5 Best Leashes for French Bulldog – Tried and Tested!

Are you planning to take your dog outdoors? Instead of letting it run freely, you should get the best leash for French Bulldog. This will keep your pooch safe, especially if you’re passing along a busy road. As responsible dog owners, it’s our duty to keep our pets safe at all times, especially in a public space.

I know that choosing a dog leash isn’t easy because of the myriad of options in the market. While it’s easy to opt for the cheapest find, it may not give the best value for your money.

Remember that dog leashes are meant for safety. This means that it should be reliable and durable enough to endure strong pulling and regular wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a durable option, my five picks below will not disappoint. See which one works for your Frenchie best:

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Reasons why you should leash your dog

Every dog owner knows that leashing is indispensable when taking a dog outdoors. If you’re a first-time Frenchie owner, the following are the reasons why you shouldn’t skip the leash:

  • It’s a matter of safety. While French Bulldogs aren’t the most active breed, they can still run away if something catches their attention. This can take a deadly turn if your doggo runs in the middle of a highway or as a car speeds by.
  • It prevents dogfights. Dogfights happen from time to time, but you can prevent them if you’ll keep your dog leashed outdoors. This applies not just to French Bulldogs, but all canines.
  • The leash serves as your dog’s lifeline. A leash keeps you connected to your dog at all times. It allows you to intervene and retrieve your dog almost immediately in any situation. Be it a dog fight, incoming traffic, exposure to chemicals, and so on, dog leashes are lifesavers.
  • It disciplines your dog. Allowing your dog to roam outdoors freely is a recipe for behavioral problems. It’s important to keep your dog used to restraints like leashes. This is the basic tool if you want your dog to grow as an obedient canine.
  • It sets you as the alpha. Since you’re the one in control of the leash, your dog will recognize you as the alpha. This will also save you from judging the looks of other pet owners.
  • It’s the law. One of the most important purposes of leashing is avoiding legal problems. Almost all states require pet owners to leash their dogs. Ignoring this rule will land you a penalty or even jail time in some areas.

So before you and your dog get in trouble, it’s best to buy a reliable leash. Below, I reviewed the best leash for French Bulldog to save you from the hassle.

Best Leash For French Bulldog – Top 5 Picks


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RUFFWEAR Flat Out Dog Leash

best leash for French Bulldog

If you’re not a fan of retractable leashes, you should consider the RUFFWEAR Flat Out Dog Leash instead. This one is made of Tubelok webbing that guarantees durability even if your pooch pulls. Also, this comes with a padded handle so you won’t strain your hands during walks with your French Bulldog.

Moreover, this leash has an easy attachment Talon clip made of aluminum. It’s ergonomic and made for one-handed attachment so you and your dog can enjoy walks right away.

Aside from that, this comes with an accessory loop where you can attach poop bags and treat containers. This way, you can free your hands from carrying it separately.

This is a 6-feet leash with one-inch wide webbing. So far, any Frenchie can’t chew or damage this easily. You can even choose from a variety of colors to suit your style.

The best part here is the adjustable buckle on the handle so you can wrap the leash around your waist. This allows you to walk your dog hands-free as you jog around the neighborhood. I’ve tried many leashes of this type before and this has been one of the best finds so far.

  • Aluminum Talon clip
  • Can be used as a hands-free leash
  • Padded handle
  • Not 100% chew-proof so watch out

ThunderLeash Retractable Dog Leash

best leash for French Bulldog

Another retractable dog leash I recommend is the ThunderLeash. This is rated for dogs weighing 26 to 44 lbs. Unlike other leashes, this one borrows some similarities to a harness. After clipping the attachment to your dog’s collar, you’ll wrap the leash around the torso. This helps distribute the pulling force all over your Frenchie’s body.

Aside from that, this works great as a training leash since it doubles as a leash and harness at the same time. It also fits almost all dog breeds and you can choose from extra small to medium sizes.

