Are Boxers and Bulldogs Related? Here’s The Truth!

Boxers and Bulldogs have similarly stocky bodies and wrinkly faces. With that, we can’t help but wonder, are Boxers and Bulldogs related? In this post, we will tackle this topic to help you identify the right breed you should get. Despite their differences, you’ll be surprised that these breeds actually have a lot in common.

Are Boxers and Bulldogs related?

Genetically speaking, Boxers and Bulldogs came from somehow overlapping bloodlines. This explains why the two breeds have physical similarities.

Specifically, Boxers descended from the already-extinct Bullenbeisser breed crossed with a Bulldog, Mastiff, Great Dane, and some say even a terrier. There’s a vague part over the exact breeds that make up a Boxer but based on experts, it’s likely the combination of these breeds.

So are Boxers and Bulldogs related? To some extent, yes, but Boxers don’t belong to the Bulldog family. Instead, they are considered a close cousin. However, breed enthusiast John Wagner refutes the part that says Great Danes were used to produce Boxers.

Wagner added that the influx of English dogs in Germany resulted in the birth of white Boxers. This is due to the crossing of Bullenbeissers and white English dogs, including English Bulldogs.

Overall, the modern Boxer isn’t a Bulldog. Nevertheless, both Bulldogs and Boxers were used for the grotesque sport of bullbaiting. This is also how they breed spread all over Europe and America.

Background of the Boxer breed

are Boxers and Bulldogs related

Boxers originated from Europe, Germany, specifically. The modern Boxers we know today were developed in the 19th century by German breeder Georg Alt.

It was in 1903 when Boxers first stepped into the United States. Consequently, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized them as an official breed the following year.

Aside from being household pets, Boxers also played a big role during World War I. They were trained to become messengers who would carry military packs. In some cases, they were also groomed to be guard and attack dogs.

Is this the reason why they are called ‘Boxers’? The name actually has nothing to do with their past role as military dogs. This breed was called as such because of their tendency to stand on their hind legs and punch with their front paws.

Comparison of Boxers and Bulldogs


Are Boxers and Bulldogs related? In terms of appearance, seem like it.

Boxers are tall and can reach a height of up to 25 inches at the shoulder. This is almost twice the height of typical Bulldogs, which is around 12 to 15 inches.

Aside from that, Boxers are heavier, and they can grow an enormous weight of 70 lbs. Meanwhile, Bulldogs are stocky and stout at a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

Appearance-wise, Bulldogs have large and round heads while Boxers have a more square-headed appearance. Boxers also have cropped ears and docked tails. Nevertheless, it’s totally normal to see a Boxer with floppy ears since many owners prefer to leave it uncropped.

Overall, much of the Boxer’s appearance is a resemblance to their Bullenbeisser ancestors.

🐶Temperament and behavior

If there’s one difference between Boxers and Bulldogs, it would be their personality. Boxers are working dogs, while Bulldogs are suitable as companions. One is a busy bee, while the other is a couch potato.

Moreover, Boxers are affectionate towards kids, their owners, and other canines. Bulldogs are the same thing, but they can be standoffish with other dogs upon first meeting. So if you’re planning to raise a Bulldog with a Boxer, patience and careful introduction is necessary.

Aside from that, Boxers are very alert watchdogs. They are dignified and assured of themselves. If necessary, they can bark off a stranger and can be aggressive if their families are threatened.

This is quite the opposite of Bulldogs. This breed is laidback and can easily yield to a stranger, especially someone who gives them food. And while Bulldogs can also be trained to be watchdogs, they suck in guarding their properties.

Nevertheless, both these breeds require early socialization to dampen any aggressive tendencies. Specifically, Boxers need intense socialization as it can grow extremely aloof if not trained early on.

🐶Energy level

When it comes to Boxers, their Bullenbeisser traits stand out over their Bulldog blood. This dog is energetic and likes to have a task that will keep him busy.

With this personality, Boxers require a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay happy. If not, this large dog can become destructive inside your home.

