toys for English Bulldogs

Nylabone is also responsible for this product. The Flavored is a robust and durable chew toy that will last your dog for an extended period. This little one right here is capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of abuse. 

Will entertain even the majority bulldog chewers for extended periods by the Nylabone Dura Chew. This toy is constructed of excellent toughened nylon for a durable finish. It has the potential to endure eternity. 

In addition to being long-lasting, it serves as an excellent diversion. This toy will retain even the best energetic bulldogs occupied and amused for hours on end. 

Even though it has a bone-like form, bulldogs like this Nylabone Dura Chew are flavored and fragrant. The toy has a flavor that is similar to chicken or bacon. It also has a scent that reminds me of them. In addition, this characteristic draws and holds the interest of your British guy. 

However, depending on your dog, this characteristic may either be a burden or a gift. Because the toy is not edible, some dogs may find the flavor and taste of the toy to be irritating, and they may stop playing with it. 

Apart from all of these advantages, this textured and ergonomic toy is an excellent tool for cleaning the teeth of your Bulldog. 

It helps to maintain a clean, healthy, and fresh mouth. At the same time, it keeps plaque and tartar under control.

  • It is very robust and long-lasting.
  • It has a bacon flavor and scent to it (or chicken).
  • It has a textured appearance.
  • It helps to keep the tongue clean.
  • It has a controlling effect on plaque and tartar.
  • It’s just too complicated (not bendable.)
  • It’s a little on the hefty side.

West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Treat Toy

Best Toys for English Bulldogs

When it comes to interactive toys, we chose the West Paw Zogoflex Tux Engaging Treat Dispensing Dog Chew Toy for your English bulldog since it is fun and interactive. This particular one is a one-of-a-kind form. It is designed with a high center of gravity. In addition, the ends are rounded and thicker in weight. 

The toy’s design allows your English bulldog to pick it up and carry it around with ease because of its flexibility. The toy is durable and can endure rough handling and hard gnawing. 

It is constructed of durable materials. It’s made especially for those who chew their food aggressively. Your Bulldog will be able to chew, wear, and tear the toy without causing it to shatter. 

The toy is available in two different sizes and three different colors. The toy is a reward dispenser, which means it will give out treats. If you like, you may fill the toy’s inside with some of your dog’s favorite goodies. This would inspire your dog to engage in more interactive play with it. 

If you want the dessert to last longer, you can put it in the freezer. It would also be more difficult as a result of this. When your Bulldog first gets his hands on the toy, he will spend a long time figuring out how to get the reward out. 

The fact that this toy is safe is one of its most attractive characteristics. This interactive toy is designed and manufactured in the United States. In other words, it satisfies stringent quality control requirements. In addition, it complies with FDA regulations and standards.

  • It has a long shelf life.
  • You may fill it with sweets and other goodies.
  • It is simple to maintain.
  • It supports and can be cleaned by running it in the dishwasher.
  • It is accessible in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Easy to damage.
  • It is pricey.

Odin Treat Puzzle Up Dog

Best Toys for English Bulldogs

The Odin treat puzzle toy comes in second place on our list. This particular model has won an award for its distinctively contemporary design. This puzzle toy is entirely risk-free. To put it simply, it is devoid of hazardous chemicals, such as latex and phthalate. 

This toy is easy for your Bulldog to bounce and roll about with. This interactive treat is composed of thermoplastic rubber, which is a rubber-like substance with a rubbery feel. Scratching hardwood floors and delicate furnishings is prevented as a result of this practice. It is gentle on your carpet while being tough on your English bulldog’s teeth. 

Yes, this toy is very durable. It’s essential to note, however, that this is not a chew toy. Put another way; you must keep an eye on your dog while touch with this toy. 

It is simple to use this toy. All that is required is that you stuff goodies inside the flaps. Next, teach your English Bulldog how to throw and roll The Odin to obtain goodies out of it. The Odin is appropriate for both large and small dogs. It may assist you in keeping your Bulldog occupied and amused over a long period. 