If the brand rings a bell to you, they are the same company that made the famous ThunderShirt for dogs. From that alone, I can tell that their products will be good.

Moreover, the leash’s handle has soft-touch padding to reduce strain in your hands. It’s also compatible with all standard collars and designed for pullers.

The only thing I noticed is that the tape twists a little, but with proper attention, it’s easy to avoid. Anyway, this is just a small issue since the leash works well in slowing down my excited French Bulldog.

  • Padded leash handle
  • Works as a leash and harness
  • Suits all dog breeds
  • The tape twists a little

PETKIT Retractable Dog Leash with RGB Light

best leash for French Bulldog

If you’re looking for the best leash for French Bulldog equipped with a LED light, you should get the one from PETKIT. This is a durable leash with a 1530 RGB flowing light system so you and your dog will be seen in low-light conditions.

Aside from that, the LED light has a USB charger and a magnetic charging dock. This way, you don’t have to keep changing batteries. Once charged, the lighting system will serve as a spotlight for up to five meters.

As for the leash, you’ll enjoy a tangle-free and smooth nylon tape that will work without any snags. There’s also a one-button brake as well as a locking safety system. This way, you won’t get dragged by your dog in case it tries to pull and run.

I also like the soft and anti-slip handle that reduces the strain on the hands. It even has an added BioCleanAct material that prevents the proliferation of bacteria as your palm sweats.

Overall, this durable leash is ideal for dogs up to 66 lbs. in weight. For this price range, this is surprisingly affordable since you’ll enjoy added technology.

  • Equipped with LED light system
  • BioCleanAct material to stop bacteria growth
  • Affordable retractable dog leash for this quality
  • I wish that the light will be placed above the leash, but it’s not really a deal-breaker

WIGZI Two-Dog Retractable Pet Leash

Lastly, I recommend the WIGZI Two-Dog Leash. This is the perfect option if you’re walking your two Frenchies. It has a single handle with leash attachments for each dog.

Don’t worry about tangles because this leash is equipped with a 360-degree design that prevents the two leashes from getting snagged with each other. It also ensures comfortable and hassle-free use.

Aside from that, both the leashes have reflective trims so your dogs will be seen in low-light conditions. I also like that the two stop buttons are color-coordinated with the leash color. This way, you won’t get confused as to which dogs need more control or length.

Overall, this leash has a maximum length of 10 feet that you can control to suit the environment. Each leash is also rated for up to 50 lbs. in dog weight.

Lastly, this has a soft touch handle to reduce the strain on your hand while walking the dogs. This is already a steal because you’re going to get two leashes for the price of one. Also, this is only one of the few choices for double retractable dog leashes.

  • 360-degree tape design
  • Color-coordinate stop buttons
  • Reflective trims for low-light conditions
  • The buttons are a bit clunky, but I guess that’s just right with the price.

How to choose the best leash for French Bulldog

There are many dog leash products in the market so finding the right one can be tricky. To help you purchase the best leash for French Bulldogs, it’s important to think about the following aspects:

🐶Retractable or not

The first thing you should think of is whether you want a retractable or traditional leash.

Retractable leashes are convenient options since it winds back to the casing after each use. Also, it allows you to set different lengths to suit the environment where you take your dog.

However, there are some risks associated with retractable leashes. This includes accidents when the owner forgets to lock the length. Still, most of these hazards are preventable with proper supervision while walking your dog.

If you want a foolproof choice, a traditional leash is perfect for you. It comes in a variety of lengths, just like retractable ones. The difference is that traditional leashes tend to be cheaper than the other types.

🐶Decide about the length and thickness

Next, you should consider the length and thickness of the leash you’re going to get. For French Bulldogs, a thickness between ½ and one inch is usually enough.

As for the length, you should consider where you plan to use the leash. If you’re walking your dog, I suggest getting a 6 to 7-feet leash. This will give you better control over your dog’s reach.