Despite the fact that Boxers are more energetic than Bulldogs, both of them can still thrive in an apartment setting. Daily walks and regular playtimes will keep a Boxer contented inside the small space of your apartment.

🐶Training and intelligence

Between the two breeds, Boxers are easier to train. This breed is smart and eager to please its owners. However, you should know that Boxers still have the stubborn streaks of their Bulldog lineage. Patience and consistency are necessary to train this breed.

The good thing is that Boxers aren’t as eager barkers as Bulldogs. However, they also have a higher tendency to wander off if you leave them in an unfenced yard. Boxers will also chase stray animals due to their higher prey drive than Bulldogs.


Due to their short coats, Boxers and Bulldogs are easy to groom. In addition, they have short coats that shed moderately throughout the entire year.

However, you have to pay more attention to the wrinkles of Bulldogs as they can trap a lot of dirt. You should do the same with Boxers, though this breed has fewer and less pronounced wrinkles.

Another similarity between these two breeds is their drooling. Boxers and Bulldogs are heavy droolers, not to mention that they fart and snore loudly.

Which is the better pet?

Boxers and Bulldogs are both excellent family pets. But if you’re torn as to which breed is best, you should consider the following points:

Get a Boxer if…

  • You want an alert dog.
  • You want an energetic dog.
  • You’ll train a watchdog for your home.
  • You want an easy-to-train pet.
  • You want an apartment dog.
  • Your family wants a goofy dog.
  • You can provide companionship.

Get a Bulldog if…

  • You prefer a laidback household pet.
  • You want a friendly canine, even toward strangers.
  • Your family has a less active lifestyle.
  • You can deal with health problems.
  • You can provide companionship.
  • Your family wants a smaller dog.

The choice between these two breeds depends on your preference as well as suitability based on your lifestyle. Also, you should only get the puppy from a legitimate breeder as these two breeds are prone to several health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Bulldog and Boxer mix called?

A: Nowadays, there’s the so-called Bullboxer, a cross between an American Bulldog and a Boxer. However, they are easily mistaken to be another cross-breed dog called Valley Bulldogs. This is a product of crossing an English Bulldog with a Boxer.

Q: How much does a Bullboxer cost?

A: This cross-breed between an American Bulldog, and a Boxer comes at a friendly price of around $1,500. Other breeds would charge a higher fee, depending on the location and sophistication of breeding. It’s best to invest in a quality pup since the Bulldog side of Bullboxers could bring a slew of health issues.

Q: Will a Boxer get along with a Bulldog?

A: Boxers and Bulldogs are a great mix due to their similar temperament. Both these canines are friendly and laidback. Still, training and socialization are necessary to dampen the negative behavior of these breeds. You should also observe proper introduction to ensure that the two dogs will get along pretty well.

Q: How much is a Boxer puppy?

A: Boxer puppies cost between $500 and $2,500. The actual cost depends on the breeder you’re going to deal with as well as the location. Just remember that cheap Boxer puppies often came from puppy mills. It’s likely mired with health problems. But if you want an affordable Boxer, I suggest you check local animal shelters so that you can adopt one for as low as $50.

Q: Are Boxers banned on airlines?

A: Boxers aren’t usually banned from flying. A small Boxer dog can be transported in-cabin, depending on its size. Still, you should check airline rules to be sure. Also, you should prepare your dog before the flight to reduce the risk of stress.

Q: Are Boxers aggressive?

A: Boxers are far from aggressive. However, without proper training, this pooch will start to develop negative behavior. This is why you should start socialization and training as early as you bring your new dog home. It will let you dampen the Boxers’ aggressive tendencies before it shows.

Final words

Are Boxers and Bulldogs related? While they have a large discrepancy in size, these two dogs have an overlapping lineage. Boxers descended from a cross between English Bulldogs and another canine. This explains the similarity of their appearances and temperament. Nevertheless, they are two unique breeds that suit specific types of owners.

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