Best Life Jacket for French Bulldog – Top 3 Options

Due to their short legs, French Bulldogs find it hard to swim in deep waters. They need the best life jacket for French Bulldog to help them enjoy the water without the risk of drowning. It’s important to put a life jacket on your Frenchie before it plays in a pond, lake, river, or pool. Since their bodies are not designed to spend time on the water, a life jacket will solve the problem.

Below, I reviewed these three life jackets that are guaranteed to provide an added level of protection for your Frenchie.

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Why your French Bulldog needs a life jacket

Dog breeds like French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and American Bullys have deep chests and short legs. Aside from that, they have stocky and heavy bodies that make it difficult for them to float on water. While your pooch wants to take a swim, it will be dangerous for them. This is the reason why you should purchase a life jacket or flotation device.

The following are the benefits of life jackets for French Bulldogs and similar breeds:

  • It prevents drowning. This benefit is a no-brainer. Life jackets are intended to keep your Frenchie afloat regardless of the depth and current. This will give you an added peace of mind that your pooch is protected while it enjoys swimming.
  • Dogs get tired. Regardless if it’s a French Bulldog or a Border Collie, it will get tired of swimming at some point. And if your pooch gets a cramp in the middle of the waters, it will sink and drown.
  • Unseen water hazards. Although the water surface may look calm, there might be unseen hazards underneath that may hurt your dog. Also, your French Bulldog might be caught up in the current, which can be hazardous without a life jacket.
  • It keeps your dog warm. French Bulldogs have a thin coat that’s why they can get chilly easily when soaked in water. The life jacket will offer an added layer of protection against low temperatures.
  • Makes it easier to spot your dog. Life jackets have a reflective material, which allows you to see your dog easily on the water. Also, there’s an easy-grab handle so you can lift your Frenchie from the water instantly.

Best Life Jacket for French Bulldog – Top 3 Options


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EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device

best life jacket for French Bulldog

Another dog life jacket I swear by is the EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device. This is a high-performance dog life jacket made with 50% more flotation material than its previous design.

Moreover, this has heavy-duty polyester construction with a contoured neck so your Frenchie will be comfortable while it swims. This also has a convenient grab handle so you can retrieve your dog on the water anytime.

In addition, the EzyDog Flotation Device has a high visibility reflective piping for added safety. I also like its durable straps and high-quality buckles that keep the life jacket snug at all times.

Unlike cheap life jackets, this one from EzyDog is made of an ultra-buoyancy foam. It keeps the dog in a neutral swimming position despite strong currents.

I also like the padding on the belly and chest area, which keeps my Frenchie comfortable. It also serves as an effective cushion whenever I have to lift my dog out of the water. But since it’s thicker than other life jackets, it took my Frenchie some time to get used to it.

If you’re the safety first type of Frenchie owner, this life jacket is an excellent option. There are sizes available for both small and large canines.

The only thing I wish they would add is a neoprene sleeve on the belly straps. This would increase the flotation and warmth of the life jacket. Other than that, this is a stellar flotation device for every pooch.

  • Heavy-duty polyester construction
  • 50% more flotation material
  • Complete with reflective piping
  • I wish there’s a neoprene sleeve at the belly area

K9 Pursuits Easy Grab Dog Life Jacket

My last recommendation for this roundup is the K9 Pursuits Easy Grab Dog Life Jacket. This has an effective flotation design that will keep your Frenchie safe on the water.

Aside from that, this life jacket has a grab handle so you can easily recover your pooch from the water. It’s paired with reflective accents as well as bright colors for added visibility.

Another thing that I like about this life jacket for dogs is the adjustable strap system with a neoprene chest band. It keeps my dog comfortable even if I have to lift him out of the water. For a deep-chested canine, this feature is very important.

Moreover, this life jacket has quick-release buckles with an additional D-ring on the top so you can use it as a harness on land. I also use this to tether my Frenchie to the boat whenever we’re out in the sea. Overall, I love the buoyancy and the positioning that prevents my dog from rolling on the water.

The only thing I would warn you about is the sizing. I had to get one size up to fit my Frenchie because the sizing chart of this brand runs smaller than usual. Other than that, this is an amazing life jacket that will be a lifesaver for your pooch.

