American Bulldog vs English Bulldog vs French Bulldog

American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and French Bulldogs are all Bulldogs. They share similar characteristics of having robust physiques and squished faces. These breeds are popular and quite expensive. You might be thinking, what is the comparison between these breeds. What is American bulldog vs English bulldog vs French bulldog? It will help if you know the crucial differences to determine which is the right bulldog for you and how to care and maintain for each.

Bulldogs – American Bulldog vs English Bulldog vs French Bulldog

The English bulldog is otherwise known as a British bulldog. It is an iconic breed. The English Bulldog is heavy with a robust body and wide-set legs. Although it falls under the medium breed category, it can weigh up to 25 kg when fully grown. They can be easily recognized because of their wrinkled wide jowly faces and squished nose. A majority of Bulldogs have an underbite. They were developed in the United Kingdom and, despite their fearsome look, are quite sweet, quiet, and calm. Breeders have carefully selected to eradicate aggression in this dog. They make awesome family pets. However, they only rank 78th of the 80 breeds in intelligence by experts. Don’t expect that you can be successful in training them with many tricks.

The French Bulldog – American bulldog vs English bulldog vs French bulldog

American Bulldog vs English Bulldog vs French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a smaller version of a bulldog. But you will still love it for its smushed face comparable to an English bulldog. They veer away from the typical look of a bulldog with their big bat-like ears. Similar to the Bulldog is their chunky body. French bulldogs usually weigh up to 14 kg. They have the same look like the Boston Terrier, but they have wide legs and faces. They were bred as a companion for rich households in France. The French bulldog is fun-loving and extremely devoted. They love running around and playing. However, they can be integrated into urban cities because of their size. They also do not bark a lot and do not require too much exercise. However, French Bulldogs cannot be left alone for too long. If you are thinking of getting a French bulldog, you will need to consider their needs and the care and maintenance required.

The American Bulldog

American Bulldog vs English Bulldog vs French Bulldog

You will find that an American bulldog has a less fat face than other dogs in the Bulldog category. They are huge and can weigh up to 55 kg. and can grow as tall as 70 cm. If you are extremely active, this is a great dog for you. American Bulldogs are extremely loyal and devoted. But they require tons of exercise. As long as they are socialized early and trained, the American bulldog makes an awesome pet for families. They will enjoy outdoor walks. You have probably seen American Bulldogs in TV shows.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

The French bulldog originated from the mid-1800s. They are toy-sized Bulldogs that accompanied Nottingham lacemakers. With their popularity back then, they were crossbred with Pugs and Terriers. It gave them distinct bat-like ears, which are now iconic to the breed. They became well-known in France.


The Bulldog can measure up to 10 to 12 inches. It can weigh up to 30 pounds. The Bulldog is extremely small, and their size makes them special and unique. They make awesome lapdogs due to their size. Although they are small dogs, they have large ears. Another thing that makes them super unique, are those ears which stands erect and makes them so cute.


French Bulldogs are extremely social and extroverted. They are called French bulldogs because of their history of being owned by French aristocrats.

French Bulldogs have robust physiques and regal looking. They are a popular pet with a royal attitude. They are often exhibited in shows where they display beautiful, rich, feminine jewelry.

Characteristics of the American Bulldog

The American bulldog has existed since the 1800s. Immigrants who came to the USA brought the breed when they moved. Bulldogs were eventually bred to help on the farm and also for entertainment such as bullbaiting. In the South, the Bulldog is a popular farm dog.

Unlike French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs have had a rough history. They were bred to be extremely tough and resilient.

Although French Bulldogs were bred for rich households in France, American Bulldogs were bred for farm work.


The American bulldog can reach up to 27.5 inches in height. It can weigh up to 120 pounds. These dogs are huge compared to the French bulldog. Plus, their snouts are more prominent.


It would help if you examined your living conditions when considering this breed. Having this dog in your home can vary your living dynamics. Please take into consideration their size, temperament, and habits.


The American bulldog is extremely loyal and playful. They have a reputation for being extremely ferocious. This temperament can be pushed to extremes when they are treated incorrectly or purposely trained to be violent. Numerous sportspeople prefer them because of their personality and ability to endure heavy exercise and sports.


If you enjoy physical activity and want a companion dog who can handle sports exertion, the American bulldog is the right fit for you. Their snout is longer than French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs. Because of this, they can breed optimally. They can withstand being outdoors and running around more than the average bulldog.

Which is Better with Children?

American Bulldogs are huge, so they might knock your child over. When it comes to size, a better choice would be the French bulldog.

American Bulldogs are rough and excitable. But if your children are older and can handle the American Bulldog’s energy, then this dog might be a good option for you.

If you have small children, it is best to go for a French bulldog rather than the American bulldog. It is safer. The French Bulldog’s extroversion and happy temperament make them a joy to be around. Additionally, they enjoy being around people.

Regardless of your choice, every Bulldog has its perks. But you have to consider the situation.

