Are Oranges Safe for French Bulldog to Digest?

Oranges are a nutritious fruit, but are they good for your French Bulldog? French Bulldogs will eat whatever they can get their hands-on, and as a pet owner, it may be extremely tempting to provide our pet a nice treat in addition to their regular diet.

While dogs do not require fruit, it is common to give them tiny bits of orange. This is because oranges are safe for French Bulldogs to eat. However, it should only be fed sparingly and as a delicious treat. And because the seeds, pips, and peel may pose a choking threat to your French Bulldog, feed them the orange slices and meat.

The vitamin C in oranges isn’t harmful since it dilutes inside your Frenchie’s body and is subsequently excreted through their urine. However, some dogs that get too much activity discover that their livers are unable to produce vitamin C; therefore oranges can be useful in these situations.

Unsafe Foods for your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have a sensitive stomach, which is one of their difficulties. One of the most prevalent French Bulldog behavior issues is gassiness, caused by their sensitive stomach.

❌Food with Artificial Sweeteners are Dangerous for them

Artificial sweeteners are chemicals that are added as food additives to some foods and beverages to produce a syrupy sweet flavor. They are calorie-free or low-calorie sweeteners because they contain substantially less nutritional energy than sugar-based sweeteners.

French bulldogs should avoid artificial sweeteners since most of them include xylitol, which is very poisonous and dangerous to French Bulldogs and can cause a fast drop in blood sugar levels.

❌Food with Dairy is Unsafe

Although some dogs have no issue consuming milk or other dairy products, the lactose in milk cannot be processed by the digestive tract of French bulldogs. In addition, lactose includes a complex sugar made up of two molecules, which makes it difficult for French Bulldogs to digest and is thus not advised.

Another reason why milk, cheese, and sour cream are not permitted is that French bulldogs might have allergic responses. Itchy skin, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort are the most typical symptoms you may have.

❌Foods with high Fatty Content 

Fatty meals might upset the stomach of a French Bulldog. If your French Bulldog consumes these delectable treats over an extended time, they may develop pancreatitis.

❌Salty Foods are Hazardous

French Bulldogs should not consume any salty foods. Not only does this raise their blood pressure, but it also causes renal failure. Therefore, salty snacks are not permitted. In addition, they include a lot of artificial colors and other ingredients that might make your French Bulldog allergic.

Too much salt will undoubtedly induce dehydration, which may lead to unwanted health problems, so do not feed your French Bulldog salty food regardless of how they appear.

❌Avocados are not Good for them

Avocado poisoning in a French bulldog occurs when they consume an inferno of associated avocado. The avocado pit contains a poisonous chemical that, if ingested, will make your French Bulldog extremely unwell. Although the avocado is highly poisonous, the leaf, which is a component, is the most hazardous.

❌Undercooked Meat 

Undercooked meat is extremely harmful to French Bulldogs, both in terms of digestion and hygiene. In addition, bacterial illnesses caused by Salmonella and E. coli, which may be present in undercooked meat, are quite likely in your French Bulldog.

❌Food with Molds

This is the most hazardous diet you can give your French Bulldog; even so-called industrially prepared kibbles can get moldy. Mycotoxins develop on moldy food and make it toxic to French Bulldogs when consumed. So always keep an eye out for mold in the food you give your French Bulldog.

❌Cabbages are Dangerous

Cabbage is a frequent gas-producing vegetable in French Bulldogs, despite its taste wonderful and is beneficial for humans. It’s also heavy in fructans, a type of carb that French Bulldogs with irritable bowel syndrome sometimes struggle to digest.

❌Raw Tomatoes are Unsafe

This may be simpler for people to stomach, but the primary organic acids in fresh tomatoes are citric and malic acid, which may not agree with French Bulldogs. In addition, the number of raw tomatoes you give your French Bulldog would surely hurt them; thus, it is not advised to offer them raw tomatoes.

❌Raw Eggs

One of the most serious risks of giving undercooked or raw eggs to a dog is salmonella exposure if a rotten egg is present. This will harm their digestive health, making them sick and uncomfortable.


You should be aware that chocolate is one of the most harmful snacks for French bulldogs due to the presence of a poisonous chemical. The symptoms that a dog may exhibit after consuming chocolate are instantly connected with the weight and length of such a dog and given that French Bulldogs are a much smaller breed.

