What is the Best Pet Insurance for English Bulldogs?

English Bulldogs have a fair share of health problems. They have a higher risk for conditions like hip dysplasia, cherry eye, brachycephalic syndrome, and ligament injuries. Treating these conditions will dig a hole into your savings, but not if you get the best pet insurance for English Bulldog.

Much like health insurance for humans, pet insurance is your safety net whenever your Bulldog gets sick. Each company provides specific coverage terms and pricing.

When it comes to Bulldogs, you can’t opt for typical insurance policies. You have to find one that’s tailor-fit for the breed. This will give you peace of mind and better protection for your pet.

Below I listed 5 eight of the best pet insurance providers in the market. See which one suits your dog best:

Best Pet Insurance For English Bulldog

1. Embrace Pet Insurance

best pet insurance for English Bulldog

If you’re looking for the best pet insurance for English Bulldogs, you’ll never go wrong with Embrace Pet Insurance. They have customizable plans that cover most conditions that Bulldogs are prone to.

Embrace Pet Insurance has a comprehensive Accident & Illness for every dog. This nose-to-tail policy even includes congenital conditions as well as breed-specific health problems.

If you’re on a budget, Embrace also offers Accident-Only and Optional Wellness Rewards plans. The Wellness Reward Plan covers training, grooming, wellness exams, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and more.

Nevertheless, I recommend that you invest in their Nose-to-Tail plan. Aside from their long list of covered conditions, Embrace also includes exam fees on the coverage. They also included alternative therapies, behavioral therapy, prosthetics, and prescription drugs.

 As for the deductible, Embrace policies only accepts annual deductibles and not a per-incident setup. You can choose from $200 to $1,000, whichever you find easier to pay.

Also, they have a program called ‘Healthy Pet Deductible’. For every year that your dog doesn’t have reimbursements, your deductible goes down by $50. It will apply and reset the moment you file for a claim.

For new enrollments, Embrace only accepts dogs age 6 weeks to 13 years. They don’t cover pre-existing conditions and commercial pets in any of their policies.

  • Covers alternative treatments and examination fees
  • The waiting period is 2 days for injuries and 14 days for illnesses
  • Deductible goes down by $50 for each year of no reimbursement
  • Longer waiting time (6 months) for ligament injuries and hip dysplasia

2. PetPlan

best pet insurance for English Bulldog

Another popular choice among English Bulldog owners is PetPlan. They offer coverage of up to 90% of all vet fees in any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada.

They offer an Accident & Illness plan that covers the most common health problems among dogs. Aside from that, they also provide coverage for congenital, hereditary, and specialty care. They also reimburse certain prescription medications, but not all.

Moreover, they also reimburse alternative therapies and online vet visits with zero enrolment fees. Also, PetPlan doesn’t have an upper age limit, so even old Bulldogs have the chance of being covered.

The only downside I see with PetPlan is they don’t offer a wellness plan. Other than that, they offer flexible deductible options from $100 to $2,500. They will also cover exam fees as long as it’s linked to an injury or illness visit.

As for the waiting time, PetPlan imposes a 15-day window before the insurance takes effect, even on hip dysplasia. For injuries, the coverage starts in 5 days after the effectivity date.

  • Wider options for deductibles
  • No upper age limit for dogs
  • They offer discounts for policies bought online
  • The premium increases yearly, depending on the dog breed

3. PetFirst

best pet insurance for English Bulldog

One thing that PetFirst really did well is allowing dog owners to choose the plan based on the pup’s age. They have a puppy, dog, and senior pet insurance for you to choose from.

Like most providers, they have Accidents & Illnesses, and add-ons. The annual benefits vary widely, depending on the coverage you want and the premium amount you’re going to pay.

Another thing I like about PetFirst is they don’t have upper age limits for dogs. You can also acquire additional coverage to include more health conditions in the policy. They offer a lot of security with a maximum payout of up to 80%.

For the deductible, the average for most PetFirst plan holders is $250. It can be lower or higher, depending on your specific policy.

Take note that PetFirst has a rather long waiting period. They impose a 14-day waiting time for illnesses and 25 days for injuries. They don’t provide preventative or routine wellness reimbursements as well. The consolation here is that accident coverage starts 24 hours upon the approval of the policy.

Aside from that, PetFirst has a one-year waiting period for specific conditions like ligament injuries and intervertebral disc disease. This is why I recommend PetFirst insurance while your Bulldog is still a puppy.

  • No upper age limit
  • Highly customizable plans
  • Professional and multi-pet discounts
  • No accident-only plan

4. Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is a popular pet insurance provider and for very good reasons. They accept dogs up to 13 years of age and as young as six weeks. The best thing here is that if you decided to rehome your Bulldog, the new owners could take over the insurance policy with no additional charge.

From 2013 to 2015, Healthy Paws is the top-rated pet insurance provider in North America. They make insurance enrolment fast, easy, and affordable for pet owners.

Also, filing a claim is a total breeze. You simply visit any U.S.-licensed vet, take a photo of the bill, and submit it to the Healthy Paws website. You can do all this on your phone, and most claims are processed in just two days!