As an example, boys tend to have more energy than girls. They can handle being around a more excitable dog. If your children are all boys, you might want to get an American bulldog because boys can handle it.

However, if your children have health issues, you may need a smaller dog that can easily be managed. You must consider your home situation before making a choice.

Which One Lives the Longest?

The longevity of your pet is crucial to your decision. Every dog owner wants their pet to be strong and healthy. You might be asking which between the American bulldog and the French bulldog has a longer lifespan. How long will you be enjoying their company?

French Bulldogs can live between 10 to 12 years. Although this range is the life expectancy of the French Bulldogs, it has been known that they can live a bit longer than expected.

If you take care of them well, they can have a longer lifespan. Similar to humans, how you take care of yourself will determine how long you will live.

When it comes to American Bulldogs, they can live for about 10 to 15 years. They live several years longer than the French bulldog.

FAQs – the American Bulldog and the French Bulldog Compared

Are American Bulldogs Aggressive?

American Bulldogs can be quite aggressive. They don’t get along well with other pets unless they were socialized early. But they like the company of people. So, there is not much aggressiveness when it comes to humans.

How Aggressive Are French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs tend to have a huge personality and think of themselves as big dogs. In their minds, the world revolves around them, but they aren’t very aggressive. But they can be a little territorial about their personal space, but that is only as aggressive as they will ever get. But it will depend on the temperament of the individual dog as well.

Do French Bulldogs Experience Separation Anxiety?

French Bulldogs will have separation anxiety and can also be extremely clingy. Separation anxiety results from their clinginess.

There are numerous ways you can help them with their separation anxiety. But you need to understand that most French Bulldogs can easily develop separation anxiety if they are not taken care of and trained.

The Characteristics of the English Bulldog

American Bulldog vs English Bulldog vs French Bulldog

The English bulldog breed goes as far back as the 13th century in England. They were bred for bullbaiting. The English Bulldog back in those days were extremely ferocious. They had tremendously strong jaws. They seem never to get injured in the arena. But in the 1800s, this cruel blood sport was prohibited. The fights went underground. Spectators demanded a more agile dog, so the English Bulldogs were bred along with the Terrier. But to save the breed from extinction, fanciers developed them to become sweeter and gentler in their temperament.

Because of this, the tough English Bulldogs soon became a more lovable companion. They make awesome family pets. You will see the face of the English bulldog in numerous company logos and famous sports teams worldwide. The English Bulldog is known for its tenacity, unrelenting courage, and their stern and serious face, as well as their droopy smile.


The English Bulldogs represent the classic Bulldog. In contrast, the French bulldog is an altered form, and some say a prettier version, with gentler features. The Bulldog has a wide and meaty head. A strong neck holds it. In contrast, the French bulldog has a smaller head with a thinner and longer neck. The English bulldog’s eyes are slightly smaller and set wide apart, while the French Bulldog has rounder eyes.

The ears and skin are a notable difference between the 2 breeds. The French Bulldog has taller and more erect ears, which are bat like. In contrast, the English bulldog has ears on the skull’s side and drops down into a rose-like shape. The English bulldog also has droopy jaws that fall from either side of the nose and overhangs the lower jaws.

French Bulldogs resemble a Pug, and their skin is also much tighter and has fewer folds. The folds are situated just above the muzzle between the nose and eyes.

Both breeds share a similar coat, which is short and smooth. However, the English dog has wide-ranging coat colors. They also have a pig-like tail. In some cases, they have a corkscrew tail. However, a corkscrew tail is a defect, and reputable breeders will not breed dogs with this peculiarity since it comes with spinal issues. Despite the differences between these two breeds, they are both unique -looking dog. Their flat face and huge puppy dog eyes have won the hearts of many dog lovers worldwide.


Both the French Bulldog and English Bulldog are sociable. They enjoy human attention. These dogs enjoy snoozing on their human’s lap. Since they are extremely sociable, they don’t like being left alone for long periods. They can suffer separation anxiety.

The French Bulldog and English bulldog both make awesome family pets. Since they are small-sized, extremely gentle, and patient, they are awesome for children who are just learning how to take care of a dog. Similar to other dogs, you should take the necessary precautions and never leave children unsupervised.

Overall, the Frenchie is playful and mischievous. In contrast, the English bulldog is calm and dignified, a gentleman dog.

Final Thoughts

Bulldogs have a sturdy body, smooth hair, and a large and powerful lower jaw. They have a flat and wrinkled face and a wide chest. You might be thinking, what is the best Bulldog breed for you. What is the difference between American bulldog vs English bulldog vs French Bulldog? Although they are all Bulldogs, there are several variations in their looks and temperament. The largest is the American bulldog, which can endure plenty of physical activity and sports. The English Bulldog is more laid-back and the iconic classical Bulldog. The smallest is the French Bulldog, which is energetic, fun, and an awesome companion for city dwellers.

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