❌Caffeinated Food

Caffeine is an alkaloid found naturally in most plant species, the most well-known of which being cocoa beans, kola nuts, tea leaves, and coffee beans. This can be extremely harmful to your French Bulldog and jeopardize their general health.

Causes of Vomiting to French Bulldog

Is your French Bulldog throwing up? Perhaps they ate anything hazardous to their health. There are many reasons why your dog is vomiting.

❕Changes in their Environment

Environmental changes and the presence of poisons or chemicals around your dog should be examined. They may be affected by the temperature, whether it is too cold or too hot.

❕Changes in their Regular Diet

Changing to a different diet may also cause your French Bulldog to vomit. They may be having difficulty adjusting to the new diet, which has taken a toll on their health. It is critical to visit a veterinarian to ensure that everything is in order.

How to Care for your Vomiting French Bulldog

👍Keep them Hydrated

The objective is to hydrate rather than cause more vomiting. Therefore, you should allow your dog to consume about 50ml of water per hour.

👍Feed them Tasteless Food

It is OK to feed your Frenchie once the 24-hour fast has ended. However, instead of introducing your dog to his regular diet, offer them bland food. Don’t feed your dog high-fat foods, since this might aggravate the issue.

👍Look after them

As a dog owner, you must keep an eye on your pet even after eating their usual diet. You’ll be able to determine whether there are any underlying difficulties by doing so. For example, dog vomiting might indicate serious illness or poisoning.

👍Keep their Regular Food Away from them

When your dog vomits, it’s a sure sign that something has disturbed his stomach. To prevent additional vomiting, it is best to fast for 12-24 hours. This will help their digestive system to metabolize the food they have eaten in the past several hours.

👍After Applying everything, Return to their Regular Diet

After you’ve given your dog vomiting medication, it’s time to return him to his regular food. This will help them to regain the energy they lost while suffering and will make them feel better.

Most Prevalent Health Issues in French Bulldog

The French bulldog breed as a whole has several health issues. The majority of French Bulldogs will have one or more of the breed’s most prevalent health issues. These health issues typically appear as early as 2 or 3 years of age and might result in unanticipated veterinarian expenditures.

❗French Bulldog suffer from Ear Infections

Since the French Bulldogs have relatively tiny ear canals, they are prone to ear infections and allergies, which can lead to these illnesses. To fight infections, the ear glands enlarge and generate more wax than usual. This causes an overproduction of ear tissue, narrowing and inflaming the canal. As a warning sign of this issue, look for frequent ear scratching and redness inside the ear.

❗Conjunctivitis in French Bulldog

Due to their genetic composition, French Bulldogs are predisposed to conjunctivitis. This is because they are a short-nosed breed, and it is typically caused by bacterial and viral illnesses or allergic responses to chemicals. So keep a watch out for your Frenchie having pink or red eyes.

❗They can have Skin Problems

Bacterial skin infections are another prevalent skin issue. This happens when your dog gets an infected wound or scrape. Again, keep an eye out for itching, red skin, pus, and hair loss surrounding the cut. It is another health issue caused by skin creases.

❗They experience Breathing Problems

Unfortunately, because of their flattened cheeks and small snouts, many French Bulldogs are at a greater risk of respiratory difficulties. This can result in shortness of breath. This issue is more noticeable during activity and in warmer weather.

❗They also suffer from Diarrhea

Frenchies are prone to stomach problems, so keeping a close eye on their food is essential. In addition, take notice of their feces if they are wet, runny, or tarry, stink or have blood in them. All of these symptoms point to a significant digestive issue.

❗They have Skin Problems

Dermatitis can occur as a result of French Bulldogs’ folded facial skin around their muzzle and nose. Dermatitis may be avoided by keeping their skin folds dry and clean.

❗They have Mobility Issues

As the popularity of French Bulldogs grows, so does their risk of mobility issues. Prevalent health issues such as hip dysplasia and luxating patellas might be inherited or induced by previous traumas. If your French Bulldog loses the ability to walk, is in discomfort, or exhibits indications of paralysis, they should visit a veterinarian right once.

Amazing Benefits of Owning a French Bulldog

If you’re considering obtaining a French Bulldog, be sure it’s a good fit for both you and the dog. There are great advantages to owning a French bulldog that may improve your quality of life.

✔️They are Great with Children

If you have small children, French Bulldogs are one of the greatest breeds to keep. It’s in their DNA to be kind to children, which makes them fantastic. You can let them play together all day, and they will not grow weary of it; in fact, they like it since they get to bond with them.

