5 Best Dog Bowls for your English Bulldog (Buying Guide)

English Bulldogs are known for their distinct traits: stubborn, lazy, and big eaters. This breed has a flat face, so it tends to gulp too much air when eating using a typical dog bowl. This can lead to gastric torsion, which can be life-threatening. I suggest that you get the best dog bowl for English Bulldog to prevent this from happening.

Aside from that, the right dog bowl will boost your dog’s health. It will promote better eating habits while reducing the potential mess and food wastage. If you’re looking for a dog bowl for your Bulldog, the following are my top picks.

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Best Dog Bowl for English Bulldog – Top 5 Picks!


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FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls

best dog bowl for English Bulldog

If you’re looking for the best dog bowl for English Bulldog, my second recommendation is one from FOREYY. It also has a raised platform, but it’s made of wood. It looks classy, and it will also reduce the gassiness of your English Bulldog.

For this set, you will receive two stainless steel bowls that don’t leach and break easily. It’s also dishwasher-safe for added convenience. Aside from that, it’s paired with a bamboo feeder so that the bowl will be raised as your doggo eats.

This feeder is also water-resistant and made to last long. It has a delicate smell, too, so your Bulldog will not find it repulsive.

I also like the four anti-skip feet on each bowl slot that prevents the clattering noise of steel while your dog eats.

Overall, the dog feeder is 10″ tall, 19.7″ long, and 10.4″ wide. Meanwhile, the two dog bowls are 8.65″ in diameter and 2.75″ deep. It can hold about 7 cups of dry food as well a 50 ounces of water.

This is the perfect dog bowl for aging Bulldogs and those with notorious gas. The feeder is durable, which is quite a steal for this price range.

  • Comes with two bowls
  • Bamboo feeder
  • No strong smell
  • It’s challenging to assemble because of the vague instructions

Enhanced Stainless Pet Bowl

best dog bowl for English Bulldog

If your Bulldog doesn’t like bowls with an elevated platform, you should opt for the Enhanced Stainless Pet Bowl instead. This is especially made for flat-faced canines like English Bulldogs.

Aside from that, this has a slanted bowl surface, so it will be easier for your dog to eat its food. You can use this for both dry and wet food.

Moreover, the bowl has raised ridges that help slow down your dog’s eating. It also has a rubber ring to prevent the bowl from sliding around even as your Bulldog licks the bowl repeatedly.

Based on my experience, this dog bowl works well for Bulldogs, Frenchies, Boston Terriers, and similar breeds. You can also get this on a larger size if you have a bigger Bulldog.

I fondly call this the ‘super bowl’ because it’s well-made and has a patented, angled design. It allows dogs to chew, breathe, and swallow easily. This bowl also adheres to the posture of deep-chested dogs.

In my opinion, the only thing that needs improvement is the rubber ring. It pops off from time to time when I clean the bowl. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it would be added convenient if it’s better-fitting.

  • Raised ridges
  • Slanted eating surface
  • Suitable for both wet and dry food
  • The rubber ring can be improved

Healthy and Better Life Dog Bowls with Stand

If you want a dog bowl that your Bulldog can use as it grows bigger, you should opt for the Healthy and Better Life Dog Bowls with Stand.

This has a unique feeder station made of Siberian Silver Birch. It has five different levels where you can adjust the bowl holder to suit your doggo’s height. The base is wide to prevent toppling when mealtimes get ruff. Aside from that, the bowl is angled at 10 degrees, so your Bulldog will have an easier time eating.

Aside from that, you will get two stainless steel bowls aside from the wood feeder. Each bowl can hold up to 350 ml of water and food. The two bowls have the same size (1.75″ deep and 5″ in diameter), so it’s interchangeable between holders.

All of them are very easy to assemble, and no special tools are required. The stand is also water-proof, so the wood will not rot even if your dog always spills food and water.

Overall, this has a great design and suits Bulldog puppies well. For its price, this is already a great value that will last for years.

  • The stand is made of Siberian Silver Birch
  • Bundled with two stainless bowls
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not for very big Bulldogs

Super Design Mess-Free Slanted Dog Bowl

My last recommendation for this roundup is the Super Design Mess-Free Slanted Dog Bowl. It has a 15-degree tilted stand that lets your Bulldog eat with ease. This reduces the risk of indigestion and bloating due to excessive air.

