What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Dogs Raw Eggs?

Eggs are rich in protein and are probably one of the most nutritious food items on the surface of the earth. Aside from our breakfast, eggs are also a good addition to your dogs’ meals – raw or cooked. In this post, I will discuss a few benefits of feeding dogs raw eggs together with some precautions to avoid contamination.

Take note that each dog is different and so is its reaction to raw mmeggs. If your Bulldog has a history of digestive problems, it’s best to ask its vet first before adding this to the canine’s diet.

Benefits of feeding dogs raw eggs

Raw eggs are totally safe for dogs as long as it’s given properly. In fact, raw eggs provide the following benefits to your pet:

1. Eggs are a good source of wholesome protein

benefits of feeding dogs raw eggs

Eggs – whether cooked or raw – are packed with whole proteins. This helps strengthen your dog’s muscles without too many unhealthy fats.

Still, raw eggs shouldn’t be your dog’s main source of protein. You should still provide meat cuts to your dog in line with its natural diet.

2. Eggs are rich in fatty acids

Aside from protein, raw eggs are also teeming with fatty acids. These fatty acids help keep your dog’s shiny coat and healthy skin. This is very beneficial for Bulldogs since they are prone to skin problems.

Also, fatty acids play an integral role in boosting a canine’s immune system. It also supports cell growth, together with a slew of other health benefits.

3. Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals

Raw eggs are a good source of minerals like phosphorus and calcium. Specifically, these two minerals are crucial in maintaining healthy bones and teeth in dogs.

Aside from that, eggs are also a great source of Vitamins A and B12. In addition, eggs have a reasonable amount of selenium, iron, and linoleic acid.

4. Eggs are cheap and easily available

Dog owners who are on a budget can resort to raw eggs for an added boost to their pet’s diet. Eggs are relatively cheap and easy to come by. Almost every grocery store and convenience store will have a few trays on their shelves.

So if you run out of meat supply for your pet’s raw diet, an egg or two can be a good temporary alternative at the moment.

5. You can also feed raw eggshells to your dog!

Aside from the yolk and egg white, the shell itself is also nutritious for your dog. Pet owners would often crush the shell and sprinkle it all over the canine’s food bowl.

If your dog is having trouble chewing and swallowing eggshells, you can grind it until it turns into powder. This way, you can easily mix the ground eggshells on your dog’s meals. It will give an instant dose of calcium and minerals.

Precautions when feeding raw eggs to your dog

Raw eggs are beneficial for canines, but you need to practice caution when feeding them to your dog. Here are a few points you should keep in mind:

  • Never serve raw egg sitting for too long. Take note that you should only crack the egg right when you’re going to serve it to your pet. This is to prevent contamination, which often occurs on raw eggs left sitting for many hours. The fresher it is, the better.
  • Not all dogs can eat eggshells. Take note that not all dogs are big fans of eggshells, so you should serve it to your dog modestly. Try adding a few bits and see if your pet will gobble it down. This way, you won’t ruin your dog’s entire meal by adding an entire eggshell into the mix.
  • Don’t feed raw eggs every day. Even if you’re feeding a raw diet to your diet, variety is still the best approach. With this, you should only feed raw eggs once every other day or several days a week. This will help prevent your dog from getting tired of the taste.
  • Talk to the vet. Feeding raw eggs has its risks, so it’s always best to discuss it with your canine’s veterinarian before feeding it. This is much so if your dog has a very sensitive tummy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is raw eggs ideal for dogs with an upset stomach?

A: If your dog is suffering from an upset stomach, it’s not a good idea to give it anything raw, eggs or not. Instead, you should give your canine bland meals like cooked rice, boiled chicken, and unsalted broth. This will help reset the canine’s digestion. In contrast, raw eggs will just make things worse.

Q: Will raw eggs help my dog gain weight?

A: Raw eggs are nutritious for dogs, but it’s not the sole solution if you want your pet to gain weight. You need the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Sure thing, eggs help in this process, but it’s only a small part of a bigger diet plan.

Q: How many eggshells can I feed my dog?

A: You can feed around ¾ teaspoon of the ground eggshell to your dog in every cup of its food. If this is your first time feeding eggshells to your dog, you should start with a much smaller amount. You can try giving ¼ teaspoon then increasing the amount to allow your dog’s tummy to adjust.

Q: Can raw eggs give Salmonella to my dog?

A: Salmonella is a very dangerous bacteria, which will wreak havoc on your dog’s tummy. Unfortunately, raw eggs can get easily contaminated with this bacteria. This is why you should always prepare your dog’s food in a clean area to prevent such contamination.

Final words

There are many benefits of feeding dogs raw eggs. If prepared well, you can minimize the risk of contamination and stomach upset.

Nevertheless, raw eggs shouldn’t be an everyday thing for your dog. You should alternate it with other protein sources for a more wholesome diet plan. Involving the vet is also a wise move.

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