✔️They are Great with Older People

They are an excellent dog breed for the elderly. The reason for this is that they require less activity than larger breeds, like cuddling, and have been developed to provide more companionship than you could want. They are also tiny, making them an excellent alternative for the less mobile and older generations.

✔️They are Entertainers

They are true clowns as a species, with many amusing expressions, mannerisms, and characteristics that ensure there will never be a boring time in your home.

✔️They get along with other Pets

They are a friendly dog breed that gets along well with other animals. You won’t have to worry about constant conflicts or mayhem in your home because they can coexist in the same area as you and other pets. 

✔️They are Passionate about Fun

It’s one of the most significant advantages of owning a French Bulldog. Just make sure you have plenty of toys to keep your dog occupied. They like playing and having fun with you and your other pets.

✔️They are Easy to Tame

The work and time you put in will determine how successfully your dog is taught. French bulldogs are easy to teach since they can readily learn orders.

✔️They don’t Require a lot of Exercises

People will tell you that Frenchies do not require much exercise. It’s a widely held idea, and it’s not without merit. Because of their tiny height, they do not require hours of exercise.

✔️They don’t Bark a lot

French bulldogs do not often bark a lot. This is one of the characteristics that people frequently like in French bulldogs, and it is a clear advantage to owning one if a barking dog would be a nuisance where you live.

✔️They are not Aggressive

The French Bulldog has no aggressive bone in its body. They were designed to be human companion dogs, and it shows in their lack of aggressiveness.

✔️They are Great Therapy Dogs

There is solid proof that French bulldogs make excellent therapy dogs. In other words, they will lift people’s spirits and make them feel better about themselves.

✔️They are an Adaptable Dog Breed

You may take them wherever you want and they will not complain. They are a very peaceful dog breed, which distinguishes them. They are quite well behaved even when they are out in public.

✔️They are a Loyal Dog Breed

When you obtain your French Bulldog, they will most likely not want to leave your side. Loyalty is a major component of their genetic make-up. Don’t expect yours to be a terrific guard dog, but they will always be at your side.

✔️They are Great an in an Apartment Setting

French bulldogs are ideal for individuals who live in tiny homes or flats because of their modest stature and lack of demand for intensive activity.

✔️They are an Affectionate Dog Breed

French bulldogs enjoy being cuddly with their owners and getting right on top of them – it’s in their DNA, and it makes them one of the most loving dog breeds on the globe.

Disadvantages of Owning a French Bulldog

👎They will Chew your things

When the teething begins, be prepared to put everything on lockdown. They don’t stop teething until they’re about eight months old so that they can gnaw on everything and everything. They can enjoy a good chew even after they have finished teething.

👎They Snore a lot

Snoring is a detrimental byproduct of their shorter snouts. This impairs their breathing, especially while they sleep.

👎They are an Expensive Dog Breed

French Bulldogs are not inexpensive. You will need a large wallet to cover the costs of purchasing a dog, probable C-sections, special food, and any health concerns and insurance.

👎They Need Help Cleaning themselves

Your French Bulldog will be unable to clean themselves as well as they should be. You will need to wipe his ears and between his facial folds regularly and wash them every now and again.

👎They don’t know how to Swim

If you live near a water reservoir that is higher than your French Bulldog’s head, this is a sufficient reason not to get one. They may drown extremely quickly, so please use caution while near water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can French bulldog eat orange peels?

A: Orange peels are not poisonous, but they can become trapped in your dog’s digestive tract, causing a blockage and necessitating surgery to remove.

Q: Is it OK for a French bulldog to drink orange juice?

A: Orange juice and other fruits are safe for French Bulldogs to consume in modest amounts.

Q: Can a French bulldog consume Coca-Cola?

A: Soda also has a lot of sugar added to it. Obesity and diabetes can develop in dogs if they consume too much sugar.

Q: What makes French bulldog so unique?

A: French Bulldogs are pleasant, loving canines that were designed to be friendly.

Q: What are French Bulldog not supposed to do?

A: Keep your Frenchie out of open water.

Final Thoughts

It is your job to keep your French Bulldog safe by avoiding the items listed above. French bulldogs are unlike any other breed. It is vital to realize that getting a dog, in general, necessitates a significant amount of responsibility. Conduct research to better prepare yourself for the arrival of your French Bulldog.

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