Aside from that, this has a non-spill dog bowl. It has a rounded arc that prevents food from overflowing from the bowl. This is made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

I also like the ergonomic stand made of melamine. It has a non-skid base that prevents the bowl from sliding around.

Moreover, this dog bowl is available in small to XL sizes, which could fill 0.5 to 7 cups of food at a time. For large Bulldogs, I suggest getting XL size. You can also choose the stand color that you want.

Overall, this has done wonders for my Bulldog, who never finishes his food. I think the slanted and elevated design made it easy for him to finish off leftover kibble easier than a flat bowl. I also recommend this for older doggos suffering from arthritis and those that are prone to gastric torsion.

  • Prevents food from overflowing
  • Non-skid base
  • 15-degree slant
  • Not the best choice for wet food

How to choose the best dog bowl for English Bulldog

To find the best dog bowl for English Bulldog, you should consider these simple points:

✔️Tilt angle

One thing that sets dog bowls for English Bulldogs apart from typical ones is its slanted design. This helps flat-faced canines eat easily, without having to swallow too much just to finish their meal.

A tilt angle of 10 to 15 degrees is the gold standard for most of these bowls. This is enough to place the food closer to your dog’s mouth without spilling.

Usually, flat bowls are paired with a feeder stand to angle it. It can be made of either wood or plastic, whichever your preference is. Just note that wood feeder stands are more expensive than plastic ones. However, it offers added aesthetics to the dog bowl and your home.


Aside from the tilt of the bowl, you should also check the elevation of the dog bowl. The elevation will prevent your Bulldog from taxing its knees while eating. This way, the pooch can eat in its normal standing position.

Make sure that the height of the bowl matches your dog. Nevertheless, this part is very easy to fix with a few pieces of wood at home.

I also like the Healthy and Better Life Dog Bowls since it has a wooden feeder with five levels. You can adjust the height of the bowl to suit your dog.


Next, check the material used on the dog bowl. It should be stainless steel or ceramic to prevent food contamination. These materials are also easier to clean since it’s dishwasher-safe.

I try to avoid plastic food bowls because it traps smell and moisture, not to mention that it harbor bacteria. It’s totally fine if the elevated platform is plastic, but I don’t recommend it as a material for the bowl itself.


Bulldogs are pretty stocky dogs with large heads. This is why you should get a dog bowl suitable for their size. This will ensure that each serving will fit on the bowl. Otherwise, you’d have to wait for your dog to finish so you can refill it again.

Also, avoid very shallow bowls since it will cause the food to spill. Dogs tend to stack food near their chin. And if the bowl isn’t deep enough, the food will just spill to the floor.

✔️Washing needs

Lastly, consider the maintenance the dog bowl needed. Dishwasher-safe options are topnotch since it will save you from manual work.

Ensure that the bowl’s material doesn’t cause leaching, so there wouldn’t be any toxic substance that may get washed off the bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are metal bowls good for Bulldogs?

A: Yes, metal bowls, specifically those made of stainless steel, are ideal for Bulldogs. It’s easy to maintain and less likely to cause food contamination of cleaned properly. Metal dog bowls last for years, so it’s a cost-effective choice for your pet.

Q: Are slanted dog bowls better?

A: For Bulldogs, slanted dog bowls are better since it aids with their feeding. It prevents food from sticking at the bottom, which can be difficult for flat-faced canines to retrieve. The slanted design will also aid in the dog’s digestion since it prevents the dog from swallowing too much air.

Q: Can a dirty dog bowl make my Bulldog sick?

A: Yes, a dirty dog bowl can make any canine sick. This is due to the proliferation of bacteria, which will wreak havoc on your doggo’s tummy. Take note that dirty dog food bowls can be a source of deadly bacteria that will put your pet’s life at risk. This is why you should clean the dog’s bowl after each meal, the same way you’ll clean yours.

Q: How often should I clean my dog’s water bowl?

A: You should clean your dog’s food and water bowl daily. Can you imagine yourself drinking or eating using dirty dishes? If not, then it’s the same for your dog. Cleaning the dog’s bowls will prevent germs from forming and causing digestive upset. It will also prevent food contamination that’s dangerous for dogs. While canines have strong gastric juices, they are not invincible to food poisoning.

Final words

The best dog bowl for English Bulldog will help prevent bloating and excessive gas. It will also be easier for your doggo to eat instead of squatting just to reach the food. Just make sure that the food bowl has a safe and durable material as well as a size suitable for your Bulldog.

What do you think of these dog bowls? Share your thoughts with us!


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