Best Brush for English Bulldog – Our Top 4!

Among the other dog breeds, the bulldogs do not usually shed. However, even if this is the case, they still undergo shedding but with just a little amount. The English bulldog does not have a double coat but they actually overheat. And they may still experience heavy shedding if regular coat care is not provided to them. Due to this, you need to purchase the best brush for English bulldog.

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Make sure that you reduce the shedding of your English bulldog by regular grooming. Basically, give them a bath and brush them by using the best brush. We reviewed here four of the best brush available in the market that may generally help in reducing the shedding of your English bulldog. Let’s check them out below!

Different Types of the Best Brush for English Bulldog

Speaking of the best brush for English bulldog, the selections are very wide. However, you must give emphasis on smoothing and maintaining their coat. To do this, you must have to learn the different types of the best brush for English bulldog.

*Pin Brush

A pin brush is generally the most common type of the best brush for English bulldog. The main function of the pin brush is to delicately massage the skin of the bulldog which is usually under the short fur. Although the coat of the English bulldog does not easily get tangled, pin brush can basically make the bulldog brushing a lot easier.

*Bristle Brush

In terms of usefulness, the bristle brush tends to be more beneficial compared to the pin brush. Generally, this type of the best brush for English bulldog focuses on taking off any dirt and debris. Aside from that, the bristle brush can penetrate deep down the base of the bulldog’s hair to make it clean.

*Slicker Brush

The good thing about the slicker brush is that it is great in removing the loose hairs and the dirt on the English bulldog’s hair at the same time. The slicker brush is generally helpful in taking away the dirt and debris on the coat of the bulldog which helps them to prevent any skin irritations.

*Shedding Comb

With the combination of short and long teeth, the shedding comb basically loosens the fur on the English bulldog’s undercoat.

*Massage Comb

From the name itself, the massage comb usually portrays a different role. Aside from nudging the loose fur on the coat of the English bulldog, this comb also acts in massaging the dog’s skin while stimulating it to release the natural oils.

Proper Way of Brushing an English Bulldog

It is actually very important for the pet owner to give the English bulldog a regular brushing. It generally helps in reducing the shedding of coat this dog breed. Additionally, brushing the coat of an English bulldog removes the dead hair and maintaining its shine by spreading the natural oils all over their coat. Because the English bulldog has an extremely short coat, brushing it is actually easy that only requires a few minutes.

Step 1:

Initially, get your dog outside prior to its grooming session. Even if the English bulldogs have short hair, shedding still takes place and indoor brushing of this dog breed will spread the dead hair within your home.

Step 2:

Using the best brush for English bulldog, basically, brush your pooch all over. It is actually better to use a brush made out of rubber material because it has soft yet stiff bristles. Using this brush can let you gather the dead hair from the bulldog’s coat without scratching their delicate skin.

Another helpful tip is to use the brush over your arm before brushing it to your dog. Once you feel that the brush is too rough over your skin, it only indicates that it may feel uncomfortable for your English bulldog.

Step 3:

Afterwards, wipe the coat of the English bulldog using a dry bath wipe. The function of these wipes is to take off the mud and dirt as it avoids the skin irritation over the bulldog.

Step 4:

Using a soft cloth that was dipped in warm water, generally clean the wrinkles of the English bulldog. Eventually, lift the individual wrinkle and wipe the crease on each fold.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Brush for English Bulldog?

Below are some of the important things to keep in mind when you opt to buy the best brush for English bulldog.

1. Design

Generally, the design will vary on a few factors. Initially, think of when and where you will use it. Going on a trip with your English bulldog most of the time requires for a small best brush for English bulldog which is easy to carry. Next is that the size hand will dictate if the brush is comfortable to hold. Moreover, be very keen as there will be brushes for English bulldog that has different types of handles which entail advantages and some drawbacks as well.

2. Materials

Some of the best brush for English bulldog is made out of boar’s hair. Typically, this material tends to be naturally softer. Keep in mind that dogs that are not fond of grooming typically prefer a brush with firmer bristle.

Additionally, also consider the materials of the handle or the brush base. These parts of the brush may also come from different materials. For example, there are handles that incorporate specific material in order to achieve a non-slip grip feature.

3. Type of coat

One of the most important things to consider when buying the best brush for English bulldog is the type of the dog’s coat. It is actually better to ensure that the brush you choose is right for the fur of your pooch.

Delicate, smooth, and wiry

Basically, some English bulldogs have delicate coats which demand soft bristles which act to detangle without breaking the coat. Moreover, this dog breed also needs a brush with more bristles to achieve shinier coats.

Thickness and length

The thickness and length of the English bulldog’s coat is also another crucial factor in buying the best brush for English bulldog. Basically, brushes may not be good for dogs with longer fur.


Generally, undercoats that are fluffy require stronger de-shedding tools but dogs with lesser undercoats have delicate skin that usually demands regular brushing.