Odin’s practicality is another appealing aspect. The Odin is available in a variety of colors. Just as simple to use as it is to clean, it is as simple to maintain. It’s straightforward to maintain. All that is required is that you put some soap in the toy. After that, rinse it well to remove any remaining residue. Aside from that, you may just throw it in the dishwasher.

  • It has a long shelf life.
  • Your Bulldog will have no trouble extracting food.
  • It provides your dog with both physical and mental stimulation.
  • It is simple to operate.
  • It is simple to maintain.
  • It is not meant to be chewed.

Pets Goods Dog Rope Chew Toys

Best Toys for English Bulldogs

It is essential to have a rope toy in your dog’s play basket at all times. This one right here is made up of more than one rope. It is a collection of different pack ropes. The set includes a variety of rope toys that are all distinctive in design. Chewing, tug-of-war, and chasing around the home are all activities that your Bulldog may enjoy. 

These ropes are composed of a delicate cotton rope that is very flexible. This is why they are regarded as a safe option for your canine companion. In addition to the absolute advantage of rope toys, tooth cleaning, there is another advantage. While your bulldogs are chewing on these ropes, they are also cleaning their teeth. 

The pack is ideal for bulldogs of all sizes, little and large alike. A variety of toy sizes are available. In addition, the ropes are adequate for both adult dogs and pups alike. They are available in a variety of vibrant hues. This makes it simple to identify when you’re at home. This will result in you catching your dog’s interest. 

They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. When it comes to cleaning them, rope toys are the most straightforward. You may simply wash them with warm soap and water or even just plain water. After that, give them a short washing before hanging them up or laying them out to dry completely. 

These ropes are both solid and secure. For your Bulldog, it is, in other words, a fantastic alternative. Especially if your Bulldog is a strong chewer or a teething puppy, you need to take extra precautions. 

  • It is very long-lasting.
  • It is available in five distinct variations.
  • It is risk-free (it is made with safe and non-toxic cotton rope.)
  • It has a wide range of various kinds of games to choose from.
  • It is simple to maintain.
  • The rope has the potential to tear (you need to snip off strings.)
  • Cleaning, on the other hand, requires time.

KONG Knots Tuggers

The KONG Tugger Knots is a durable, interactive tug, rope, and shake toy that can withstand rough play. Your Bulldog is most likely to fall in love with him. The toy features a one-of-a-kind design. This results in an enthralling diversity of textures and levels of resistance. 

Additionally, this rope toy disguised as a squeaker is equipped with a squeaker. To put it another way, it adds to the enjoyment. 

When you first glance at this item, you may think it’s a plush toy. This is not, however, the soft plush toy that it seems to be. The rope is used to construct the Kong Tugger Knots. A twisted rope runs through the toy’s body instead of a filling, creating a more realistic appearance. 

Put another way, when your Bulldog gnaws on this toy, his teeth will not be sinking into the stuffing as much as they would with other toys. As a result, it is more difficult to destroy. 

The toy has just a portion of its stuffing. This feature reduces the likelihood of cleaning up heaps of filling if the packing rips.

  • It has a long shelf life.
  • It combines three functions into one (an interactive, plush, rope toy.)
  • It is particularly well suited for interactive tug-of-war activities.
  • It has a bare minimum of the filling (mess-free.)
  • It is equipped with a rope on the interior.
  • It is equipped with a squeaker.
  • The squeaker will almost certainly not make it.

Duckworth Duckworth Duck

Dogs like comfort goods, such as our sensitive English Bulldog, would enjoy this soft and plush duck from Multipet Duckworth. Your bulldogs will enjoy cuddling and carrying around this adorable duck. 

Even though this plush toy is significantly more significant, it is still very lightweight. To put it another way, the toy is a fantastic option for a wide variety of dogs, not only bulldogs. It is a realistic solution. It is something that your Bulldog may carry about and play with. 