For open and enclosed spaces, a long leash is ideal so the pooch can roam and play around.

🐶Leash material

Dog leashes are available in a wide range of materials. Still, these three are the most common:

  • Nylon. This is the cheapest leash material you can find in the market but considerably durable. Nylon leashes are also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Leather. If you want added durability and style, leather leashes are great options. However, this material comes at a higher cost and more maintenance needs.
  • Rope. You can also find rope leashes made of fabric blends. These are durable but can get pretty dirty and smelly easily than other materials.

🐶Leash clip type

Next, you should check the hardware used to connect the leash to the collar or harness of your French Bulldog.  The following are some of the types I see in the market nowadays:

  • Bolt snap clip. This has a spring-loaded clasp that allows the bolt to slide open so you can connect it to the collar/harness.
  • Trigger snap clip. This one is a clip style and can endure a lot of pressure. This uses a spring-loaded lever that you have to push inward to open and connect the leash.
  • Carabiner. I’ve purchased a lot of leashes with carabiners. This is a popular option, but a little bulkier than other clips.

🐶Safety features

For safety features, you should look for a reflective trim. This comes in handy during low-light conditions. The reflective trim will make your dog visible to avoid accidents. It will also make you safer as you walk your dog on a dark roadside.

If you’re purchasing a retractable leash, look for a stop button so you can set the length right away. This will prevent your dog from having control over its reach.


Extras like poop bags and treat holders are always great additions, especially for retractable dog leashes. If possible, look for a lighting system so you can walk your dog at night without the need for an additional flashlight.

Overall, these extras aren’t really required. Still, having it at your disposal will add more value to your purchase.


Lastly, consider the leash’s value for money. It should have the right balance between quality and price. There’s no need to spend a fortune just to get a decent leash. The five options I reviewed above are great options with a competitive price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I stop my French Bulldog from pulling on the lead?

A: Training is crucial if you want to stop any dog from pulling on the leash. Start at home and whenever your dog tries to pull, apply a slight tension on the leash. This will send the signal to your dog that you’re not happy with their pulling. You should also make a dead-stop and wait until your dog stops pulling. You should also use a cue word like ‘stop’, ‘leave it’, or ‘sit’ to distract your dog from the behavior. And if the pooch follows, give it a tasty reward right away.

Q: Are French Bulldogs good off-leash?

A: French Bulldogs that have been trained early in life can be good off-leash. However, you should only allow your dog to go off-leash if it’s in a contained area. But in public spaces, it’s best to keep the pooch leashed at all times. No matter how trained a dog is, you’ll never know when a distraction will catch your dog’s attention and put it in harm’s way.

Q: Is it better to walk your French Bulldog with a harness or a collar?

A: For deep-chested canines like French Bulldogs, a harness is always the best option. It distributes the pressure all over the dog’s torso instead of just the neck. This will prevent neck injuries and choking, which happens a lot to many Frenchies. Aside from that, you should pair it with a durable leash.

Q: Can you take French Bulldogs on long walks?

A: French Bulldogs will thrive in short walks, but don’t force them on walkathons. This medium-sized breed will easily overheat if exposed to excessive heat and exhaustion. It’s best to take breaks after a few minutes so your pooch can drink and catch its breath. But during summer, it’s best to time your Frenchie’s walk before dawn and after sunset.

Q: Is a retractable leash safe for French Bulldogs?

A:  Yes, as long as you get the right length. You should also pay attention to your dog whenever you’re using a retractable leash to prevent tangles. Most of all, you should lock a certain length so your pooch won’t have too much freedom. Keeping the pooch close to you is always the safest move.

Final words

The best leash for French Bulldog will keep your pooch safe outdoors. It will also provide you better control over your dog’s movement and reach. Just make sure that you get the right length, material, and type. This will give you more value for your purchase.

What do you think of the dog leashes I reviewed here? Which do you prefer for your Frenchie? Let us know below!


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