For this price range, I can tell you that this is a steal. It seems to be sturdy and will last for a long time.

  • Adjustable strap system
  • Additional D-ring on top
  • Reflective accents and bright colors
  • The sizing runs small so you should consider getting one size up

How to choose life jackets for French Bulldogs

The best life jacket for French Bulldog can save your pet’s life. Here’s what you need to consider when buying one:

🐶The right fit

One of the most important things when buying a life jacket is ensuring that it has the right fit. It can’t be too small or too large. You need a flotation device that fits snugly on your French Bulldog. This way, it will not be washed away by strong currents or prolonged exposure to water.

You should also check the girth of your dog’s chest since this is the most common reference for sizing. Also, you should refer to the individual sizing charts of each brand.


Life jackets should keep your French Bulldog afloat all the time. Since Frenchies have stocky bodies, your choice of life jacket should have ample flotation material.

Aside from being buoyant, the life jacket should have optimal positioning. This way, your dog’s body will not roll underwater and cause drowning. The flotation material should be positioned ergonomically to keep a dog afloat and with its back parallel to the sky.

🐶Strap and handle

The strap system of the life jacket will let you adjust the fit. This way, the flotation device will remain snug on your pooch’s body.

You should look for a grab handle that will let you retrieve your French Bulldog on the water. This also comes in handy if your dog is reluctant to go back on land or if the pooch is losing balance.


Most life jackets have foam as a flotation material. Make sure that the life jacket has enough foam to keep a heavy Frenchie afloat.

Aside from that, the outer cover should be comfortable and waterproof. I also suggest looking for a neoprene or any soft material on the chest area to keep your dog comfortable.

Overall, the life jacket should last for long even if subjected to regular use.

🐶Added features

Extra features like reflective strips, D-rings, light loop, and so on are added safety for your French Bulldog. It makes your dog more visible on the water, especially in dark periods of the day.


Lastly, consider how much you’re planning to spend on a life jacket for your Frenchie. While it’s easy to get the cheapest one, it doesn’t guarantee quality. In the end, your dog may drown or suffer from accidents on the water.

Since you can’t put a price on safety, I suggest investing in durable life jackets. The larger upfront cost is well worth the price if it means having peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use human life jacket on a dog?

A: It’s best to use a special dog life jacket for your French Bulldog. Human life jackets are not form-fitting and can get washed out easily. Nevertheless, you can tweak a human life jacket, but make sure that you seal everything to prevent leaks.

Q: Do dogs need life jackets in the pool?

A: Yes, French Bulldogs need life jackets on pools because they are prone to drowning. This applies to both puppy and adult dogs. Even if your Frenchie is a good swimmer, you shouldn’t be too complacent. You should put them on a life jacket to prevent drowning.

Q: Is swimming good for French Bulldogs?

A: Swimming is an excellent exercise for French Bulldogs but you should put them on a life jacket to prevent the risk of drowning. You should also supervise the pooch all the time so you can intervene if they are finding it hard to move.

Q: Why does my French Bulldog bite water when swimming?

A: Dogs bite water as a playful gesture. Your Frenchie probably saw a fish or something that’s moving. As long as your Frenchie isn’t eating anything, this is a harmless habit. However, you should not allow your Frenchie to consume a lot of saltwater as too much sodium isn’t healthy.

Q: Can dogs get sick from swimming in a lake?

A: While swimming in a lake isn’t dangerous for dogs, the threat here is the Giardia parasite. Your dog may swallow this parasite while swimming or playing. It will cause adverse symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. You should bring your dog to the vet for proper treatment if it exhibits the symptoms.

Q: Are dogs required to wear life jackets on boats?

A: Many boat rental services require dogs to wear a safety jacket when boarding the vessel. Others will also require a tether to ensure that the pooch won’t jump and get lost while the boat is moving. But regardless if it’s required or not, having one is still the best option.

Final words

The best life jacket for French Bulldog will ensure that your pooch can explore the waters safely. It prevents drowning and it also keeps your dog warm. Most of all, it gives added peace of mind on your end.


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