This is more than simply a stuffed animal. It also functions as a squeak toy. It has a squeaker in the center of it, which makes it more fun to play with. The squeaker is quite essential in this game. It is not only attractive to your dog but also other animals. It helps to keep your English Bulldog intellectually stimulated. 

What’s great is that your Bulldog will have a tough time chewing his way through to the squeaker. It is positioned in the thickest portion of the toy’s body. The toy is yellow, which is a bright and noticeable hue. Your British canine companion will be able to detect it immediately. In addition, the bill, feet, and torso of the plush toy have a distinct feel from one another. 

When it comes to washing this toy, all you have to do is throw it in the washer and dryer. This will make your toy seem as though it were fresh new.

  • It is both a plush toy and a noisy toy at the same time.
  • It has a soft and cuddly feel about it.
  • It is available in a vibrant yellow hue.
  • It is simple to clean and keep up to date.
  • It tends to tear the feet apart.
  • It is not intended for use as a power chewing.
  • The squeakers are susceptible to bending and ceasing to operate.

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz Squeaky Toy

This adorable dog toy from ZippyPaws is the second plush toy we’ve purchased for your English pooch. The good thing is that you have complete freedom to select whatever animal you desire. It is available in a variety of animal designs. From a fox to a raccoon, you have a variety of choices. 

The creatures are made of flat and long-lasting material. In this manner, the toy will be able to resist abuse, wear, and tear. 

Three circular squeakers are included in the flat toys. Squeakers play an essential role here, as well. When they bite them, they provide entertainment for your Bulldog. There is also no filling in this recipe. To put things into perspective, this implies that the toy is completely clean if your English canine succeeds in ripping the toy open. We’re not going to make a mess. 

Last but not least, this toy is simple to clean. Simply throw it in the washing and tumble dry it to complete the process. You may even wash them by hand if you want. After that, just hang them to dry.

  • It has a long shelf life.
  • There is no stuffing in this recipe.
  • Per order, you will get three toys.
  • It’s got an excellent design to it.
  • It is simple to maintain.
  • It has a warm and cuddly feel about it.
  • It is not intended for use as a power chewing.
  • The squeakers are susceptible to bending and ceasing to operate.

What to Do When You’re Playing With A Bulldog 

Remember that bulldogs do not need as much activity as most other medium-sized dog breeds, which is essential to know. They tend to overheat and get breathless exceptionally quickly. However, to avoid dire health consequences, it is still necessary to ensure that your Bulldog receives a sufficient amount of exercise regularly.

Using customized dog toys is, without a doubt, an excellent method to do this. You may engage in a variety of activities with your Bulldog if you have these things on hand, including the following: 

✔️ Fetch 

Even though it is a traditional pastime, fetching is still one of the most efficient methods to encourage your dog to get some physical activity. A benefit is that you do not have to move throughout this game, other than tossing a toy from side to side. It is critical, however, that the appropriate fetch toys be used.

If you give your Bulldog the incorrect toy, it may suffer an injury to its mouth. Even worse, the toy may get lodged in the animal’s throat, resulting in suffocation and death as a result. Additionally, you should always ensure that your Bulldog has enough water to keep himself hydrated throughout the game’s duration. 

✔️ Hide & Seek 

Hide and seek is another traditional pastime for dogs. It’s both challenging and satisfying at the same time. As soon as you’ve discovered a dog toy that your Bulldog would like, you can simply conceal it around the home or in the yard and wait for your pup to find it.

Not to fear, even if bulldogs cannot see the toy, they will locate it using their strong sense of smell. Make sure, however, that you display the toy to your Bulldog and even let it sniff it before concealing it away. Also, remember to give your excellent dog a treat anytime he locates his toy on his initiative. 