4. Cost

The best brush for English bulldog typically has a wide range of prices. It is actually a good idea to go after a brush made of quality material but does not cost you much. There are good lists of English bulldog brush that have good quality, great design, excellent performance and yet the price is actually right. Perhaps, be mindful on buying because sometimes a pricey dog brush doesn’t always mean to have a quality one. So, it is always better to carefully check everything before buying.    

List of the Best Brush for English Bulldog

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Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush

best brush for english bulldog

In order to get rid of English bulldog’s loose hair and untangle the mats easily, you may opt to use the Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush. It generally has a push-button and clean brush vacuum system. But, because of these innovative features, this best brush for English bulldog is actually pricey.

The Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush takes away any loose hair and at the same time removes tangles and danders. Due to its fine bent wires, removing mats produces no pain on the skin of the English bulldog. Additionally, the bristles can deeply penetrate down the coat of the bulldog without scratching the skin.

When it comes to cleaning, there’s no need to worry as this brush is very easy to clean. You only need to push the button present in it. This makes the cleaning and removal of dog’s hair from the brush extremely simple.

Moreover, the Hertzko Grooming Slicker Brush basically grooms and massages the coat of your English bulldog. Doing this will generally result to increase blood circulation leaving the bulldog’s coat soft and shiny. Additionally, the handle of this brush has a comfortable grip that has a non-slip feature. This generally avoids the strains on the hand and wrist.

Product Features

  • Perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes and hair types
  • Painless mat removal
  • Good grip and great handle
  • Handle with non-slip feature
  • Easy to clean
  • Clumsy and too big for small-sized bulldogs
  • Can be irritating for bulldog’s sensitive skin
  • Maybe distressing

Safari Pin & Bristle Brush

best brush for english bulldog

This best brush for English bulldog has a two-in-one setting. It basically has synthetic bristles on one side and metal pins on the other side. The metal pin side is typically used for detangling and brushing denser and longer hair. Moreover, the bristle portion of the Safari Pin & Bristle Brush is generally better to smoothen the flat coats of the English bulldog.

Additionally, using this brush for your English bulldog give extra luster to the dog’s coat. You may basically see this brush for English bulldog in different sizes. Aside from that, it also has a great price due to the presence of metal within the pins.

In case you use this brush on your English bulldog, the natural oils from their coat may be evenly distributed. It also allows the English bulldog’s hair shiny and healthy. To use this dog tool, brush the bulldog’s hair with long strokes in the direction of the hair growth.

Product Features

  • 2-in-1 dog grooming tools
  • Takes away loose hair
  • Spreads out the natural oils within the coat
  • Generally applicable for medium to large dog breeds
  • Sturdy
  • Manage denser and longer fur
  • A little bit rough
  • Not suitable for short hairs

Alcott Bamboo Pet Brush

best brush for english bulldog

The last best brush for English bulldog on the list is the Alcott Bamboo Pet Brush. It basically comes from bamboo material and boar-hair bristles which are generally suitable for eco-friendly dog owners. The lightweight feature and its ergonomic fit on various hand sizes are great characteristics of the Alcott Bamboo Pet Brush.

Aside from that, this brush also has an elastic band that maintains the position of your hand in its gripping position as you brush your dog. Moreover, the bamboo structure of this bulldog brush comes in polished form making it water-resistant. Alcott Bamboo Pet Brush resembles the natural petting feel which can basically support reducing the grooming anxiety as you remove loose hair of the bulldog’s topcoat.

Product Features

  • Made of bamboo construction
  • Hand-made
  • Smoothness is enhanced by natural oil
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes elastic band and comes in an ergonomic shape
  • Made of boar bristles
  • With a measurement of about 3.25” x 4” in terms of width and height
  • Fits comfortably
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Contains soft bristles

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, brushing of the English bulldog should be done three times a week in a thorough manner. And based on research, most bulldogs are fond of brushing activity. Basically, when you brush the English bulldog, keep in mind to use either a soft bristle or rubber brush. Begin brushing on the rear and then eventually move towards the hair.


A: Actually, there is no need to subject your English bulldog to have haircuts. Numbers of dog breeds do not really need a haircut. It is basically because trimming is one of the unhealthy processes for dogs. You should trim an English bulldog the moment it is recommended by the vet most likely due to health concerns.


A: Basically, English bulldogs do not need to take a bath regularly. They can bathe every week to not more than every six weeks. Taking a bath is actually important for this dog in order to keep their skin and coat.

Final Thoughts

The best brush for English bulldog is primarily used to help the coat of your pooch maintain its health. Using this kind of dog product basically makes the coat of the English bulldog shinier and has an added luster due to the distribution of natural oils. Perhaps, buying this kind of product needs to several factors for consideration such as the design, material, and types of coat, cost, and other features that may come along with it.

Moreover, when we speak of the brush for bulldogs, it is actually a good thing to buy a high-quality one that could be a good consideration for investment in the long run. That’s why instead of opting to buy a budget-friendly brush for your English bulldog, it is actually ideal to go for the one that keeps its durability for more years.


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