Another thing that I like about Healthy Paws is they don’t have annual coverage limits. However, their customization is limited when it comes to their plans. Also, there’s no wellness plan, so you can only avail an Accidents & Illnesses policy, which already covers a comprehensive list of health problems.

As for the deductible, you can choose from $100, $250, to $500. Reimbursements range from 70% to 90%, depending on specific policies.

  • No annual coverage limits
  • Submitting a claim is very easy
  • Fast claim processing
  • No Accident-Only plan

5. Trupanion

Trupanion is another popular insurance provider for pets. One of the highlights of their plans is their $0 deductible option. Also, they don’t have annual limits, and all plans have a 90% reimbursement. It’s an affordable option for pet owners who can’t shoulder a large deductible amount.

Aside from that, Trupanion covers breed-specific conditions, surgeries, medications, and hospital stays. They also provide coverage for veterinary supplements and diagnostic tests on top of their Illnesses & Injuries plan.

Take note that the waiting period for injuries is 5 days and 30 days for illnesses. This is quite long, but it’s just a small niggle I can live with for the deductible flexibility.

The best part about Trupanion is its pricing guarantee. They will never increase your premium just because of your pet’s age.

Remember that Trupanion doesn’t cover exam fees, wellness and prevention care, and pre-existing conditions.

The consolation here is that Trupanion has one of the fastest claims processing. And if the vet submits the claim, you don’t need to do any paperwork. They will pay the vet directly to save you from the hassle.

  • $0 deductible is available
  • No annual limits
  • No premium increase because of the pet’s age
  • Preventive care isn’t included

What to consider when choosing a pet insurance company

If you’re new to pet insurance, you should consider the following points to find the right plan for your English Bulldog:

✔️Get one as early as possible

I always say this to Bulldog owners: get pet insurance as soon as you bring your puppy home! The younger your dog gets covered, the lower your premiums will be. Also, it’s easier to get approved for more health conditions when the dog is still young.

While older Bulldogs can still get insured, the cost would be much higher. Also, some insurance providers cap the coverage to accident-only once your dog reaches a certain age.

✔️Compare providers

Never settle on the first provider you see. Always compare multiple providers and see which one offers the best coverage. The premium cost only comes second since it’s directly proportional to how comprehensive the coverage will be. Check if they allow co-paying and always be mindful of the features.

For my Bulldog, I shortlisted five pet insurance providers and then compared their offers. Those five companies are the ones I reviewed above.

✔️Know what and what’s not covered

The very foundation of a pet insurance policy is its coverage. Always check the specific list of conditions that the insurance provider covers. Don’t just settle on their sales pitch that uses the umbrella term “Serious illnesses”. Ask what those illnesses are because some would not cover conditions like hip dysplasia or ligament tears.

Also, it’s important to know what’s not included in the policy. Most of the time, these are pre-existing conditions, exam fees, routine checks, and similar treatments. Still, some insurance providers offer coverage for non-urgent care as an add-on, which has a separate fee.

✔️Be wise with the deductible

Another thing you have to think about is the deductible. This is the amount that you need to shoulder before the insurance policy kicks in. So if you choose a $250 deductible, your pet’s insurance company will start paying at $251 onward. Still, the condition should fall within the inclusions of the policy.

The trick with deductibles is that the higher you choose, the lower your premiums will be. But if you don’t have the money for such emergency fees, look for a company like Trupanion that offers a $0 deductible option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is pet insurance a good idea for English Bulldogs?

A: Yes, pet insurance policies give English Bulldog owners protection against expensive vet fees. Since this dog breed is prone to a variety of health problems, medical insurance would be added peace of mind. Sure, it costs a fee, but it’s nothing compared to the amount you’ll save should your pet gets sick.

Q: Do all vets accept pet insurance?

A: Most of the time, vet clinics accept all pet insurance plans. The claim process is much simpler than human health insurance. With pet insurance, you’re the one who’s going to submit a claim, not the vet (though some can). This is unlike human health insurance, where the doctor or hospital is the one to submit the claim on your behalf.

Q: How much is a vet visit without insurance?

A: Without insurance, you’ll have to shoulder all the costs of your dog’s treatment. Accidents, injuries, and life-threatening conditions can amount to thousands of dollars in vet fees. With insurance coverage, you’ll only shell out a few hundred dollars, depending on your deductible.

Q: When should I buy pet insurance for my Bulldog?

A: The best time to get pet insurance is the day you bring the dog home. If you’re too busy, make sure that you make the purchase before summer and winter. Remember that Bulldogs are sensitive to intense temperatures, so these seasons increase the risk of them getting sick.

Q: Is there a waiting period on pet insurance?

A: Yes, most pet insurance companies impose a waiting period. This is to guarantee that the pet owner didn’t purchase the policy just to cover the dog’s existing conditions. The waiting period can range from 10 to 30 days, depending on the company where you’re getting the policy.

Final words

The best pet insurance for English Bulldog will protect your pet and your pocket. While others see it as an additional expense, it’s actually a safety net that you can tap once your dog gets sick. Before that happens, you should start scouting for the right insurance company.

Is your Bulldog insured? Which company did you choose? Share your experience below!


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