✔️ Other Games

You may train your Bulldog to play a range of activities tailored to their personality. The primary thing is to find out what your dog enjoys the most. In any case, it’s crucial to constantly ensure that the game your dog is participating in is safe for them.

With this in mind, it’s important to choose toys that have been thoroughly tested and certified for use by dogs. Meanwhile, it’s critical to ensure that your Bulldog’s surroundings are safe and secure, as well as that he has access to enough freshwater to keep himself hydrated. Beyond that, everything is up to you and your canine companion. 

Things to Think Before Purchasing Bulldog Toys 

It’s essential to consider a variety of variables before selecting a particular dog toy. The majority of them are concerned with compatibility and health. The following are some of the most important: 

🦴 Age 

As is usually the case with dogs, the animal’s age is an essential consideration that should not be overlooked. When they are pups, dogs’ teeth are very delicate, making them difficult to handle. Consequently, it is preferable to provide them with soft toys that they may chew on all day without endangering themselves or other people. When dogs have passed through the teething stage, on the other hand, they have much stronger teeth and need more complex toys that they can gnaw on for more extended periods without breaking them. 

🦴 Habits of Chewing 

It is essential to understand your dog’s chewing tendencies to provide them with the appropriate toys. Certain dogs like moving things without damaging them, which is especially useful when tossing objects for retrieving. During this time, other dogs get attached to a specific toy, gnawing on it and refusing to go. Through careful observation of its behavior, you may choose a toy that your Bulldog will enjoy for many years to come. 

🦴 Size 

Choosing the appropriate size for a new dog toy is, without question, an important consideration when purchasing one. If the toy is too large for your dog, they will have difficulty interacting with it. It will eventually get disinterested as a result of this. On the other hand, if the toy is too tiny, it may result in mishaps such as choking and tooth injuries. As a general guideline, select a toy that your dog can readily pick up but that he will not be able to ingest inadvertently.

Why should you exercise caution while purchasing a toy for your English Bulldog? 

  • The face structure of English bulldogs is distinctive. It is difficult for children to pick up toys as a result of this. 
  • English bulldogs suffer from respiratory difficulties. As a result, active play is out of the question. 
  • The teeth of English bulldogs are packed. Therefore, it will be hard for your Bulldog to grab treats or toys due to this. 
  • The muzzles of English bulldogs are short. As a result, certain toys may be brutal to pick up or play with comfortably. 

Q: How many toys should a bulldog have? 

There is no definite restrain on the number of toys available for English bulldogs. It is up to the dog whether or not to do so. You should be able to limit it down to at least three to four toys, however. This will prevent your English puppy from becoming bored. This also provides them with a variety of choices to choose from. 

Q: What kinds of toys should English bulldog owners avoid giving their dogs? 

Here are some things to remember: 

  • The presence of toys that can ingest or that can be choked on. 
  • Toys that are utterly incapable of withstanding gnawing. 
  • Dog’s toy containing poisonous chemicals, lead, or any other potentially hazardous materials. 
  • Toys that are difficult for your dog to pick up or hold onto are recommended. 

Q: Do you have the ability to let an English bulldog alone? 

Yes, you are permitted to leave your Bulldog alone. However, there is one condition that must be met before you may do so. Before you start, ensure your dog has undergone previous training. Always keep in mind that bulldogs are companion animals. They like to be near her or their owners since it makes them feel safe. Your English bulldog may suffer separation anxiety and destructive behavior if they do not get appropriate training.

Final Words

All of the toys mentioned in this article are undoubtedly among the finest toys for English bulldogs available on the market. They have advantages and qualities that helped them make it to the top of our list. It is worthwhile to check into them. 

When selecting the toys, we tried our best to consider both the physical characteristics and the psychological qualities of the breed. Furthermore, we considered several factors that would make these toys suitable for bulldogs and most other canines. We hope that our evaluations and recommendations will be of use to you.

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What are your thoughts about this article? Did your favorite English Bulldog toys make it on the list? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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